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Farewell, Mary Mary
Series Finale; The Marys' faith is tested in the Holy Land! Warryn struggles to reunite Tina & Erica.

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Cut The Cameras!
Erica's vocal issues threaten a Mary Mary performance in Manchester. Warryn fears for Erica's safety.

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Kenya Make It On Time?
Erica & Tina discover Warryn tricked them! The Marys travel to Africa, but when their plans derail, will they miss their show?

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Do You Still Love Him?
Erica and Tina get tricked into performing a Mary Mary show in Manchester.

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Who Is #1?
The sister competition heats up as Erica & Tina release their singles on the same day-who is #1? Tina fears she's pregnant & is terrified to tell Teddy.

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Mary vs. Mary
In the Season 6 premiere, Tina and Erica's solo singles are in direct competition, building tensions and sabotaging Warryn's desperate plan to bring Mary Mary back together. Then, a miraculous divine intervention shocks the entire family.

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Mary Mary is a remarkable American television reality series that premiered on WeTV on March 29, 2012. The show takes its name from its primary focuses: Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell, sisters and gospel musicians who perform together as the Grammy-winning duo, 'Mary Mary.' Viewers are invited into the lives of these two dynamic sisters as they balance their illustrious music careers, familial responsibilities, and personal challenges.

Hailing from Inglewood, California, Erica and Tina have garnered international acclaim for their unique blend of contemporary gospel, R&B, and spiritual music. Their significant success in the secular and religious music industries forms the backdrop of the show, with each episode delving into the highs and lows of their thriving careers. Though they've earned multiple awards and widespread recognition, the show illustrates that the road to the top isn’t always smooth sailing, and that they’re just as human as the rest of us.

Mary Mary also explores the sisters' familial and personal lives and their mutual commitment to juggling their multiple roles as wives, mothers, and famous personalities. Erica's husband, musician and record producer Warryn Campbell, and Tina's husband, drummer and percussionist Teddy Campbell, also feature prominently throughout the series. The series provides a raw and authentic insight into the women’s home lives and marital relationships.

The day-to-day activities of their management team, including their feisty manager Mitchell Solarek, add another layer of intrigue and entertainment to the show. The drama that consumes their professional world oftentimes blurs the lines between business and personal, creating engaging story arcs that keep viewers glued to their screens.

Mary Mary's love for their craft and passion for spreading a spiritual message through their music is captured beautifully throughout the reality series. Yet, they take viewers beyond the dazzling spotlight of sold-out concerts and red carpet events, delving deeper into the struggles they face in trying to maintain their work-life balance while upholding their value system and remaining relevant in the ever-changing music world.

The series also casts a rare spotlight on the complexities of the modern gospel industry. It provides an unfettered view of the conflicts that arise when attempting to maintain traditional gospel roots while navigating a music industry that is continuously evolving. Furthermore, the series emphasizes the sisters' dedication to their mission, ranging from songwriting and recording to touring and public appearances.

Although the pressure of producing chart-topping gospel hits is ever-present, Erica and Tina recognize the importance of being true to themselves and their faith, leading to many symbolic and inspiration-filled moments throughout the series. Viewers get to observe the sisters' immense dedication to their spiritual journey and how they weave this faith into their music, their relationships, and their outlook on life.

Other recurring themes throughout the series include sisterhood, female empowerment, and self-identity. The two sisters, despite being in the same profession, are remarkably distinct individuals, both in terms of their artistic tastes and their personal lives. Their differences in approach to career decisions, relationship challenges, and faith often lead to compelling dynamics within the series.

While Mary Mary is undoubtedly immersed in the gospel music industry, it is not exclusively for music lovers. Even those unfamiliar with their music can appreciate the sisters' journey through life's ups and downs, their commitment to their life's passion and their unwavering faith, which is beautifully intertwined with their career and personal storylines.

Bringing a refreshing change from the usual reality TV shows, Mary Mary masterfully combines elements of family, faith, music, and inspiration, exploring the depth of human experience, retrieving life lessons beyond the beautiful hymns. The series provides a heart-warming and touching depiction of two extraordinary women trying their best to maintain balance amidst the constant trials of life and the demands of an ever-evolving music scene. A testament to patience, resilience, talent, and unwavering faith, Mary Mary is a stand-alone reality series that resonates on many levels, even after the music ends.

Mary Mary is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 62 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.1.

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