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Come Back Jack
The investigation into the disappearance of a 71-year-old Korean War veteran near Upland, Cal., is recounted.

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The Good Samaritan
When a young woman suddenly vanishes while trying to repair a flat tire, investigators put together the pieces of a dark and heinous crime.

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Blood Diamond
When a local retiree vanishes without a trace, his daughter teams up with investigators to solve the mystery behind his disappearance, and eventually bring the person responsible to justice.

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Spitting in the Wind
Thirty years after a young wife and mother is murdered, her adult children convince a rookie detective to take up the case. With fresh eyes on the old files, the young investigator finds a clue that helps unlock an old family secret.

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Race to Justice
In 1988, racing legend Mickey Thompson and his wife Trudy are gunned down in front of their Southern California home. After nearly two decades of cat and mouse, cold case investigators bring the case to a close and put a smug killer behind bars.

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Mr. Big
When store clerk Marie Dupe is stabbed to death, the evidence leads to a dead-end. Eight years later, detectives stage an elaborate sting to get the truth, straight from the killer's mouth.

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Still Waters
In 2002, a speed boat rams a fishing boat with three teens on it. When one of victims dies from his injuries, two Texas Game Wardens become unlikely homicide investigators in a case spanning eight years.

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The Inside Man
A popular bartender at a neighborhood pub in Florida is killed in a late-night burglary gone wrong, and it takes investigators almost two decades to catch the culprit and turn his own lies against him.

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Into The Woods
After two young men disappear on a hunting trip, investigators uncover the dark truth about what happened to them and who was responsible.

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Rendezvous With Death
When a Florida man is found dead from a vicious attack, the hot pursuit of a man seen fleeing the scene comes up short. Nearly twenty years later, a fresh look at old evidence helps cold case investigators put a name to the killer.

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Grain Of Truth
In police stations everywhere, there is a library of binders containing detailed information about gruesome murders. Each of them contains the spirit of their victim waiting for the day that someone will finally catch their killer.

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Key To Murder
A Jonesville, NC policeman is found dead on the side of the road after pursuing a suspicious vehicle out of town. Years after the trail for his killer goes cold, a veteran investigator is pulled out of retirement to close the fallen officer's case.

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Flower Drum Murder
A steel drum is unearthed with the remains of a young pregnant woman inside. With some old-fashioned sleuthing, investigators are able to identify their victim, bring a cowardly killer to justice, and close the book on a decades-old mystery.

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Murder Book, first aired in 2014, is an edge-of-your-seat crime series that offers viewers a deeply immersive experience into the world of homicide investigations, presented by Investigation Discovery (ID). The show is named after the "murder book," a term used by law enforcement agencies for the case file of a major crime, especially a homicide. Compiled from the crime scene evidence, interviews, and various investigative tactics and techniques, the murder book is a comprehensive guide that helps detectives stay organized while handling a case.

A key highlight of Murder Book is its presentation style, which differentiates it from other regular crime documentaries or shows. It is laid out like a visual murder book — the police file that documents every step of an investigation from start to finish. The show takes the viewer on a journey, offering a gripping, in-depth look into how a murder investigation unfolds, taking you from the crime scene to the courtroom. The detectives and officers in charge of the case attempt to gather and connect pieces of the puzzle until they reach a satisfactory resolution.

Unlike some crime series that dramatize real events, Murder Book opts for a more authentic approach. Featuring actual detectives, forensics experts, and crime scene investigators, the series provides viewers with an intimate and real look at the painstaking process entailed in solving a murder case. The drama comes not from scripted tension, but from the authentic investigative process, the tedious evidence collection, the critical eye for detail, and the relentless pursuit of justice.

Each episode of Murder Book presents a new case, with its unique set of challenges and circumstances. Viewers are taken through a range of environments, from ominous crime scenes to cluttered forensics labs, from intensive interrogation rooms to fraught courtrooms. Throughout it all, the show maintains a documentary-like quality, with substantial focus given to investigative techniques used by law enforcement, the emotional toll of the crime on victims' families, and the pursuit of truth and justice in the face of adversity.

The series does a fantastic job showcasing the extraordinary dedication and grit of the detectives and officers involved, highlighting their unwavering commitment towards the purveyance of justice, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. Their relentless pursuit of truth, even in the face of obstructive bureaucracy, emotional strain, and passing time, is both inspiring and humbling.

Murder Book doesn’t shy away from displaying the human side of law enforcement either. It showcases the emotional toll investigations have on detectives, the determination they need to keep going, and the feeling of satisfaction they get when they finally close a case.

However, the series goes beyond the procedural to touch upon the broader societal context within which these crimes occur. Without getting preachy or moralistic, the series takes a nuanced look at the perpetrators, their motivations, the victims, and the socio-economic circumstances that often play a significant part in these tragedies.

Another notable aspect of Murder Book is its stylistic cinematography and narration, which lends the show a unique identity. The creators use a muted color palette, dramatic lighting, and atmospheric music to set a consistent somber mood throughout the series. The narrative approach is minimalist, yet emotionally evocative, which heightens the tension and horror of the crimes depicted.

Murder Book is not for the faint of heart. As a presenter of genuine, real-life crimes, it can be harrowing and sometimes disturbing. However, the series manages to strike a balance between respecting the gravity of the situations depicted, while also providing a riveting and educating viewing experience for the audience. The show's emphasis on authenticity makes it compelling and thought-provoking, catering to an audience seeking an unvarnished look into the world of crime investigations and policing. All in all, Murder Book is a must-watch series for anyone who enjoys a well-constructed, reality-based investigative crime show.

Murder Book is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 23 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.2.

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