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She Called To Say I Killed Them
Ron Youngblood's dream of having a family hits a nightmarish snag when he meets Veronica, a cold, cruel, and unfaithful woman. When Ron tries to leave, she destroys everything he cherishes most.

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He Asked Me to Be His Hitman
When Roger's best friend, Bob Duke, asks for a "favor," he thinks Bob is venting. When he asks again, Roger worries for Bob's wife and son.

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He Used a Chainsaw
At first, Ainjil thought Will is brutal charming and creative, then his dark fascination and violent tendencies emerged, then Ainjil finally got away from him and started a new life and family with a man she truly loved, Keck exacted a brutal revenge.

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He Shot Through My Heart
LaTonya believes her husband, Nathan, is her best friend. Over the years she suffers emotional abuse at his hands and decides to take their kids and leave.

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I Saw Myself on Tape
Tonja Balden doesn't know the charming man she meets at the bar hides a twisted secret. When they date, she doesn't know he's videotaping his heinous crimes until a major news story unveils his long, dark history.

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Murder in the House of Prayer
As a child, Joy believes her mother, Anna Young, is the voice of God. In their isolated church community, Anna punishes anyone who breaks her rules - even young children aren't spared.

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He Brought Roses and a Gun
Andrea believes that Ray is the man of her dreams, but her pregnancy unveils a nightmare. He stalks her and tortures their infant son.

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She Hid the Knife in a Toybox
When Jason Worley tries to escape from manipulative Brandi, she punishes him by taking away the two things most precious to him.

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Terror in the Wilderness
Elishaba always believed her father wielded the power of God and that the only way to salvation was through suffering.

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The Butcher and the Box
Lori and Brook have one terrible thing in common Gary Simmons. Gary tortures Lori during their 6-year marriage.

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Evil Lives Here is an enthralling, spine-chilling true-crime series from Investigation Discovery that premiered in 2016. This show dives deep into the menacing underbelly of crime and evil from the unique perspective of those who found themselves living alongside the perpetrators. While most true crime series focus on the law enforcement or the suspect's perspective, Evil Lives Here shifts the focus to the ordinary individuals who unknowingly shared a roof and walls with the monstrous person, often only realizing their loved one's true nature after severe damage has been done.

The show ingeniously complicates the viewer's idea of a typical family unit by providing some unexpected viewpoints. Each episode starts with a simple question: how well do you know the people closest to you? The viewers are then led through a series of revealing personal stories from family members of real-life murderers and criminals. Through exclusive interviews and re-enacted scenes, the audience gets to hear firsthand accounts of what it was like living with a psychopath or sociopath. The family members candidly share their everyday experiences, delving into the subtleties, patterns, and gradually escalating situations that they once considered as simple familial quirks or eccentricities, but later discovered were warning signs pointing to their family member's sinister tendencies. From their initial discovery to the final reckoning, this show enables viewers to see how these individuals grappled to understand and cope with the harrowing reality.

Evil Lives Here takes a deep dive into the psyche of these family members, examining the emotional turmoil of feeling betrayal, fear, embarrassment, and even guilt for the heinous acts committed by their relatives. The narrative thread is woven elegantly with a mix of poignant confessions and expert analyses by psychologists, criminologists, and law enforcement officers who explain theof atypical behaviors, character traits, and patterns that often signal deeper, darker issues.

One of the standout attributes of Evil Lives Here is its commitment to authenticity. Viewers are provided with a realistic insight into the psyche of the perpetrators and victims alike instead of fictional dramatizations. The interviews are raw, emotional, and intense, making each episode a powerful watch. The series does not shy away from dealing with the disturbing content but handles it with care and sensitivity.

Moreover, this show does an excellent job of grouping together a variety of unique stories that have enough in common to create a cohesive picture of life beside evil. Some cases reveal the struggle of mothers or siblings trying to reconcile the person they cared for with the monster they have become. While others portray the nightmares of individuals living under the same roof as their tormentor. There's a broad spectrum of personalities and circumstances explored, revealing that evil does not necessarily have a characteristic facade or environment, adding to the gripping suspense that keeps viewers hooked episode after episode.

The production quality of Evil Lives Here has also been praised. Filmed with a cinematic approach utilizing dimly lit, tense atmospheres, and combined with professional storytelling, it adds significantly to the suspenseful experience making it captivating and haunting.

One of the important aspects that Evil Lives Here succeeds in conveying, is demonstrating how perpetrators of evil often have adept manipulative skills, creating an illusion of normalcy, and leaving their loved ones blindsided when their true nature unfolds. This aspect of the show resonates deeply with the viewers, making them question their own ability to truly understand the people they live with.

In conclusion, Evil Lives Here is a groundbreaking show that pulls back the curtain to reveal a horrifying aspect of human nature, the capacity for evil that can lurick even in the most seemingly ordinary households. The spectrum of stories shared on this show ranges from numbingly terrifying to heartbreaking. At its core, the show is not just about sordid criminal acts, but also about trust, betrayal, resilience, and the human will to cope and heal from personal ordeal. This is not a show for the faint-hearted, but for those who have a predilection for true crime stories with a twist, Evil Lives Here will prove to be an unforgettable viewing experience.

Evil Lives Here is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 15 seasons with a total of 161 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.0.

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