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Her Mother's Prayers
A Nashville mother is terrified to discover her daughter, 9-year-old Marcia Trimble, has vanished while delivering cookies around the neighborhood. Investigators turn up several suspects...

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The Secret Code
A single footprint is the only clue uncovered after a man is found stabbed to death in his home; police suspect the victim's ex-wife after they learn of a bitter divorce and custody battle.

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Baptism by Fire
In the wreckage of a church fire, detectives think they find the headless body of beloved pastor, John David Terry. Worse still, a friend named James Matheny has vanished.

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The Manner of Murder
Everyone in town adores Sara Dixon, and police are baffled when they discover her shot dead in her sleep. Their only clue: Christmas tinsel that the killer tracked in.

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Proof of Life
Police are dubious when a woman reports her father, Dwight Tobyne, missing after eight months; none of the Tobynes seem eager to talk, but the family's secrets will lead detectives to a grim discovery in the Arizona desert.

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First Comes Love
A new bride is devastated when her husband Cody Johnson disappears days after their wedding. When she reports receiving an improbable email claiming that Cody died in a hiking accident, detectives fear this blushing bride is really a black widow.

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The Women in the Woods
In 1987, women's bodies are found in a forest outside of Molalla, Ore.; detectives struggle to find a lead, then they get a break when another case shows similar characteristics.

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The Shadow of the Steeple
In 2001, parishioners arrive at church, unaware they are passing a grisly crime scene in their own parking lot, where Tracey Bagwell has been stabbed 30 times in her car.

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The Last Time They Saw Her
When Det. Pat Postiglione finds a woman's body at a truck stop, clues suggest a serial killer. The focus shifts when suspicion falls on the victim's two drug-dealing friends. But Postiglione's first instincts were right

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Beneath the Stairs
Curiosity overcomes new homeowners when they spot a barrel in a crawlspace. When they open it, they are horrified to find a body.

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Grave Secrets is a gripping true crime television series produced by Investigation Discovery. First premiered in 2016, the show digs into the darkest and most concealed aspects of murder cases, unveiling the secrets that lie buried in crimes and the whirling horror that lurks in the shadows of the human heart.

Often in these narratives, a fair exterior hides traces of chilling trouble; family smiles conceal teeming darkness; and beautiful homes hide the destructive potential of gruesome crimes. The series uses this platform to show that a perfect facade can often hide a world of dark, buried secrets within its folds.

The premise of Grave Secrets is influenced by the chilling reality that individuals may carry secrets that can transform their lives dramatically, or in some worst cases, conclude them. The show uses the phrase "Every victim holds a secret" as its tagline, setting the stage for narratives steeped in layers of mystery and enigma. Focusing on solved and unsolved cases alike, the show takes the viewers on an investigative journey, from the discovery of the crime, through the process of investigation, to the final revelation of the diabolical secret behind the crime itself.

Through a mix of expert testimonies, dramatic recreations, interviews with individuals close to the case, and a narration that hooks the audience from start to end, Grave Secrets weaves together each episode to unveil the shocking, grave secrets behind the murders. Each episode of the series focuses on a different murder case, revealing one shocking secret after another.

The intricate storytelling introduces viewers to the part of the victim's life that they seldom got to know. It peels back the layers of normalcy to expose the raw, horrifying secrets embedded beneath the surface. It explores the societal pressures, the hidden turmoils, the internal conflicts and the fragileness of relationships that ultimately lead to horrific consequences.

The production quality of Grave Secrets complements the show's ambition to create riveting storytelling. The reenactments are not overdone or overly sensational, but subtle enough to keep the audience engrossed whilst maintaining the respect for the victims and their families. The meticulous details in storytelling offer a fresh perspective towards understanding the implications of heinous crimes without resorting to gore or excess violence.

Grave Secrets not only reveals the secrets leading up to the incident but also focuses on the investigative journey to find the truth. The series emphasizes on the proceeding investigative work, the gathering of clues, identifying suspects and the persistent efforts of law enforcement agencies that culminates to the addressing of truth. The audience is not merely a spectator but is taken along on this roller coaster ride of unraveling the secrets that have been deliberately concealed.

Apart from the engrossing narrative, the ingenuity of Grave Secrets lies in its exploration of the human psyche. The show delves deep into the world of human emotions such as betrayal, ambition, jealousy, obsession, and fear, and the lengths to which people go to keep their secrets hidden. It investigates the motivation behind each crime, portraying it as much more than a mere act of hatred, but a heinous consequence of years of buried resentment and untold truths.

Investigation Discovery’s Grave Secrets is not for the faint-hearted. It presents a chilling portrayal of humans' capacity to manipulate, betray, and destroy life, pushing the boundaries of understanding and empathy to the utmost extremity.

The show is enthralling in its approach, effective in its storytelling, and impactful in its message. It makes the audience question the nature of trust, relationships, and the hidden secrets that can disrupt the course of life. It is a tragic reminder of the far-reaching consequences of secrets that were meant to stay buried but have surfaced as grave threats.

In each hour-long episode, watching Grave Secrets is an immersive experience that takes you on a journey into the intricate world of crime-solving and human psychology. It's a must-watch for those who appreciate exploring the depths of a true crime narrative and the far-reaching implications it can have for those involved.

In conclusion, with Grave Secrets, Investigation Discovery raises the bar of true crime television series, offering its viewers a deep dive into the complexity of human nature and the capacity of secrets to transform lives catastrophically. This show is a promising watch for those who have a voracious appetite for mystery, a keen perception of human nature, and a thirst for unraveling the truth behind crime.

Grave Secrets is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 21 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

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