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How To Build A Coffin
A couple seeking an exorcism are plagued by a demon that thrives on taking away the ability to speak clearly, and its influence spreads to the team. Brainwashed, Andy is pushed to deadly measures, and Andrea confronts a new demon attached to Father Ignatius.

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How To Slaughter A Pig
Potentially demonic pork products lead Kristen, David, and Ben to a pig farm to investigate. David increases his remote viewing skills and Leslie, the surrogate carrying Kristen's child, comes to her for help.

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How To Train A Dog
Kristen, David, and Ben look into a possible werewolf attack that isn't what it seems. Andy grapples with his mysterious trauma, while Ben uses science to solve his Jinn problem.

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How to Split an Atom
Kristen learns the details of Leland's evil scheme involving her ovum, and Sheryl's involvement in the plot increases the tension between mother and daughter. Meanwhile, David, Ben, and Kristen are sent to investigate a particle accelerator suspected to be a gateway to Hell.

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Evil, a television series that premiered on CBS in 2019, presents a unique blend of horror, mystery, and drama. The show is fundamentally an investigation into the nature of evil, examining whether it originates from supernatural forces or human action.

The narrative centers around three primary characters: Dr. Kristen Bouchard, David Acosta, and Ben Shakir. Dr. Kristen Bouchard, played by Katja Herbers, is a forensic psychologist who starts out as a qualified skeptic, using her expertise in the human mind and behavior to debunk supposed hauntings, possessions, and miracles. Bouchard already has a full plate as a single mother to four daughters, but find herself drawn into a world that continually challenges her concrete beliefs in science and rational explanations.

David Acosta, portrayed by Mike Colter, is a former journalist now training to be a Catholic priest. He is committed to his faith, and to the belief that the church should deal directly and openly with the existence of evil in the world. As the believer of the group, he regularly pushes against the boundaries of what conventional thinking might class as explainable. David's faith and commitment to the spiritual war against evil form the core of his character, but the show also explores his personal dilemmas and tests of faith.

Ben Shakir, portrayed by Aasif Mandvi, represents the third aspect of the investigative team as a carpenter and a technical expert who takes the role of the hard-nosed skeptic. Ben’s main job is usually to find the logical explanations behind supposed supernatural activities, whether it’s faulty wiring or unusual architectural features.

Together, these vastly different individuals form an unlikely but effective team, investigating unexplained phenomena on behalf of the Church. Each episode typically revolves around a 'case of the week', which might be an alleged miracle, demonic possession, or potential sign from God. The main characters apply their unique skill sets to the task, while also navigating their personal trials and tribulations.

One of the many strengths of Evil is the balance it strikes between standalone episodes and overarching narrative threads. While each episode presents a new mystery to solve, they each contribute towards a greater puzzle. Characters evolve, relationships shift, and unanswered questions start to form a larger picture about the nature of evil and our relationship to it.

On the surface level, Evil successfully ticks all the boxes for an engaging thriller with elements of horror; however, what sets it apart is its willingness to delve deeply into complex theological and philosophical questions. It does not shy away from examining the definitions of good and evil, the origins of malicious actions and intentions, and the search for truth in a world full of unexplainable events. The show also explores the friction between faith and science, as the characters grapple with the limits of their beliefs and understanding.

Creators Robert and Michelle King, the duo behind the acclaimed legal and political drama, The Good Wife, have once again demonstrated their knack for crafting well-rounded characters in fascinating narratives, all whilst maintaining an engaging blend of topical discussion and dramatic tension.

The series boasts strong performances from its ensemble cast, especially Herbers, Colter, and Mandvi. Aside from investigating various cases, they each wrestle with their own private troubles, making them engaging and relatable. Their dynamics also serve to deepen the show’s exploration of faith, belief, and skepticism in the modern world.

Keeping viewers continually guessing, Evil is not your typical procedural drama. With its intelligent writing, engaging characters, and a perfect blend of horror and mystery, it continually challenges viewers to explore their understandings and beliefs about good, evil, and everything in between. Its commitment to addressing fundamental questions about the nature of evil, combined with the show's eerie atmosphere and intense performances, make it a compelling watch for those interested in a cerebral and chilling television experience.

Evil is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 40 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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