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Family Matters
The Quiring family work together to lift a semi back on it's wheels; an original member of Jamie's towing family starts to feel the physical and mental toll of heavy rescue.

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Pick Up Sticks
Jamie calls in his brothers Jason's rotator to tackle a recovery in the Canyon; the Mission towing team juggles a lost load of telephone poles; emergency responders race to a crash on the Coq involving one of Jamie's crew.

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Tough times in Alberta force Colin to weigh his future; the Mission towing crew races to clear a wreck that's shut down the rail line outside Hope, BC.

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Man Against Machine
Al Quiring is pulled into a muddy war to rescue a pair of 40 ton excavators buried in a bog; Jamie and Scott are called to a mysterious wreck in The Canyon.

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In Deep
Rookie prairie tow operator Jonny Tipton faces his toughest recovery; Gord clashes with stubborn drivers on the Coq and reveals a lifelong personal battle.

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Christmas Wrap
On the busiest travel day of the year, Al works to clear a burning tractor trailer off the Coq; Colin is sent to rescue a delivery truck loaded with Christmas presents in Alberta.

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Wind Storm
Gale-force winds sends a semi airborne and wreaks havoc on Jamie's operation in Hope; Al and Gord try to recover a massive mining truck.

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Bridge Out
Jamie's team deals with a jackknifed semi-trailer on the edge of a bridge; Mission Towing races to finish a recovery and open the road.

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Suicide Creek
Mission Towing races to an urgent call on a logging road; Jamie deploys his "air bag" recovery system to flip a tractor trailer.

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Less Is More
Jamie battles a truck fire on the Coq and reveals big changes to his operation.

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Highway Thru Hell is an intense and exhilarating reality-documentary television series which premiered on the Discovery Channel in 2012. The show portrays the daily challenges, dangers, and high-stakes drama of rescuing stranded or wrecked vehicles from British Columbia's notorious Highway 5, known more commonly as the Coquihalla Highway, and other treacherous roads in the region. A gripping watch, the show provides insight into the unstoppable courage and sheer skill of the heavy vehicle recovery teams who brave extreme weather conditions, perilous cliffs, and the continuous risk of avalanches, in their efforts to keep these highways open and safe.

The show revolves around Jamie Davis and his expert team of heavy recovery vehicle operators at the Jamie Davis Motor Truck and Auto Towing company. Davis, the indomitable and dynamic protagonist of the series, is an experienced industry professional who understands the urgency and difficulty of the work he and his team do. The operations are as much about quickly clearing the highways to prevent congestion or further accidents, as they are about helping individuals stranded in difficult and often dangerous circumstances.

The Coquihalla Highway is a site of frequent and often devastating accidents due to its challenging locations, extreme weather conditions, and forceful winds. Consequently, Davis and his team are constantly on their toes, combining strength, agility, and sheer indomitable will to tackle unexpected obstacles that stand between them and a successful recovery operation.

A distinctive feature of the series is its methodology, where a predominate focus is given on the decision-making aspect of the recovery work. The crew’s strategic maneuvering of heavy rescue equipment in highly compromising situations forms a significant portion of the show’s narrative. Moreover, the interpersonal dynamics within the team, seasoned with slight humor, personal anecdotes, conflicts and camaraderie make the show more relatable.

Highway Thru Hell also explores the commercial aspects of the towing industry, shedding light on how local competition, financial challenges, changing regulations, and fluctuating fuel prices influence Davis's business. This broader picture provides viewers with a glimpse of the complex machinery operating behind the scenes, making the show captivating even beyond the nature of the road incidents.

Beyond the grave dangers and arduous real-world scenarios, the show is also a testament to human resilience. It tells the stories of these big-hearted and intrepid men who live on the edge and often put their lives at risk to ensure people's safety and smooth cars operation on these hazardous routes. Their interactions with the drivers and passengers they help rescue, who are often shaken by their ordeal, add a welcome touch of empathy and emotion to the nerve-wracking tension that forms the mainstay of the show.

Expertly edited and beautifully shot, the series makes effective use of drone cameras to provide stunning aerial footage of the majestic but unforgiving landscape that forms the backdrop of Davis and his team's heroics. Many scenes leave viewers in awe of the daunting conditions under which the Highway Thru Hell team operates, making their expertise and bravery all the more admirable.

With each episode comes a new series of crises, confrontations, and dilemmas that keep viewers engrossed. High-stakes recoveries, the intricate tactics undertaken and the relentless dedication of this tight-knit team of outstanding individuals never cease to amaze and intrigue.

Highway Thru Hell is not merely about wrecked vehicles, formidable terrains, or rough weather; it's a show that charmingly encapsulates the spirit of working under pressure, unity, and, above all, an undying zeal for service and safety. It takes viewers on a journey through human endeavor, determination, teamwork, and the challenging reality of one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

Gripping, raw, and real, Highway Thru Hell brilliantly encapsulates the intense mountaintop dramas that unfold on remote Canadian highways. The balance of thrilling rescues, perilous conditions and human resilience make it an unmissable affair, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating more.

Highway Thru Hell is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 59 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.0.

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