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The Sinner And The Saint
A troubled young man befriends Jessica Vega via social media.

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His Blue Light
In the mid-to-late 1990's a sexual predator police dub "The Blue Light Rapist" goes on a serial attack spree across Arkansas. As authorities scramble to stop him in his tracks, he sets his sights on seventeen-year-old Shannon Woods.

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The Model Home Murders
Between her upcoming wedding, a new home, and a thriving real estate career, it looks like everything in Lori Brown's life is headed in the right direction. But one fateful Monday afternoon, her life takes an unforeseeable and tragic turn.

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The Bodies In The Bunker
Aspiring film producer Bohdi Potter and her boyfriend go missing. The grave truth behind their disappearance lies deep in the hollow corridors and dark caverns of an old, abandoned military bunker.

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Three Miles On Castle Rock Road
After a young Native American woman is found brutalized and clinging to life on the side of a rural Montana road, her family and authorities seek answers. Their search for justice leads them down a shocking, sickening, and devastating road.

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All The Lights Were On
After getting engaged, Nikki Ansley takes a job at a local convenience store in order to pay for her upcoming nuptials. But her best-laid plans are horrifically derailed when two unwelcome customers show up right before closing time.

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Open 24 Hours
Donna Ferres takes a job working the overnight shift at a local convenience store to pay for college. But after a familiar face walks into the store one night, her routine shift takes a sick and twisted turn.

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The Torture Chamber
When Lisa Holden gets married and moves to an isolated home in rural Texas, it triggers a long, inexplicable estrangement from her family. But at the root of this painful divide lies something far more evil than her family could ever imagine.

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The Red River
Allison Walker mysteriously goes missing just days before Christmas. Investigators scour her pig farm in Adairville, Kentucky, in search of clues.

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The Girl on the Billboard
After 15-year-old Jasmine Block mysteriously vanishes, her mother Sarah launches a crusade to find her before it's too late. But when the sickening truth behind Jasmine's disappearance surfaces, it leaves Sarah in shock.

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The Creek Bottom
College student and aspiring teacher Tammy Crowe's life takes a devastating and violent turn when something unexpected happens on the way to a friend's dinner party.

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Quiet the Dogs
Connie Hilton and her husband George leave Dallas and move to a rural enclave in East Texas. Life couldn't be more perfect.

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Dead Silent, produced by Investigation Discovery in 2016, is a true crime documentary series that chills to the bone by throwing viewers into the dark bowels of the most haunting and horrific murder mysteries. Each episode shakes the perception of safety and tranquility in the outdoors as it spills the dreadful stories that unfolded in the silence of the wilderness. The show roams through sordid tales set in idyllic rural landscapes, where the serenity of nature's beauty is turned into a gloomy backdrop for unimaginable crimes. The series expertly combines dramatic reenactments with first-hand accounts and expert commentary to deliver chilling narratives that are as gripping as any crime fiction, but far more unnerving due to their factual basis. Each story unfolds progressively, effectively building suspense and peppering the narrative with unexpected twists that keep viewers perched on the edge of their seats. Delving deep into the sinister aspect of human nature, the show unravels the dark motives and maliciousness lurking beneath the human facade, which can turn a peaceful setting into a scenario of fear and terror. Dead Silent often kicks off its spine-chilling tales with people setting out on seemingly innocent outdoor pursuits, such as camping trips, romantic picnics, or routine hikes in the woods. As each episode advances, however, the carefree characters quickly find themselves ensnared in scenarios that twist from cheerful to chilling, trading the promise of fun and adventure for a harrowing struggle for survival. The soothing silence enveloping the vast outdoor environments, often perceived as a reprieve from the noise of the cities, transforms into a threat, muffling pleas for help and burying dreadful secrets. The exploration of the unsuspecting victims' experiences provides a relentless, gritty account of their terrifying encounters in isolated circumstances, where the familiar becomes an unfamiliar, fearsome nightmare. The series is unflinching in highlighting how the absence of immediate help in these deserted locales heightens feelings of dread, vulnerability, and desperate helplessness facing imminent danger. One of the unique features of Dead Silent is its emphasis on the mysterious interplay between haunting, desolate environments, and human evil in secluded corners of the world. By contrasting the allure and tranquility of the open spaces with the shadowy menace of murder and malice, the show intensifies the fear factor and the dramatic tension engendered by these narratives. Featuring expert investigators, law enforcers, and occasionally, the survivors themselves, Dead Silent gives viewers an in-depth understanding of the circumstances leading up to the horrifying incidents, the efforts to seek justice, and the aftermath of the violent attacks. These narratives blend together to deliver a potent, suspenseful brew of gripping crime documentary that lies beyond the veil of tranquility. In its masterful portrayal of real-life trauma, Dead Silent serves as an eerie reminder that no places, not even the picturesque tableau of nature, are immune to the cruel, unforeseen caprices of fate or people with sinister intentions. It pitches the idyllic against the horrific, the hope for peaceful sanctuary against the deep-seated fear of the unknown, thus creating a chilling aura that lingers in the viewer’s mind long after the credits roll. Despite its disturbing content, Dead Silent is also a tribute to survivors’ indefatigable spirit and their battle for justice. This kinship with survivors strikes a careful, respectful balance, never exploiting their grief but acknowledging their strength and resilience. While it stares unblinkingly at the darkest corners of human nature, it also upholds the light, telling stories of courage, hope and indomitable human strength amidst horrific circumstances. By portraying real-life narratives of outdoor adventures turned nightmares, the show instills the sense that something monstrous may be lurking behind the beauty and stillness of nature, casting shadows of dread where they least expect. Dead Silent from Investigation Discovery is an engaging, horrific dive into true crime, masterfully wrapped in suspense and painted on the canvas of serene wilderness.

Dead Silent is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 30 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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