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Murderers will often go to great lengths to keep their crimes concealed, but forensic evidence is impossible to cover up. In this episode, medical examiners and authorities rush to identify bodies found in drum barrels and locate several missing women linked to the killer.

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Fatal Twist
When an unexpected crime occurs with no eyewitnesses, very few clues and the killers on the run, authorities must rely on forensic science to discover the fatal twist in these cases.

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Critical Evidence
Whether it is a fingerprint or a single bullet, sometimes it is the smallest piece of evidence that is needed to crack the biggest cases. In this episode, detectives use an ingenious technique to find the bullet that killed an elderly man.

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Written in Blood
Blood can be the most telling evidence of a murder and often it is the only thing investigators have to link a killer to his or her victim. Forensic scientists and medical examiners can look at blood spatter patterns and the amount of blood lost to determine how someone was killed.

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Loved to Death
Forensic science has advanced so much that even the oldest remains still share the clues necessary to convict a killer. Investigators use DNA to solve a murder case from 1980; a Russian woman is murdered in her home and police try to find a killer with the means and motive.

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Stolen Youth
Murdering a child is perhaps the most heinous of crimes. But no matter how defenseless a killer believes a young child to be, there is no hiding from the clues left behind.

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Price of Murder
When the amount of money is substantial enough, a person can be motivated to do terrible things to someone they love. Police discover that a large life insurance policy was motive for a man's murder.

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Broken Trust
Often, criminals misuse the trust they've built with their victims to commit heinous misdeeds. A family discovers the mummified remains of a pregnant woman dead for nearly 25 years and police suspect her former employer; a nurse notices an unusually high number of deaths in an ICU unit and believes another medical professional may be responsible.

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Murderous Attraction
The most sacred of vows are sometimes not even enough to stop people who are determined to get what they want using any means necessary. In this episode, a nurse suspects a patient's husband of attempted murder by poisoning and a man stages his depressed wife's murder as a suicide.

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Raw Greed
Even ordinary objects, when used to kill, carry enough evidence for forensic scientists to piece together the most complicated murders. In this episode, criminals who killed for money are brought to justice with evidence found on mundane, household objects.

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Out to Kill
Sometimes, cooperation from people who are not associated with a crime in any way is the only link between a criminal and the clues left behind for forensic experts. This episode examines cases in which good Samaritans provide tips to investigators to help solve these puzzling crimes.

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Silent Killers
When money is the motive, there is no limit to what a killer will do to get away with their fortune. When officers find the dismembered remains of a young man, they also discover his girlfriend recently took out an insurance policy on the deceased.

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Killing Time
A killer will often try to disguise the victim's body in an attempt to the hide the actual cause of death; however, forensics cannot be fooled. In this episode, authorities use reverse DNA testing to identify remains and solve an old crime.

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Misplaced Loyalty
A house fire in California turns into a murder investigation when authorities discover that the victim's best friend and personal manager had recently cleaned out her bank account.

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Fatal Impressions
Sometimes the faintest fingerprint or tire track is all investigators need to solve even the most brutal of crimes. When a woman's body is discovered in a field, detectives employ a rarely used technique to lift fingerprints from her corpse and bring her killer to justice.

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Shattered Vows
Marriage is one of the tightest bonds two people can have, until lies and deceit drive one of them to kill. In this episode, forensic experts are employed to link a woman's husband to her violent murder and uncover a murder disguised as a car accident.

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Blind Trust
Often, a killer will build the victim's trust before he or she attacks. In this episode, New Mexico police search for a missing teenager who disappeared from a local skating rink.

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Hidden Obsessions
Sometimes, those closest to a victim can be the most dangerous. Beneath a layer of trust can lurk a deadly obsession.

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The New Detectives, aired by the Discovery Channel from 1996 to 2005, is a captivating crime docudrama that delves deep into the world of forensics and criminal investigation. This show provides a comprehensive look into how scientific methods and cutting-edge technology are used by real-life investigators to crack complex murder cases, thus fortifying the saying that "evidence doesn't lie."

Instead of focusing on the standard 'whodunnit' angle where the protagonist tries to figure out the identity of the criminal, The New Detectives turns the spotlight onto the 'howdunnit' aspect, giving audiences an unprecedented look into crime-solving procedures that were not typically highlighted in the conventional television narratives during its time. This 60-minute program is a unique amalgamation of real-life footage, dramatized reenactments, exclusive interviews with experts in the field, and narrated explanations, crafting a televisual experience that is as suspenseful as it is informative.

Each episode typically begins with the discovery of a crime, usually a murder. However, unlike the usual murder-mystery setup, the emphasis is not on revealing a suspenseful murderer but demonstrating how forensic science aids in unmasking the truth. As observers, we are led through the detailed process of collecting and analyzing physical evidence from the crime scene by The New Detectives's subject matter experts: forensic pathologists, criminalists, and law enforcement personnel. These men and women showcase their ingenuity and prowess as they dissect, decode, and piece together the elements of the case at hand.

The show covers a wide range of forensic specializations from ballistics, toxicology, anthropology, odontology, to even entomology, each contributing vastly to sleuthing. Through this extensive exploration, viewers experience the triumph when a microscopic fiber, a tiny insect, or a simple strand of hair metamorphose into pivotal pieces of evidence, tilting the scale of justice towards truth. Such highlights mark the emergence of a new kind of detective—one armed with a microscope and an unwavering dedication to the pursuit of facts.

The New Detectives doesn't shy away from demonstrating the grim realities of crime scenes and the intricate layers of investigation. It underscores the severity and impacts of violent crime, and the solemn duties of those tasked with speaking for victims who can no longer speak for themselves. This commitment to realism and accuracy makes The New Detectives not only a fascinating watch for crime show enthusiasts but it also serves as an insightful illustration for aspiring forensic scientists or criminologists about their prospective field.

The reenactments deployed in the series are meticulously staged, staying true to the facts of the case and avoiding unnecessary sensationalism. Coupled with the narration, it evokes a sense of being in the room where the events unfolded, thus amplifying the viewing experience. The accounts shared by investigators, medical examiners, or other experts lend credibility and create a direct narrative link between the viewer and the collaborators involved in solving the case.

In terms of production values, the series is well-executed, swapping sensationalism for an engaging, fact-based narrative style that centers around the science behind major crime investigations. This adherence to detail couples well with its polished cinematography and gripping narratives, resulting in an engaging viewing experience for those intrigued by the investigative processes in forensics.

Running for nine seasons, and with over 120 episodes to its credit, The New Detectives has been regarded as a pioneer, of sorts, in the world of forensic crime shows. It introduced a whole new dimension of crime-solving narratives that empowered knowledge and justice over frivolous conjectures, consequently reinforcing trust and admiration in the real new detectives of the world who work relentlessly amidst the shadows of heinous crimes.

In conclusion, The New Detectives stands out in its genre for its authenticity, educational value, and ability to render complex scientific concepts into easy-to-understand explanations for the layman. Its choice to emphasize the process of 'how' over the 'who' sets it apart, opening eyes to the meticulous and fascinating world of forensic science and modern investigation techniques in a format that’s captivating, heartfelt, and often thrilling.

The New Detectives is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 9 seasons with a total of 121 episodes, the show debuted on 1996. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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