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Episode 6
The Birch Grove elder home's motto is "Life begins at 70." Unfortunately, life also ends there for Johnny Jones in his bathtub.

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Episode 5
The murder of Christine Archer, owner of a dog day care center, introduces Ash and Scribbs to canines and eccentric and temperamental owners.

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Episode 4
Who saved the last dance for Sandra? The lovely young salsa enthusiast took a tumble off a high balcony, and her death definitely looks like murder.

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Episode 3
At a wedding, the father of the bride winds up dead wrong. Peeking behind the bridal veil, Ash and Scribbs find that nothing is what it seems.

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Episode 2
An estate agent doesn't care that most of his clients hate him. But them someone closes his sale by applying a paperweight to the back of his head.

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Episode 1
When a beautiful businesswoman winds up stabbed, Ash and Scribbs follow the trail to Applejacks, an upscale singles club.

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Murder in Suburbia is a captivating British detective drama series that aired for two seasons between 2004 and 2005 on ITV1. The series was developed by renowned television entity, ITV Studios, known for creating compelling content for diverse audiences. The series, set in the serene yet intriguing surroundings of British suburbia, presents a fascinating juxtaposition of life's tranquility against human dark tendencies leading to murder, hence its title. The series features two dynamic women at its core, played by the formidable talents of Caroline Catz and Lisa Faulkner. Caroline Catz, known for her work in Doc Martin, dons the role of Detective Inspector Kate 'Ash' Ashurst. Displaying a steely determination and thorough professional attitude, Ash is sharp, intelligent, and possesses a warm heart beneath her tough exterior. Lisa Faulkner, famous for her roles in Holby City and Spooks, plays Detective Sergeant Emma 'Scribbs' Scribbins. Scribbs is sassy, outgoing, and has a knack for connecting with people, which often proves crucial in interrogation and information extraction. Together, Ash and Scribbs form a formidable duo with an undeniable chemistry. They are the heart and soul of the series and bring its intriguing narratives to life. Their complex characterization, layered relationships, and unyielding commitment to truth, marked by occasional humourous interactions, provide the framework to the series. Jeremy Sheffield, an accomplished actor prominent for his roles in Holby City and The Wedding Date, rounds out the main cast. He portrays the elegant and ambitious Detective Chief Inspector Jeremy Sullivan. The dynamics between these three principal characters further fuel the engaging nature of the series. The series thrives and sets it apart from other crime drama series is its focus on exploring the “whodunit” nature of suburban crime and the intriguing complexities of the apparent ordinary. Each episode gives viewers a glimpse into a seemingly tranquil suburban life, introduces compelling diverse characters, whose dark secrets unravel in the course of investigations. The plotlines, while revolving around the common theme of murders, offer different angles and motives; from jealousy, revenge, and greed to hidden secrets, cunning deceptions and sophisticated plots. Murder in Suburbia has many traditional elements of a crime drama series, yet it deviates from standard tropes in its execution and storytelling approach. The blending of classic detective work with a modern and fresh view is one of the series' standout features. As viewers navigate through the journey of Ash and Scribbins, they are privy to the detectives' personal lives, their conflicts, emotions, and the chemistry between them, making the series more than just a crime drama. Another aspect that adds value to this series is the setting. The idyllic, peaceful backdrop of suburban England is the perfect foil to the dark, complex mysteries that lurk within, offering a unique visual aesthetic that is both comforting and unsettling at the same time. The series boasts a high-quality production with its engaging narrative style, outstanding performances, well-written dialogues, and the meticulous attention to detail in showing the suburban life intensifies its overall appeal. It takes its viewers one step further and deeper into understanding human nature, showing that even the quietest, most charming suburbs can harbor secrets and crimes, painting a mystery with shades of human psyche and emotions. Murder in Suburbia, while it offers murder mysteries that tease the audience’s intellect, also presents us with rich, complex characters, a unique setting, humor, drama, and a deep understanding of human nature. For a fan of detective dramas wishing to delve into the psychological layers of crime and its consequences set against a fascinating backdrop, Murder in Suburbia is a delightful and thought-provoking series. It is a testament to the fact that even in the most mundane settings, the most extraordinary stories can unfold.

Murder in Suburbia is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2004. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

Caroline Catz, Lisa Faulkner, Jeremy Sheffield
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