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The End of Innocence
Time is a motherf**ker.

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All The World
Royal rediscovers an unlikely ally; Cecilia grapples with the possibility of Autumn

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Ode to Joy
Lost in time with no way home, Sheriff Joy must navigate a new life among her Shoshone ancestors.

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Everybody Hurts
Royal and Cecelia become desperate in their attempt to save their ranch. The Tillerson

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Traces to Somewhere
Perry seeks help from an unexpected family member. The Tillersons promise revenge against the Abbotts, while Royal contends with a new threat to the West Pasture.

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One Night in Wabang
In the aftermath of the bison stampede, the Abbott family is more fractured than ever. Royal and Cecilia confront some difficult truths as they fight to keep their family together.

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In Amazon Prime's new psychological thriller drama for 2022, Outer Range, audiences find themselves transported to the eerie and rugged landscapes of Wyoming where the mysterious meets the mundane, and the supernatural intertwines with the delicate fabric of humanity. Probing into the heart of America's rural Mystery-verse, the series unravels an enigmatic tale of a ranching family grappling with their personal demons while being ensnared within a haunting enigma that threatens to unravel their life and their understanding of reality itself.

The series centers on the rugged and resilient Royce Sharp, enacted by Josh Brolin, a devoted rancher, husband, and father, who is consumed by his struggle to safeguard his family and their ranch from the ruthless economic uncertainties plaguing them. As he grapples with their dire financial situation and the impending foreclosure of their ranch, the grim realities of his quotidian life are suddenly replaced by the incomprehensible when an unfathomable secret about their land is revealed, catapulting his life into chaos and fear. This unforeseen phenomena escaping their deepest apprehensions and far transcending their understanding, pushes the Sharp family into a terrifying world of abnormality on the peripheries of their existence.

The chimeric premise of Outer Range is fuelled by a well-structured plot which sees everyday pastoral life seamlessly collide with elements of science fiction, suspense, and the bizarre. This compelling blend of genres, underpinned by an underlying darkness and edginess, maintains a steady pace of intrigue that keeps audiences returning episode after episode.

Josh Brolin delivers an impressive performance, expertly capturing the conflicted humanity, fear, and determination of his character, Royce Sharp. Royce's relentless quest for answers and his unwavering resolve to protect his family despite the terror he encounters, makes him a compelling protagonist to follow.

Providing a fascinating contrast and supporting narrative to Royce's character is his wife, Rebecca Sharp. Rebecca serves as the emotional anchor of the family and the series. Played by Lili Taylor, Rebecca's character explores the challenging balance between faith, religion, and confronting the unknown, presenting audiences with thoughtful and profound implications of the eerie occurrences.

The series also features other compelling characters such as Tom Pelphrey's character, Perry Abbott, a young drifter who becomes an integral piece of the enigma and Bill Heck's character, Deputy Sheriff Billy Tillerson, who gradually gets entangled in the Sharp family's predicament, forcing him to question his understanding of the reality he serves.

The enthralling narrative of Outer Range is amplified by its atmospheric cinematography. The expansive natural landscapes of Wyoming, their raw and brutal beauty, serve as an apt backdrop for the enigmatic narrative to unfold. From rolling hills, dense forests, to vast pastures under a relentless sky, the location and cinematography actively participate in the storytelling, adding a layer of visual allure and surrealism.

Moreover, the show is steeped in a sort of grim intensity, thanks in part to the moments of eerie suspense and the stirring atmospheric score, enhancing the sense of undeniable unease.

The creators of Outer Range have managed to achieve an impressive balancing act. There's a deliberate order to the chaos that adds to the overall duality of the show. It traverses the fragile line between the familiar and the extraordinary, revealing stark contrasts between the simplicity of farming and complexities of the unknown, between faith and skepticism, hope and despair, fear and courage.

Outer Range, with its mix of rural Americana, supernatural mystery, and psychological drama, offers a unique viewing experience. It invites viewers to delve into the enigma of a world where everything can change in an instant. It’s a heart-wrenching, captivating, and thrilling exploration of the human spirit when confronted with the unexplainable. In simplest terms, Outer Range is a gripping tale that bravely traverses the terrains of mystery, horror, family, faith, and ultimately, survival.

Outer Range is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 15 episodes, the show debuted on 2022. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.1.

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How can I watch Outer Range online? Outer Range is available on Amazon Prime with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Outer Range on demand at Amazon Prime online.

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