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Angel Doe
Investigator Clarence Douglas tackles the case of Angel Doe, a little girl found dead in a ditch near the Houston Bayou, promising not to neglect her in death, like she was in life.

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Puppet Master
A young woman fails to return to her home in Boulder, Colo, and she is later found decapitated; Detective Steve Ainsworth soon learns she was part of a mysterious Apostolic church group, led by a pastor who has a reputation for preying on the weak.

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Lambs To The Slaughter
In Lake County, Fla., Chief Investigator Rocky Harris is called in to investigate a haunting case, the rape and murder of a young girl; wading through bad police work and dead ends, Harris is sickened when he uncovers the identity of the killer.

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Every Rose Has a Thorn
A missing person case turns suspicious when a well-liked Wausau, Wis., man doesn't show up for work one morning.

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No Remorse
Sacramento FBI Special Agent Jeff Rinek sought out the worst cases because he was the best at solving them. After being kidnapped at gunpoint from his family home, Rinek knows the chances of finding 7-month-old Frankie Proctor alive are slim to none.

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No One Is Safe
Indianapolis detective Christine Mannina arrives on the scene of an execution-style shooting that's left one man dead and another in critical condition. She knows she must convince a reluctant witness to come forward and put her life on the line.

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The Riverside Killer
One year into the most demanding case of his career, Riverside, Cal., senior investigator Bob Creed arrives at the scene of the 16th murder in a string of slayings.

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Blood Brothers
Long-time partners and best friends, police detectives John Conaty and Ray Giacomelli never thought things would happen the way they did on a Pittsburg, Cal., murder case, where the prime suspect is a killer who was put behind bars years earlier.

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Real Detective is a gripping and intense crime-drama television series that aired from 2016 to 2018. Renowned for its gritty realism and psychological depth, the show plunges viewers into the visceral, high-stakes world of criminal investigations while offering a refreshing spin on the widely explored genre of crime drama. Real Detective stands as a powerful hybrid, part thriller and part documentary, showcasing the harsh mental, emotional, and physical challenges law enforcement officers face while deciphering some of the society's worst crimes.

The series employs a distinct and innovative narrative approach to explore real-life homicide investigations, combining the captivating appeal of true crime storytelling with all the cinematic elements of quality drama. While ostensibly a crime drama, Real Detective strays from the convention by taking inspiration from actual cases handled by seasoned detectives, thus blending the stylised, high-thrill drama with real-world tragedies.

Uniquely, the narratives documented in the series are narrated from the perspective of the investigators involved in the actual cases. Each episode showcases a separate case and culminates in the ushering of justice. It successfully humanizes the investigators and highlights the emotional weight they carry from their work. These grim narratives are not fixated on presenting a detailed, chronologically ordered catalogue of the crime and its subsequent investigation; rather, they explore the enormous psychological impact these cases have on the detectives handling them.

The series takes pains to center the narrative around the experiences, emotional struggles, determination, and gratifying triumphs the detectives undergo while trying to expose the truth. This focus on the human aspects of crime-solving separates Real Detective from other scripted crime shows, where detectives are often portrayed as infallible, domineering figures. Here, detectives are portrayed as real individuals, ridden with personal dilemmas, affected by the performed atrocities, and driven by a sense of duty towards the public.

One of the standout elements of Real Detective is its exceptional cast. The show features an array of accomplished actors embodying the characters based on real-life detectives, expressing their deep intricacies, fears, and triumphs with nuanced authenticity. The performances are deep and heartfelt, offering viewers a glimpse into the taxing world of detectives beyond the dimension of their professional conduct.

The series uncommonly relies on dramatic re-enactments or recreations of real investigative scenarios using professional actors. This, combined with interviews from the real-life detectives, provides a unique mix of documentary-style narration and dramatic enactment. The commentary from the actual officers involved imbues authenticity to each episode and intensifies viewers' understanding of the horrifying criminal incidents.

Complementing the intense storyline and credible staging is the high production value of the show. Real Detective is visually sharp, with a cinematic quality that enhances the viewing experience. The makers employ a dark, grim color palette aligning with the tone of the narrative. The camerawork and editing also deserve a special mention, creating the right atmosphere for each scene.

While it can be intensely grim at times, the series is not entirely bereft of moments that lighten the emotional load. Amidst the horrors, the show subtly brings out the resilience and fighting spirit of these unsung heroes, who continuously dedicate themselves to the pursuit of justice against all odds. These details add a wholesome complexity to the narrative, making it instantly gripping yet deeply empathetic.

Real Detective offers an immersive exploration into the realities behind criminal investigations, embracing the challenge of laying bare the unadorned, raw aspects of detective work. This representation of real-life crime stories through the eyes of the detectives provides audiences with a uniquely humanized perspective on the genre. By focusing on the personal journey of these detectives interlaced with serious crime-solving, the series delivers a distinctive blend of drama and reality, engaging viewers and leaving them on the edge of their seats.

In summary, Real Detective is a compelling, reality-based crime drama that keeps audiences riveted while offering an insider's look into the lives of detectives who put everything on the line while hunting for justice. With its unique approach to storytelling, strong performances, and high-quality cinematic production, the series captures the essence of the raw, lived experience of detectives in their pursuit of truth and justice, making it a must-watch for aficionados of true crime and drama genres alike.

Real Detective is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.0.

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