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Winter's Nightmare
An entire family vanishes in the dead of winter from Nebraska. Have they suddenly decided to skip town, or has something far worse happened?

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Last Call
On an icy January morning in Connecticut, a murdered woman is found dumped in the snow. Police fear she is the victim of a serial predator.

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Open Season
On a frigid fall evening, a hunter in Missouri is found shot to death. Freak hunting accident or cold and calculating homicide?

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Ice Breaker
A frigid winter hovers over St Paul, Minnesota. 30 year old Kira Steger hasn't reported to work and her family and friends are terrified she might be in danger.

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Fire and Ice
In Minneapolis, a woman's body is found in a burning car, then police discover an empty child's car seat in the back and launch a frantic search to find the missing child and bring a vicious killer to justice.

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Chilled To The Bone
A brutal murder and frozen crime scene shatter an idyllic Idaho town. A suspect's bizarre confession has police hoping for a quick resolution, but all is not what it seems.

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Ice Cold Heart
On a snowy Wisconsin morning, an 18-year-old mother is found beaten, stabbed and strangled to death with her 3 month old son as her only witness. Leads soon grow cold and the chase for a suspect leads detectives to a vicious killer who's close to home.

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Frozen Innocence
On a chilly winter morning in St. Louis, an eleven year old girl vanishes. Days later her body is found along an icy river bank. She's been brutally murdered. It's a race against time for investigators who fear the elusive killer will strike again.

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Alaska: Ice Cold Killers, is a riveting and gripping television series woven by Investigation Discovery in 2012, depicting the mystifying and unpredictable crimes that take place in the Alaskan wilderness. It uncovers the shocking yet true stories of a variety of murder cases in Alaska, utilizing first-hand accounts and vivid re-enactments to unravel the detail of each incident. These daunting crimes unravel amidst a backdrop of a stunning, hazardous, and notoriously unpredictable environment that intensifies the drama to reverberating heights.

One of the main aspects that makes this show unique is the location it's set in. Alaska, with its vastness, isolation, and extreme climate, adds a layer of complexity and unpredictability to these murder cases that one may not typically find in more urban or populated jurisdictions. The chilling, sub-zero temperatures and the sprawling, sometimes impervious Alaskan landscapes can act as both an accomplice and an enemy to the killer and the detectives alike. The series goes against the common myth that crime rates are lower in rural areas and shows that Alaska's remote and often harsh landscapes can be the perfect breeding ground for heinous crimes.

Each episode exposes a different murder mystery that leaves viewers on the edge of their seats, generating myriad questions that beg to be answered. The narratives begin by establishing the victim's life and circumstances before their untimely death. The descriptions thereafter detail the intensive investigations that ensue, primarily focusing on how detectives and law enforcement officers undertake the urgent and demanding task of cracking these complicated, often initially elusive cases in such challenging conditions.

The series aims to illustrate how detectives persevere to solve murders in a region where potential evidence can be covered by deep snow or carried away by icy winds. The lack of crucial infrastructure and the vast expanses between communities complicate the investigators' task astronomically and add dramatic flair to the show. The solitary nature of many of these communities also adds a subtle, yet penetrating and haunting layer of suspense throughout each episode.

As the series progresses, audiences are given a first-hand look at the intricate and sophisticated investigative process. Interrogations, forensics, evidence collection, dealing with false leads, and more make up this procedural journey. You'll follow law enforcement as they deal with the extraordinary geographical and weather-related challenges that come with solving crimes in such a desolate and harsh environment. The stakes are much higher, the resources far more limited, and the isolation far more significant than most can fathom.

As the investigations unfold, the show gives particular attention to the people at the heart of these chilling cases – the victims, the law enforcement officials, the families involved, and the accused. Their reactions, their determination to find the truth, and the impacts of the crimes on their lives are portrayed with thoughtful precision. Their stories and their perspectives add a human touch to all the cold-hearted brutality and heighten the emotional stakes of each narrative.

What sets Alaska: Ice Cold Killers apart from other true crime shows is the deeply atmospheric and immersive storytelling that combines compelling narratives with disturbing visuals. It faithfully transports viewers to the heart of the Alaskan wilderness, where the bitter cold sets the stage for chilling tales of murder and deception, while the unforgiving landscape becomes a character in itself.

Moreover, it does not shy away from addressing the dark side of a state widely known for its pristine natural beauty. The crisp cinematography and eerie musical score create a suspenseful atmosphere that perfectly matches the show’s chilling theme.

To summarize, Alaska: Ice Cold Killers combines gritty storytelling, evocative visuals, and true-crime suspense to create a chilling series. It navigates the harsh realities of life in Alaska, intertwining tales of survival and human tenacity. The series offers a unique and startling perspective on murder cases in one of America’s most remote corners, making it an absolute must-watch for true crime aficionados seeking a new and exhilarating experience. Expect a roller coaster ride of emotions as each episode unfolds a new layer of Alaskan darkness, combined with real-life investigative processes. Prepare to be hooked, chilled, and intrigued!

Alaska: Ice Cold Killers is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 37 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

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