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New Mann Sound
Tamela decides to have a listening party after enlisting music legend, Timbaland, to help her create a new sound. Despite firing Tia from Tillymann, Tamela and David need her help to plan the party.

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Action Mann
The family takes a touching journey to visit patients at St. Jude's Children's Hospital; David has all eight grandchildren spend the night to prove to his kids that he and Tamela can still handle parenting.

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For the first time Sonya, Porcia and Tia open up to David and Tamela about their sordid past; David recruits David Jr. to build the grandkids a playhouse at the MANNsion.

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Mann And The City
Tamela tries to turn David into a city slicker when she is honored with an award in NYC; David gives Tiffany's new boyfriend a hard time.

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It's A Mann's World 206
David and David Jr. compete to prove who's 'The Manliest Mann', but David's Mannhood is put to the test at a Haunted House.

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It's A Mann's World 205
David keeps it a secret from Tamela that he is doing a dangerous horse trick at the hip hop rodeo; David Jr. and Chantel agree to not have more kids, but fail to agree on who will have the surgery.

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It's A Mann's World 204
David Jr. steps up and asks Tam executive produce Tamela's new album; Tia must prove she can handle her new job as a nightclub bouncer by stepping in the boxing ring with David.

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Mann Style
David and Tamela compete for best style; sibling rivalry erupts when Porcia is offered Tia's former job.

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Best Mann
When things get out of hand at David Jr. and Chantel's vow renewal celebration, David appears to be the guilty party.

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Mann of the Kitchen
The Mann-clan competes in their annual family cook-off; business tensions escalate as David and Tamela decide to fire their daughter and assistant, Tia.

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It's a Mann's World is a reality television series from entertainment network BET, premièred in 2015. This show offers an insightful, warm, and humorous look into the everyday lives of the well-loved Mann family, comprising of David and Tamala Mann, and their family of vibrant characters. The duo has solidified their place in the entertainment world with numerous acting roles, Grammy awards for their Gospel music and a loyal fan base, but this show delves beneath the dazzling surface of their public life to paint a vivid portrait of their private sphere.

David Mann, undoubtedly best known for his role as Leroy Brown in Tyler Perry's stage plays, films and television series, is the patriarch of the Mann family. His wife, Tamala Mann, also skates a multi-leveled career with finesse, being familiar to audiences for her role as Cora Simmons, Brown's daughter, as well as being a celebrated Gospel singer. Together, they navigate the often-stirred but always resolutely stable waters of family life, as well as the multi-faceted universe of show business, managing marriages, friendships, business dealings and most particularly, their roles as parents.

It's a Mann's World shows David and Tamala as they interrupt their whirlwind schedules and globetrotting career pursuits to focus on family. They are intricately involved in nurturing their expanding brood, which consists of David's daughter from a previous relationship, and Tamala's niece and nephew who have been taken under their protective wing. In total, their household often includes five or more children at any given time. Interestingly, rather than relegating family matters to the corner table, the dynamic duo tackles each parenting challenge head on, always demonstrating their profound commitment: family before fame.

One of the central themes of the reality show is how the Mann's reach out to make a difference in their children's lives. The essence of parenthood is greatly underlined as they tackle everyday realities with their unique familial style and a deep-rooted spiritual viewpoint, with each episode bearing the stamp of their nurturing personalities. The viewers are taken through an endearing, and pellucid journey marked by memorable episodes encompassing all aspects of the Mann's family life - from managing chocolate milk mix-ups to resolving spirited sibling quarrels.

The Manns' strong Christian beliefs serve as both an inspiring backdrop and practical guiding force in the series. It illuminates how the couple maintains an unconditional devotion to their family while balancing the demands of their professional lives - a real-time look into achieving harmonious work-life balance. The Manns consistently show that faith isn't simply verbalized in their household; it's lived out daily through their actions. Audiences can expect to see a balance of personal, professional, and spiritual experiences woven throughout the series.

But It's a Mann's World isn't all heart-wrenching emotions and serious life lessons. David and Tamala are renowned for their larger-than-life personalities and quick humour which are integral to the spirit of the show. Be ready for laughter, charm and the occasional bout of Mann family madness, for these moments of hilarity are the icing on a heartwarming slice of their reality.

Not to mention the music. David and Tamala's Gospel Music backgrounds shine throughout the series, infusing an element of musicality into their lives. It offers viewers an eye into their musical processes, giving a firsthand look of how their artistry is interconnected with their everyday lives.

In summary, It's a Mann's World, harnesses an endearing blend of camaraderie, laughter, love, and faith. Displayed through a lens of authenticity and openness, the series underscores the joys and challenges of a close-knit family navigating the entertainment industry. Featuring a touch of music and an abundance of laughter, all underpinned by the Mann's profound faith, it's a series that documents and celebrates the 'real' in reality television. Be prepared to embark on a sentimental journey that weaves between the daily trials and triumphs of family life, always underscored by the enduring spirit of unity and love within the Mann household.

It's a Mann's World is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 20 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.6.

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