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You Have To Let Them Go
Kaci starts to act a bit quiet and removed. While going over the notes Alex gave her for her English assignment, she unexpectedly finds out that Alex and her mother are getting a divorce.

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I'm Not Superhuman
Constantly at odds about how to raise the kids, Alex and Monroe come to an impasse that leads to Monroe moving out.

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Sometimes You're Picked, Sometimes You Choose
Kaci and Keenan's biological dad, Marcus, comes to town to attend Kaci's performance in a local talent show. He's impressed with how she sounds and offers to introduce her to record label executives before he leaves.

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The "C" Is Silent
Alex misses the registration deadline to enroll Alexis in the district spelling bee and is forced to call in a favor to get her application reinstated.

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The Truth Hurts
When Simone and Alex spot Julius' estranged wife, Rita, out on what appears to be a date, they disagree on whether to be honest with Julius.

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Men and Women Can
Alex becomes close friends with the beautiful Professor Lori Samuels, despite Simone and Julius teasing him about his "platonic" relationship.

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It Takes a Village
Alex decides to go NRU's faculty mixer. Simone and Julius agree to accompany him. The night goes awry after Julius makes the event an opportunity to find potential clients and Simone spends the evening with Alex's boss.

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It's Complicated
A month ago, Carla headed West for her dream job. Meanwhile, Alex became head of the English Department at New Rochelle University.

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Reed Between the Lines is a unique and humorous family sitcom that aired on Black Entertainment Television (BET) from 2011 to 2015. Created by Kellie R. Griffin, the show shines a light on the lives of a modern-day African-American family and the daily challenges they face as they maintain a healthy family dynamic.

The Reeds are the epitome of a contemporary, unit-bound, and successful family. The patriarch, Dr. Alex Reed, portrayed by the charismatic Malcolm-Jamal Warner, is known for his role as Theo Huxtable on The Cosby Show. In this series, he plays an English professor at NYU with an unwavering dedication to his academic profession, matched only by his devotion to family. He provides an anchoring presence of fatherhood, contributing to the family's overall sense of warmth and unity.

Opposite Dr. Alex Reed is his better half, Dr. Carla Reed, portrayed by the dynamic Tracee Ellis Ross, whose charm and spirit harken back to her days on the hit TV Show "Girlfriends". Carla is a successful psychologist who juggles her career with her maternal responsibilities to maintain a harmonious home. Her character provides a multi-layered exploration of a modern woman handling personal growth, a demanding career, and an eventful family life.

Beyond the parents, Reed Between the Lines introduces audiences to the Reed children, who each bring unique qualities and challenges to the family mix. There's Kaci and Keenan Reed, the high-spirited teenage twins who navigate through their adolescent days with typical teenage exuberance and drama. The youngest of the family, Alexis Reed, adds another layer of intrigue with her child-like mix of innocence, curiosity and wisdom beyond her years.

One of the sitcom's unique features is the use of genuine, relatable storylines that provide a sincere representation of African-American life. Instead of resorting to cliches or stereotypes, the series emphasizes intellectual and emotional exploration, highlighting the unique experiences, conversations, and relationships within the family. The show's title "Reed Between the Lines" serves as a superb metaphor for the underlying themes that run throughout the series - the necessity of deep understanding and caring communication within a family and the subtle lessons in life that exist between the lines.

Also notable in Reed Between the Lines is its impressive mixture of humor, heart and intelligence. The banter between the characters, their individual eccentricities and their joint reaction to life's scenarios pave the way for moments that are both entertaining and thought-provoking. Moreover, the warmth of family affection paired with the nuanced exploration of academic and professional pursuits make for a compelling viewing experience.

In addition, the show’s sense of authenticity is amplified by the set design and overall production quality. The Reed’s household serves as the primary setting, acting as a warm, welcoming space where much of the family interaction takes place. The professional settings of Carla's psychology office and Alex's university further add to the realism and serve as a backdrop to their individual career struggles and triumphs.

Guest appearances by other prominent figures in the television and entertainment industry also added an exciting layer to the show. The roster included Anna Maria Horsford, Robin Givens, Melissa De Sousa, and T'Keyah Crystal Keymah, among others. Their performances provided an interesting dynamic and additional layer of expertise.

Reed Between the Lines is a sitcom that celebrates everyday life in an African American family with both passion and compassion. It successfully blends humor, family values, professional pursuits, and relatable issues while resonating with audiences due to its authentic portrayal of family life and the nuances of self-discovery. This is a show that will both entertain and provoke thoughtful introspection about the intricacies of balancing a busy, successful, modern family life.

Reed Between the Lines is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 33 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.3.

Anna Maria Horsford, Tracee Ellis Ross, Melissa De Sousa, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Tony Rock
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