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Bound by Honor
Love and tradition collide when a young woman falls for a handsome stranger; she knows she must keep her relationship hidden from her orthodox father and protective brother.

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Living in Sin
A Christian woman's faith is tested when she falls in love with a charming new female coworker; as the lovers fight for their love in a community that doesn't want them, the pressure proves to be too much, and the consequences are deadly.

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Love Is War
A decorated U.S. Marine falls for a married woman; suspicion and jealousy plague their affair, and the stakes are so high, they'll stop at nothing to keep it hidden from their spouses.

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The Night Shift
A rookie cop meets an exotic dancer while on a night shift. He keeps secrets from his sergeants and his girlfriend to live a secret double life.

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Together Forever, Forever Together
A young teenager falls in love with a senior at her high school; the two take extreme measures to keep their relationship secret, but, when it is threatened with exposure, they vow to stay together, whatever the cost.

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Good Deed Punished
A Christian couple open up their home to a young woman who needs help; however, their act of charity has unexpected consequences when emotional support gives way to physical attraction, and a lustful affair turns deadly.

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Onward Christian Soldier
While her husband serves in the army, a lonely married mother of three finds comfort in the arms of her church's charismatic new minister. But danger looms in the form of a jealous love-rival that will stop at nothing to scare her away.

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Be My Savior
A teenage girl forbidden by her parents to date is swept off her feet by an older man. They vow to keep their whirlwind romance secret at all costs but when an unplanned pregnancy threatens to derail their plans they take drastic action.

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Family Matters
Traditional parents keep a young couple apart by moving the boy to another country. However, the situation only makes their heart grow fonder.

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Broken Trust
A teen girl with big ambitions of becoming a cop falls hard for the charm of an NYPD officer. He promises to make all her dreams come true but when affairs of the heart are complicated by the letter of the law, who will pay the price?

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Forbidden: Dying for Love is a heart-stopping, thrilling show that tackles the intriguing realm of forbidden love and dark romantic entanglements that aired on Investigation Discovery in 2015. Burrowing into the often-murky world of illicit affairs and secret passions that turn lethal, the show is an eerie blend of romance, suspense, and pure intrigue. It provides an in-depth exploration of true stories where innocent flirtations transform into fatal attractions, proving that often, it's the latter part of the term 'crime of passion' that makes the difference between love and death.

The series pulls no punches when it comes to shining a spotlight on the darker side of love. Each episode chronicles a chilling tale involving lovers who are willing to risk everything, breaking laws and societal norms in their pursuit of love, ultimately leading to tragic consequences. Told through a combination of first-person testimonials, expert commentary, and dramatizations, each story slowly unravels, building suspense and keeping viewers at the edge of their seats.

Forbidden: Dying for Love delves into a variety of complex relationships that go beyond the boundaries of moral and social ethics. It traverses through a variety of contexts, from the dangerous love triangles that form in the midst of happy suburban homes, the secret affairs between students and teachers risking their careers and reputations, to star-crossed lovers from different faiths or classes daring to challenge societal norms.

Each of the characters in this riveting series enters their forbidden love affair with a naive belief in the enduring power and triumph of love. However, as the stories unfold, so too does the inevitable collision of romance and reality, often leading to disastrous outcomes. As tensions grow and secrets stack up, the lovers become increasingly desperate to maintain their relationships, escalating the drama and danger faced by both themselves and those around them.

But what happens when love spins out of control, and emotions run so high they become destructive? Forbidden: Dying for Love follows this dangerous path to its chilling conclusion. Replete with scandal, suspense, and a dash of heartache, the show taunts viewers with the terrifying potential of what can happen when love turns into a deadly obsession.

The show's narrative style adds to its unnerving plotlines. First-person testimonials drive these narratives, providing a deeply personal insight into the complicated emotions and grim realities behind these relationships. Additionally, expert explanation and commentary contribute further nuance and depth to the understanding of these dark tales of love gone wrong.

Yet, the series does not merely tell stories of love leading to tragedy; it’s also a social commentary. The show poses troubled but pertinent questions about the nature of romantic relationships, the boundaries of social norms, and the often-blurred line between love and obsession. By daring to unpack the complexities of clandestine affairs and forbidden passions, it challenges viewers to grapple with their own perceptions of love, society, and the lengths to which people might go to protect their illicit relationships.

Forbidden: Dying for Love is a chilling, thrilling series, truly captivating for viewers drawn to crime stories and true-life dramas. It tests the limits of love and loyalty, nudging viewers to ponder on the risks people are willing to take in the name of love. Ultimately, it's a visceral, hard-hitting exploration of how blind love and extreme passion can often morph into destructive actions - a fascinating watch indeed for those who like their romantic narratives served with a shot of adrenaline and a side of cold, hard truth.

But above all else, Forbidden: Dying for Love confronts viewers with a poignant reality, one that resonates long after the television has been turned off - that love, when lost in the darkness of obsession, can be the most dangerous emotion of them all. By laying bare the terrifying capacity of love to lead to death and destruction, the show offers a gripping exploration of humankind's most intense emotion in its darkest form. A piece of cautionary viewing, the show warns of the dangers that lie at the heart of those relationships society dares not sanction, making it a must-watch for lovers of true crime and psychological thrillers.

Forbidden: Dying for Love is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 35 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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