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Alice, Hilda, and Elsie find themselves on the front lines of battle when Germans bomb the care center where they are working. With the possibility of death hanging over them, they must persevere through the seemingly endless war.

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While Alice struggles with the thought that Harry may have been killed, Hilda learns of her aptitude for anesthetics, Olive is confronted with a proposal, and Elsie returns to aid the war effort as part of the Croix Rouge.

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When they are moved to a British hospital in France, the Anzac girls are confronted with some snobbish British nurses, leading them to reflect on their own national identity in the war.

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Alice and Elsie face the painful reality of love during wartime when Elsie must choose between caring for her husband and her role in the AANS.

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On the Greek island of Lemnos, Olive and Grace must care for troops injured by the botched August Offensive. In Egypt, Elsie must fight to stay at the hospital in order to save the life of her mortally wounded husband, Syd.

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Just after the start of World War I, the Anzac girls arrive in Egypt and discover that war is actually not the "splendid adventure" they believed it would be.

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Anzac Girls is an Australian television drama series that aired on ABC1 in 2014. Produced by Screentime, the series is an absorbing, emotionally compelling narrative rooted in real-life historical events. It intricately weaves together a tale of love, faith, resilience, and survival through the eyes of five extraordinary young women from Australia and New Zealand who served as nurses during World War I.

The show takes its name from the acronym Anzac, short for the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps. Anzac Girls is undeniably a war drama, however, the uniqueness of the narrative lies in the manner in which it redirects the focus away from the battles and onto the lives of the nurses who worked tirelessly on the frontline to tend to the wounded soldiers. This presents viewers with an entirely different yet equally significant perspective on the war.

Based on Peter Rees' book "The Other Anzacs," Anzac Girls is a meticulously researched series that provides a candid portrayal of the experiences, hardships and triumphs of these brave women. Hence, while it is undoubtedly rich in historical content and context, it is essentially a narrative of people – their fears, hopes, relationships, and indomitable spirit in the face of a conflict that alters the course of their lives and human history itself.

Anzac Girls features five key characters who are all based on real-life individuals. Alice Ross-King, Elsie Cook, Olive Haynes, Hilda Steele and Grace Wilson represent different backgrounds and journeys but are united by their dedication to care for those in need during the war. These nurses deliver an unprecedented level of care under conditions that challenge the human spirit and reflect the undisturbed dignity of their commitment to serve their country in times of great need. From dealing with gruelling routines, maintaining morale among wounded soldiers, to managing personal relationships under the shadow of an ongoing war, their stories offer TV audiences a rare and deeply human insight into the Great War.

As viewers navigate through the six episodes of the show, they will find themselves drawn into the world of these women – practicing bravery in the face of grave danger, banding together amidst horrors of war, and handling loss and grief, while also experiencing fleeting moments of joy and love. The show doesn’t shy away from presenting graphic imagery to reflect the harsh truths of the war era, yet the emphasis always rests on humanising those involved, rather than glorifying the war itself.

From a production standpoint, Anzac Girls holds its ground as a high-quality piece of television. Tight screenplay, compelling dialogues, and adept use of period-specific details contribute to building a realistic representation of the era; everything from various settings to costume and props feels authentic. Additionally, the performances by the cast members are commendable. Each actor embodies their character's complexity and spirit with great skill, bringing forth the poignant and relatable human element of the show.

The music, composed by Bryony Marks, is another major highlight of the series. The powerful soundtrack complements the narrative brilliantly, enhancing the emotive depth of various sequences and amplifying the overall viewing experience.

Anzac Girls, with its unique narrative and perspective, adds a fresh chapter to the telling of the World War I saga. It shines a light on the transformative roles of women during this period - those who inspired change, shattered stereotypes, and paved the way for future generations. Alice, Elsie, Olive, Hilda, and Grace exemplify courage and compassion during one of the darkest periods in history, working tirelessly to save lives and maintain the essence of humanity amidst chaos.

Educational yet deeply engrossing, true-to-life yet filled with elements of drama and romance, historical yet human, Anzac Girls is a television series that leaves its audiences with a better understanding of the era, the women, and a sense of connection with those who have lived and served in history. The series isn’t just a simple retelling of past anecdotes; it beautifully broadcasts love, courage, dedication, and resilience that are ever present, in any situation, whether in peace or war. In essence, Anzac Girls is a respectful and poignant tribute to those unsung heroes of the Great War.

Anzac Girls is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

Georgia Flood As Sister Alice Ross-King Antonia Prebble As Sister Hilda Steele Laura Brent As Sister Elsie Cook Anna McGahan As Sister Olive Haynes Caroline Craig As Matron Grace Wilson
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