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Possibly Ever After
The first season comes to a close when doubts start overshadowing Tanisha's upcoming nuptials.

Watch Tanisha Gets Married Season 1 Episode 9 Now

The Good, the Bad Girl and the Ugly
The drama between Natalie and Flo in Atlantic City escalates and turns physical. Meanwhile, Clive gets upset when the ladies crash his bachelor party; and a monumental secret is revealed to Tanisha.

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Atlantic City Showdown
Joint bachelor and bachelorette parties are held in Atlantic City, but Clive's envy is ruining his relationship with Tanisha.

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You Say He's Just a Friend
When Clive becomes envious of Tanisha's best friend, things get tense at a cake-tasting appointment and later a therapy session.

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Bad Girls Never Change
Things get chaotic at the bridal shower. Elsewhere, a dispute between Tanisha and Clive explodes into a potential permanent relationship changer.

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Unseen, Out Loud & Outrageous
An inside look at the crazy roller coaster ride leading up to Tanisha's wedding. See never before seen footage!

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You're Asking for a Fight
Tanisha reaches out to a lawyer to draft a prenuptial agreement after discovering Clive on a dating Web site. Then, Flo and Natalie disagree at the bridal shower.

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Can You Hear Me Now?
Tanisha copes with Clive's hearing loss, but things get loud when his Internet secrets are discovered.

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Countdown to a Wedding Throwdown
Tanisha and Clive are tying the knot, but first come interviews with wedding planners, venue scouting, and the tough choice of which Bad Girls to include in the bridal party.

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Tanisha Gets Married is a reality TV show that aired on Oxygen in the year 2012. The star of this captivating series is none other than the vibrant, hilarious, and robust celebrity Tanisha Thomas, who initially rose to fame through her memorable appearance on the fifth season of Bad Girls Club. This phenomenal series offers an enthralling depiction of Tanisha's preparations and arrangements for her wedding, plus it presents an insider look into her personal life, thus providing fans with the golden opportunity to tag along on this once-in-a-lifetime journey. The series spans eight engaging episodes, each creatively designed to capture the essence of Tanisha's vibrant and emotionally charged journey towards matrimony. The reality show walks viewers through Tanisha's entire wedding planning process, starting from the moment she got engaged to when she eventually walks down the aisle. Along the way, Tanisha navigates through challenging tasks including picking out an ideal wedding dress, choosing the perfect wedding venue, deciding on whom to invite, and figuring out how to handle her particularly zealous group of bridesmaids. One of the most remarkable aspects of Tanisha Gets Married is that the storyline kicks off with the announcement of her engagement to her then-boyfriend Clive. Even though it is a series about a wedding, viewers will appreciate that the real focus is on Tanisha herself. Widely recognized for her life-sized personality, Tanisha is typically loud, exuberant, and unapologetically real, which makes the show a genuine depiction of her personality. Tanisha also brings back some familiar faces from Bad Girls Club, appointing Natalie Nunn and Florina ‘Flo’ Kaja as her bridesmaids. With these two strong female personalities against the backdrop of Tanisha’s wedding planning chaos, viewers can expect a fair amount of conflict, drama, laughter, and genuine bonding moments that hold true to the classic reality TV structure. Furthermore, Tanisha Gets Married does a commendable job in reflecting the reality of pre-wedding stress on a larger scale. Throughout the series, it becomes evident that the wedding is not simply an event, but rather a transformative journey for Tanisha. In taking important decisions and coping with the pressure that equivalent situations often carry, Tanisha experiences an intriguing mix of joy, frustration, anxiety, disappointment and an overwhelming array of other emotions, thus providing a multifaceted insight into her personal life. What sets Tanisha Gets Married apart is its authentic representation of a woman unabashedly expressing her true feelings. The camera captures an array of Tanisha's moments — eyewitnessing her excitements, disappointments, tantrums, exhilarating rushes, and even the moments of heartfelt tenderness. Tanisha’s no-nonsense attitude, the misfit bridesmaids, the drama-infused drama episodes, mixed with the frenzy of wedding planning — all come together to craft an unforgettable experience for the viewers. In summary, Tanisha Gets Married revolves around Bad Girls Club's breakout star, Tanisha Thomas, and her eventful journey towards matrimony. From the roller coaster of emotions to the unforgettable moments of drama, each episode is an enriching, heartfelt, and entertaining experience. Regardless of whether you're a wedding enthusiast, a reality television admirer, or simply someone who enjoys engaging narrative, you'll find Tanisha Gets Married a captivating watch. It not only presents an insider's view into the excitement and challenges of planning a wedding, but it also unveils the witty, sensitive, and dynamic sides of Tanisha's personality that had yet to be discovered. Overall, it's a show that celebrates love, life, and the mayhem in-between.

Tanisha Gets Married is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 9 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a mostly poor reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 4.5.

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