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Love Triangle
After a painful revelation, Belly, Jeremiah, and Conrad are trapped in close quarters for the night when a storm forces them off the highway. The three are finally forced to confront the feelings between them that have been building since their summer house reunion.

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Love Affair
Belly wakes up to a reminder of the mistakes she made the night before. Is it too late to fix everything?

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Love Fest
As their time in Cousins winds down, Belly finds herself wondering: What Would Susannah Do? Throw a massive party, obviously.

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Love Fool
Belly and the gang break into a familiar haunt after being forced out of the summer house by Aunt Julia. With free rein to explore after dark, the group divides up, finding themselves in some unexpected pairings.

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Love Game
After earning a victory with the house, the crew has a well-earned day of fun and competition on the Cousins boardwalk.

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Love Sick
The sumer house is for sale, but Belly, Jeremiah, and Conrad won

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Love Scene
When no one can reach Conrad, Belly and Jeremiah find themselves on an unexpected road trip together. Belly secretly hopes that working together will fix the awkwardness and tension between them from the past year.

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Love Lost
Belly's not the same girl she was at the end of last summer. It's been a tough year, and Belly hasn

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The Summer I Turned Pretty is a coming-of-age drama series that premiered on Amazon Prime Video in 2022. Based on the bestselling novel trilogy by Jenny Han, the show follows a love triangle between a teenage girl and two brothers she's grown up with every summer. The main character is Isabel "Belly" Conklin, played by newcomer Lola Tung. Each year, Belly and her family leave their home in the city to spend the summer at the beach house of her mother's lifelong best friend. There, she grows closer with the brothers Jeremiah and Conrad Fisher, played by Christopher Briney and Gavin Casalegno. As Belly turns 16 one fateful summer, relationships begin to evolve and intensify. No longer seen as just a kid sister, Belly starts developing romantic feelings for Conrad that seem reciprocated. But Jeremiah also shows interest, and Belly finds herself torn. Youthful flirtations give way to passionate crushes and painful jealousy as a messy love triangle forms. Over the course of the summer, Belly grows into her appearance and personality. The shy teenage girl who arrives transforms into a confident young woman by the time she returns home. Belly's lifelong summer friendship with the Fisher brothers becomes complicated by new desires and jealousies. The picturesque beach town backdrop highlights the sizzling young romance at the show's heart. Sun-soaked scenes of swimming, bonfires, and summer fun make this an escapist pleasure. But the love triangle also leads to tricky questions of loyalty, competition, and coming of age. Supporting characters like Belly's sensitive brother Steven, her flaky mother, and the Fisher parents offer additional perspectives. Themes of grief, loss, and the transience of youth add depth. The epic summer house parties and teenage dream romance are cut with emotional angst. With its coastal setting, love triangle premise, and central female self-discovery, The Summer I Turned Pretty evokes the nostalgic, romantic feel of past hits like Dawson's Creek and The O.C. But the diverse cast and contemporary style give this adaptation a fresh and inclusive take on the teen soap genre. Tung's performance grounds the melodrama in believable adolescent longing. For summer loving and beach reading fans or those nostalgic for their own youth, The Summer I Turned Pretty is a swoony, emotional escape full of sun, surf, and sensuality. Han's book series finally comes to screen in this stunning travel back to the magic and lessons of one unforgettable coming of age summer.

The Summer I Turned Pretty is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 15 episodes, the show debuted on 2022. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

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