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Bitter Entertainer
this guy feels like his window of opportunity in the entertainment industry is about to close. He has been dealt a bad hand, suffered bad luck and been the victim of unfair circumstances.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 63 Now

The Nutritionist
The ringer is consumed with holistic healing, natural foods, avoiding additives and always pointing out the dangers in everything.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 62 Now

The Cannibal
This date is all about a crazy girl who can't get enough of the dater especially if he's covered in hot sauce.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 60 Now

Good Old Fashioned Girl
As the date progresses so does this girl's age and the problems that come with aging.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 58 Now

Super Candidate
This girl hopes to be the first black female president and to do so is a "good Samaritan" with an aim to win over every single eligible voter.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 56 Now

Love Me Some Tall Girls
A short guy with a "thing" for super sized sisters.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 54 Now

Failure to Launch
The guy with no personal goals or aspirations. He's living off his mom and doesn't have any sense of responsibility.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 53 Now

Know It All Chick
This is a female who is knowledgeable about many things and isn't afraid to let you know bout it.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 52 Now

3 Bar Rap Star
This guy is an aspiring rapper with no talent and lots of confidence. He likes to rap in spurts; In fact, three or four bars are enough to get his point across.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 51 Now

This girl feels that this is her chance to become famous by repeating bizarre famous celebrity moments on camera.

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Celebrity Extra
The ringer is a high profile celebrity across the country, well only in her mind.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 49 Now

Super Fan
This guy is one of those face painting super sports fans who eats, sleeps, and breathes Atlanta Football.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 48 Now

No One Loves Me
As the date progresses this girl's case of low self esteem spirals out of control making life hell for the dater.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 47 Now

Unimpressed Dater
The guy who constantly pushes the dater to reach levels worthy of his affection.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 46 Now

Coming from America
This girl sells human body parts on the African Black market. She gets people to "donate" their organs sometimes with a little bit of violent persuasion.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 45 Now

Puppy Love
A sad man and his lost puppy. Can it be cloned?

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 44 Now

Racist Redbone
Imagine a mixed girl whose father is a border line white supremacist. Needless to say, There are no black people on her "˜top 8.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 43 Now

High School Senior
Everyone can't make it out of high-school by the time they reach 18 years-old. This dater is an Atlanta high school super senior.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 42 Now

30's the New 20
A woman tries to regain her teenage youth.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 41 Now

Time's up
This man lives his life by time, and the world is on his personal time clock; so hurry up!

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 40 Now

Girl Fight
She's got hands of stone and a razor blade tongue with the confidence that she can TKO anybody.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 39 Now

Mean Mother
A mom that does not like her son.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 38 Now

The Auteur
This guy feels like he's Spike Lee on a dating show. He's more focused on the way this date will turn out on camera than getting to know the other dater.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 37 Now

Stripper Gone Good
A woman who has changed her life for the better but her past keeps calling her.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 36 Now

Ghetto Psychologist
The ringer has a different view on life and how people should act, especially women through his psychology

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 35 Now

Real Fake Girl
This girl's identity is dependent on her looks. She's looks banging until you realize that it's all a facade.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 34 Now

The ringer is a guy who was kicked out of the Marines. Now his every breathing moment is to prove that he belongs in the marines.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 33 Now

Inappropriate Chick
She is a girl who either ignored or just refused to pay attention when manners and etiquette were being taught.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 32 Now

Last Heterosexual Date
This guy puts an inordinate amount of pressure on the dater to assure they have a good time or he's going to "turn" gay.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 31 Now

Ex-Battered Betty
This girl has had some mean exes, now she's out to make sure that no man treats her badly again... sorry, dude.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 30 Now

The Voyeur
This "so-called" director of documentaries shows that he likes to be on the other side of the camera for the purpose of filming hush hush, private, and in most cases perverted moments of his women.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 29 Now

Loud Lady
This date is a girl who gets excited and loud very easily.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 28 Now

Apprentice Audition
A high powered business exec expects this date to not only be beautiful but to type 175 wpm, answerphone calls and close million dollar mergers.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 27 Now

Preacher's Daughter
This girl grew up in the church with a pastor for a father but is working feverishly to break every commandment.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 26 Now

Country Damon
This fella is all country and has barnyard manners. He just can't understand his nasty city-fied date.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 25 Now

Dr. Hypochondriac
This girl thinks everything is a medical emergency and thinks her date will have the next sickness.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 24 Now

X-Games Guy
This cute guy is a little out of touch with his own culture however he makes up for it with his knowledge of White culture. He loves X-treme sports, mosh pits, and hanging ten.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 23 Now

CSI: Chick
This untrusting bitter and damaged chick has seen it all. She looks at potential suitors like a crime case that needs to be cracked open and solved.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 22 Now

The Bodyguard
This guy sees himself as a future Secret Service agent. Unfortunately for the dater, he is incredibly over-protective.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 21 Now

Baby Daddy Audition
This girl is on the hunt for a man to have a child with, but he has to meet certain minimum requirements.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 20 Now

Collector of Beautiful Women
Guys collect a lot of things..this one collects souvenirs of beautiful woman.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 19 Now

The Vigilante
Sometimes you need to take the law into your own hands and this girl is going to track down and recover everything that was stolen from her apartment.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 18 Now

Wanna Be Athlete
This guy thinks he's an undiscovered basketball superstar. He feels like life dealt him a bad hand and his date better watch out for flying elbows.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 17 Now

Macho Chick
This girl is a girly girl at heart, but likes to be in control and unknowingly likes to fill the dominant male position rather than submissive girl.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 16 Now

Rapping Drag Queen
This guy has a passion for entertaining and performing in front of people. The only thing that no one knows is that he loves to do it dressed as a woman.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 15 Now

Murda Mommy
Rumor has it this girl turned her ex into her late-ex. How will that effect her date?

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 14 Now

Are You My Mother
This guy never had a mommy and he thinks his date has all the attributes needed to be a good mother... to him.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 13 Now

Masochistic Chick
This girl derives pleasure from punishing herself. She also likes to be humiliated or mistreated, either by another or by herself.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 12 Now

Anger Management
This guy has a temper and he tries to control it, but on this date everything makes him angry.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 11 Now

Too Romantic Dude
A guy who is a little too thoughtful and romantic.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 10 Now

Upgrade Dater
This guy is obsessive about the way he looks and even protects his gear while eating.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 9 Now

The Con Artist
A beautiful woman who runs scams and tries to include her date in one.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 8 Now

Compulsive Gambler
A guy who is in serious gambling debt and asks his date to help him out.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 7 Now

Boob Obsessed Girl
A girl who changes the size of her breasts in order to impress her date.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 6 Now

Sensitive Guy
A guy who used to be an angry person but now wears his emotions on his sleeve.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 5 Now

The Baby Hater
A woman who is annoyed by babies.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 4 Now

Steal 2 Heal
This guy wants to go to prison to get a surgery that he can't afford out of prison.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 3 Now

Overly Affectionate Girl
This overly affectionate girl gropes strangers and kisses family members on the mouth.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 2 Now

Reformed Thug
A guy who goes in and out of his old lifestyle as a thug and things people are disrespecting him.

Watch Hell Date Season 2 Episode 1 Now

BET's Hell Date was a wildly entertaining and sometimes cringe-inducing show that presented viewers with an intriguing blend of reality dating and hidden camera genres. Premiering in 2007, the show captured the collective imaginations of audiences with its engaging premise and dramatic execution.

The central idea of Hell Date was as straightforward as it was compelling. Each episode featured an unsuspecting single man or woman going on what they believed was a legitimate date. What they didn't know, however, was that their companion for the evening was, in fact, a professional actor intent on transforming the date into an unimaginably disastrous experience. And so, a day that started off looking like a promising attempt at finding love could very easily morph into a nightmarish ordeal of epic proportions!

Throughout each episode of Hell Date, viewers were privy to the pandemonium that unfolded in these elaborate deceptions. The actors successfully maintained their cover as genuine dates with such competence that it became nigh impossible to tell that they were performing rather than genuinely engaging with their unsuspecting victims. This highly immersive experience, coupled with the masterful execution of each prank, added an extra layer of suspense that kept the viewers at the edge of their seats.

What made Hell Date even more gripping was its unpredictability. The actors weren't just performers, they were versatile harbingers of chaos. They could switch from being affable and appealing dates to tormenting the hapless singles with various types of undesirable behaviors. From being unabashedly rude or obsessive, to showcasing extreme idiosyncrasies or weird habits, they meticulously created personas designed to test the patience of their 'dates'. This transformation from congenial to exasperating instilled a sense of anticipation and suspense in every episode.

Despite the central premise of Hell Date being one of deception, the element of reality was never amiss from the show. The reactions of the unsuspecting victims were genuine and unscripted. Every awkward laugh, moment of embarrassment, or crescendo of frustration formed the quintessential reality aspect of the show. Also, the pranks never bordered on downright humiliation or cruelty, which preserved the light-hearted essence of the show, even it its most cringe-inducing moments.

The crowning moment of each episode, however, was the big reveal. Just when the beleaguered single had simply had enough, a small person dressed as a red devil would make an appearance, signifying that the date was finally over and that they had indeed endured a 'Hell Date'. The relief, exasperation, or sometimes even amusement on the faces of the 'victims' once they realized the reality of their situation was indeed priceless.

The production value of Hell Date was on par with the most successful reality shows of its time. From the settings and the talent hired, everything worked harmoniously to uphold the show's premise. The choice of actors was very integral to the show’s unique blend of humor, as their ability to embody different characters and personas enabled them to convince their 'dates' that they were for real. This impeccable casting significantly contributed to the show's popularity and appeal.

BET's Hell Date was indeed a masterclass in the reality genre. Rather than simply creating a conventional dating show, the creators decided to flip the script by introducing a hidden camera element that proved to be both, entertaining and innovative. By capitalizing on every element of surprise, embarrassment, and humor available, Hell Date secured its place as a rare gem within the reality dating show niche.

However, at the heart of all the laughter and mayhem, Hell Date was a sociological study, treading on the fine line of how people handle situations that stretch them beyond their comfort zones. It showcased how people persevere and maintain their composure when faced with surprising, challenging, and sometimes, outright bizarre circumstances.

From beginning to end, Hell Date had all the elements of a show made for good television viewing with its gripping premise, entertaining execution and surprising revelations. It was an often hilarious, occasionally cringeworthy but always engaging show that redefined the boundaries of reality television in its time. If you're a fan of reality TV with a twist, or if you enjoy watching people navigate awkward situations with humor and resilience, then Hell Date is a show you should put on your watchlist.

Hell Date is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 124 episodes, the show debuted on 2024. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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