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Full House
In the Season 3 ending, Tia and her husband host a housewarming celebration. Including: arugula-farro salad with garlic vinaigrette; one roast chicken and vegetables; zesty lemon green beans; and a "down and dirty" chai cocktail.

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Besties Brunch
Tia prepares a tasty brunch for two of her best friends. Featuring: blackberry brambles; crab cakes with spicy remoulade; zucchini ribbon salad with pesto vinaigrette; and a lemon-glazed pound cake.

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Booze And Bites
Tia Mowry asks Naya Rivera, Rich Paul, Gabrielle Dennis and Alphonso McAuley over for a munch and mingle. She arranges a classic cocktail bar for the celebration and fixes bourbon sours.

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Breakfast For Dinner
Actor Hosea Chanchez is Tia's guest when she cooks breakfast for dinner. On the menu: shakshuka; a bacon-avocado toast bar; herbed potato galette stacks; and a chocolate-hazelnut French toast casserole.

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Dine And Dish
Tia chills with mommy pal Kelly Rowland for a girls' night in, which includes spending time in the kitchen fixing chicken katsu with spicy apple slaw; cauliflower fried rice; sesame noodles with veggies; and spiked green tea.

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Game On
Tia Mowry welcomes her "The Game" costars Brittany Daniel and Wendy Raquel Robinson over for some alfresco finger eats. The meal includes Teriyaki grilled steak skewers with chili-herb dipping sauce; BLT salad bites; hot potato tots with chipotle ketchup; and tomato pop micheladas.

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Spicy L.A.
Spicy foods are searched for by Tia and her husband Cory while touring Los Angeles. Later, Lilly Singh gets with Tia for a meal that features vegetarian and blackened fish tacos.

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It's All Relative
In the Season 3 opener, Tia gets close to her Caribbean roots when preparing a meal that features recipes for her secret family curry chicken and potatoes; seafood paella; chili-mango margarita; and coconut tres leches cake.

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Tia Mowry at Home is a delightful TV series that premiered in April 2015 on the Cooking Channel. The larger than life persona of Tia Mowry - half of the famous identical twin actresses in the American sitcom Sister, Sister - brings vibrancy and warmth to every episode. Tia Mowry, apart from being an accomplished actress, is also an amazing chef and the show brings to television her passion for cooking and entertaining at home, adding a dash of personality to every recipe she crafts.

The captivating series provides a unique glimpse into Tia's life outside the frenzied world of stardom and puts the spotlight squarely on her talent in the kitchen. It takes the viewers on a delectable journey as she creates lip-smacking dishes while juggling the demands of her busy family life. The show is an intimate portrait of Tia’s personal life and a charming look at her culinary enthusiasm. Apart from the mouthwatering food, the series also focuses on Tia’s close relationships with her family and friends, her life as a mother, wife, and human being balancing both her professional and personal life.

Each episode unfolds in Tia's own glorious house where she creates appetizing, home-cooked meals, shares her secret recipes and cooking techniques, and reveals her tricks to balance life as a working mom and homemaker. To dress up the cooking experience even more, Tia often welcomes close friends and family, including her twin sister, Tamera Mowry, and celebrity friends, to join her in the kitchen. These social gatherings also give fans a peek into her relationships and the fond memories she shares with her guests, further deepening the sense of intimacy and realness of the show.

From planning a romantic dinner for her husband, Cory Hardrict, to throwing a BBQ bash or baking gluten-free cupcakes for her son, Cree's soccer team, the show encapsulates Tia's eclectic culinary adventures. Tia's cooking style is influenced by a broad array of flavors, from comfort Southern food to healthful Californian fare, from hearty Italian to zingy Asian cuisine, reflecting the diversity of her own life and experiences. The beauty of this show is that Tia’s cooking derives from a place of love, dedication, and enjoyment, meant to be shared with loved ones.

Not only does Tia Mowry at Home serve a smorgasbord of yummy delights, but it also provides a treasure trove of cooking tips and innovative ideas for meals that can be prepared ahead of time. The audience is given practical advice on how to create effortless, healthy, and tasty dishes while maintaining a tight schedule. Tia definitely inspires viewers to take a page from her daily cooking routine and incorporate it into their own busy lives.

One might wonder what sets Tia Mowry at Home apart from other cooking shows. It's intensely personal, providing more than just instructions for cooking; it presents a behind the scenes look into Tia's life, her peak moments, her real-life stories, and the hands-on experiences that inspire her cooking. Furthermore, Tia's approachable and engaging personality adds charm to the show, and her eagerness to connect with her audience takes this series beyond the realm of mere culinary instruction.

The show's heart-warming, familial atmosphere, combined with Tia's charisma, love for food, and original recipes, create an irresistibly delightful feast for the viewers. Each episode, with its delicious food, intimate atmosphere, and Tia's radiant presence, strikes a delightful balance between a cooking show and a lifestyle series, offering viewers something unique and relatable.

In short, Tia Mowry at Home is a refreshing mix of Tia Mowry's love for cooking, family, and lifestyle, all in one entertaining package. It’s a show that's as enriching as it is compelling, filled with savory dishes, sweet treats, and the personal stories that spice up Tia’s life. This series, with its perfect recipe of food, family, and fun, is sure to give you a taste of Tia Mowry's delightful, savory life.

Tia Mowry at Home is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 27 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

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