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The Last Face She Saw
The most popular pizza restaurant of little Claypool Hill, Va., is turned into a horrific crime scene.

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The Sinner And The Saint
Beloved teacher Margaret Jack Sliger is murdered on her farm in the sleepy town of Mooresburg, Tenn. Hawkins County detectives are charged with finding the sinister perpetrator to bring their community justice.

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End Of Watch
The town of Cleveland, Okla., experiences overwhelming heartbreak when its esteemed sheriff is mysteriously gunned down in the night.

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Something's Not Right
When a popular cheerleader goes missing in rural Arkansas, the small town is sent into a panic. After her sports car is found abandoned, investigators are sure something is not right but no one expects the horror that ensues.

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The Dangers of Success
As a prominent family awakens to noises in the night, their worst nightmare ensues when their beloved daughter Terri Ann McCoy is fatally shot. Investigators work through leads and lies to discover the perpetrators were closer than they realized.

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Tragedy Comes in Pairs
Lightning strikes twice in the desert town of Socorro, N.M., when Crystal Houston is found murdered just 14 months after her older sister, Stephanie, is killed in a suspicious accident.

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Friendly Foes
The double homicide of a young mother and her 21-month-old daughter sends Galax's tiny police force on a frenzied mission to stop unspeakable evil in its tracks.

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Hellfire in the Hollow
A 21-year-old mother doesn't return from night classes and her car is found burned. Investigators immediately suspect foul play.

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No Witnesses
Two young ladies don't return home after a run to the local drive-through, so their concerned parents immediately set out on a search to find them. However, it will be a fisherman that will give police their first clue that something evil has happened.

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Trailing The Devil
A nightmare wreaks havoc on the village of Armada, Mich., when 14-year-old April Millsap is found murdered on the community's most popular bike trail.

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Investigation Discovery's riveting series "Murder Comes to Town" from 2014, is an engrossing representation of how tranquility in a small town is shattered by horrific crimes. The show reveals the shattering impact these events have upon close-knit communities, and how the ensuing investigations unravel eerie secrets.

Probing through leisured-paced small towns, where life is generally quiet and camaraderie is familiar, "Murder Comes to Town" exposes the shock individuals feel when their peaceful atmosphere is marred by chilling events. The series captures the bone-chilling dread that pervades towns and villages at the news of a local murder, shaking residents to their core. As the spine-tingling narrative unfolds, each episode makes you ponder, unraveling hushed secrets and lifelong grudges otherwise hidden within these tight-knit communities.

"Murder Comes to Town" spotlights the metamorphosis of idyllic hamlets turned fearful and mistrustful— the suspicions arising amongst community members, and the realization that the killer could very well be one of their own. The show masterfully probes the psychology of small-town life, demonstrating how under the surface of apparent serenity, darker undercurrents can flow. Under the scrutinizing lens, the tranquil peace that usually characterizes these areas is painstakingly peeled back, revealing layers of lurking dread and fear.

The unscripted, documentary-style presentation of "Murder Comes to Town" provides a realistic representation of these alarming events, opting for gritty accuracy over glorification. It employs a blend of interviews and reenactments, including personal testimonials from family members, friends, and law enforcement officers involved in the case. The emotional, heartfelt accounts from those left shocked and grieving make "Murder Comes to Town" not just an examination of crime, but also a study in emotional impact and human resilience.

The series gives viewers an in-depth look at the investigations that follow each crime, allowing them to follow law enforcement as they comb through evidence, interview witnesses, and work diligently to find justice for the victims. The audience will appreciate how these tireless officials labor to restore peace and security in their communities, revealing the inherent essence of unity and strength that characterizes small towns.

"Murder Comes to Town" also sheds light on the impact such tragedies have on small communities. It shows the resilience that enables these towns to rebound and heal, as well as the inevitable changes in perceptions and interactions among formerly close-knit neighbors. The series is a testament to human resilience in the face of trauma and adversity, as it emphasizes the empowering ascent from tragedy to recovery and closure.

The series' pacing follows the transformation from shock and disbelief to methodical investigation leading to eventual resolution. With a compounding sense of unease and intense atmosphere, the superb storytelling pace keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

"Murder Comes to Town" is not just about crime and punishment; it’s about communities and their stories. It's about the facades people live under, the secrets they hold, and the shocking revelation when those secrets lead to one of the most grievous acts - murder. There are no flashy scenes, no dramatized reenactments; it is a simple, yet sobering retelling of reality in rural America, where the intrusion of crime and the disturbing aftermath is anything but simple or common.

The expertise of police enforcement, the heartache of the victims' loved ones, and the collective shock of the townsfolk add increased depth to the series. It uncovers the true nature of small-town living, revealing a side often unexplored in popular media. The series highlights and scrutinizes the lives of people within such communities as they grapple with the daunting task of coming to terms with their nightmares and gradually reclaim their harmony.

In summary, "Murder Comes to Town" presents viewers with chilling true crime stories enveloped by the deceptive calm of small-town landscapes. As each episode unravels, it deepens the mystery, generating an atmosphere of genuine intrigue and chilling suspense. This heartrending and captivating series from Investigation Discovery makes an indelible impression, forcing viewers to bring into question their perceptions of safety, trust, and community.

Murder Comes to Town is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 46 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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