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Greatest Storms 2010
Extreme chasers Reed Timmer, Joel Taylor, IMAX Filmmaker Sean Casey, and Tim Samaras present their most exciting tornado chasing moments.

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Behind the Storms 2011
A behind-the-scenes look at the storms from 2011.

Watch Storm Chasers Season 4 Episode 9 Now

All Or Nothing
In the last chase of the season, Team Dominator attempts a monster tornado for a radar intercept. Team TWISTEX tries to deploy their probe in its path, and the TIV team is on the path for a collision.

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The Storm Within
Team Dominator risks everything to issue a warning to people in the path of a violent storm, but internal strife threatens to end their season early. Still gun shy after witnessing devastation this season, Sean Casey is trying TIV team's patience.

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Too Close to Home
A tornado outbreak threatens destruction in team Dominator's backyard. The TIV team follows their navigator's bold prediction, with the success of their mission hanging in the balance.

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No Rest for the Weary
Team Dominator decides to take a break, but when Team TIV gets a victory in Reed's own backyard, he decides to chase with a vengeance.

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It's the deadliest tornado outbreak in more than fifty years and all three teams help in the recovery effort. All the teams are more committed to improve warning signs after they witnessed all the death and destruction around them.

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Reed's Redemption
After two consecutive chases and failing to find a twister, Reed Timmer and the Dominator team are desperate to chase one down even if it means entering one of the most dangerous chasing scenarios. Team TWSITEX's truck tries to keep them on the sidelines on a promising tornado day.

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Storms Over St. Louis
The most violent tornado season in over fifty years with death and destruction over the midwestern planes before chase season has even begun. There's a powerful storm tracking toward St.

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Dixie Alley Outbreak
The chase teams pursue twisters in Mississippi and Alabama that ultimately destroyed towns and claimed lives making it the deadliest tornado day in over half a century.

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Greatest Storms 2011
The best moments of 2010 - intense tornado action and terrible tragedy - changed the way all three teams chase. / A behind-the-scenes look at the storms from 2011.

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Storm Chasers is a thrilling reality TV series that aired on Discovery Channel from October 2007 to 2011. This riveting show provided an in-depth look into the lives and careers of those who risk their safety to chase one of nature’s most powerful forces – tornadoes. The show followed Sean Casey, Joshua Wurman, Reed Timmer, and Tony Laubach through numerous tornado seasons in the United States' "Tornado Alley."

Sean Casey, the series' central figure, is an IMAX filmmaker with a daring mission to capture tornadoes up close, offering audiences a unique perspective on these frightening phenomena. Casey's passionate pursuit is to capture the world's most extreme weather on film in the face of incredible danger. This pursuit results in some of the most remarkable footage of tornadoes ever filmed, revealing the awe-inspiring power and beauty of these storms.

Joshua Wurman, a distinguished scientist, is a central component of the "Storm Chasers" team. He is best known for his ground-breaking research and innovative use of mobile Doppler radars to gather essential data directly from the paths of tornadoes. His team, the DOW (Doppler on Wheels), with mobile radar trucks, supplies pivotal scientific data that contributes to our understanding of tornado formation and lifespan. Wurman's knowledge and commitment to studying these brutal storms are evident in every episode, offering audiences a more academic perspective into tornado chasing.

Reed Timmer, a meteorology graduate, offers an energetic and somewhat eccentric view of storm chasing. Timmer, with a flair for risk-taking and adventure, provides audiences with an adrenaline-fueled perspective on storm chasing. His team - the TVN (The Tornado Videos dot Net Team) - is known for its daredevil approach and readiness to drive straight into tornadoes to capture the most intense footage possible.

And then there's Tony Laubach, an experienced storm chaser and field meteorologist, who works alongside Wurman's team. Laubach introduces viewers to the more intricate details of storm chasing. He shares his extensive knowledge about severe weather systems and the procedures for tracking and intercepting tornadoes safely. His calm and pragmatic approach serve as a stark contrast to the excitement and recklessness often displayed by other team members.

Through the lens of Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers, viewers are privy to a world fraught with danger and uncertainty, filled with men and women who risk their own safety in the pursuit of understanding and capturing the earth's wildest weather on film. The narrative of the show weaves together scientific investigations, bold adventures, and the personal dramas of the chasers. The suspense and tension rise with the turbulent weather, culminating in awe-inspiring moments when tornadoes are finally encountered.

Storm Chasers isn't merely about tornadoes; it is also about the human spirit, determination, and passion. The storm chasers' dedication to their craft, every wild chase, every close call, each unprecedented encounter with tornadoes brings us closer to understanding the wonder of weather and the courage of those who study it.

The series also features nail-biting encounters with some of the most outrageous storms ever caught on camera. There are both triumphant and terrifying moments, celebrated and mourned in equal measure. The intersection of the personal and professional in the storm chasers' lives paints a holistic picture of this risky profession.

Each season, the viewer follows the chosen teams as they traverse through America's Tornado Alley, racing against the clock to intercept potentially dangerous storms. As tension builds, the on-screen dialogue, combined with breathtaking visuals and sound effects, shoots an adrenaline rush, riveting the viewer to the screen as the chasers navigate their way into the path of swirling storms under threatening skies.

Storm Chasers is much more than a mere reality television show. Equally informative and exciting, it introduces viewers to the extreme, raw power of nature and a peek into a profession dedicated to understanding it. The lessons learned, the bonds formed, and the experiences shared throughout the episodes reveal a more profound testimony to the human spirit and the relentless pursuit of knowledge amidst chaos and danger. Tornado enthusiasts, weather geeks, thrill-seekers, and regular viewers fascinated by severe weather phenomena, Storm Chasers is a whirlwind of gripping entertainment and education.

Storm Chasers is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 38 episodes, the show debuted on 2007. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.7.

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