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Death Do Us Part
A prize-winning scientist is murdered on the grounds of the Royal Observatory-and a killer who has traveled halfway around the world catches up with a member of the Fisher family. Phryne must save a life and help restore an old marriage, even as she celebrates a new one.

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Game, Set & Murder
At a female tennis tournament hosted by Phryne, one of the competitors dies from a spider bite before she even steps onto the court. When it emerges that the spider had been deliberately placed in the woman's empty tennis shoe, it becomes clear that someone has not just a determination to win, but a willingness to kill.

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Death at the Grand
A concierge is stabbed and pushed to his death from the rooftop of the Grand Hotel, an establishment that was once a part of Melbourne high society but has now fallen on hard times. Jack calls Phryne in on the case, which looks like a robbery gone wrong until a strange connection to the Fisher household emerges.

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Death and Hysteria
One of the patients in a controversial sanatorium for women is electrocuted in her room. Though it could have been a tragic accident, Phryne has other ideas.

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Blood and Money
When street urchins from a local gang begin to disappear from a poor neighborhood of Melbourne, suspicion falls on a hospital employee who has been using them in his petty crime operation. Cuts on two dead boys suggest they were involved in knife fights, until Phryne and Jack realize there was a darker purpose to the killings.

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Murder and the Mozzarella
The strangling of an old lady in her restaurant's kitchen signals the latest flare-up in a feud against a rival Italian eatery. But with organized-crime involvement and grudges stretching back to the old country, this is no ordinary food fight.

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Murder and the Maiden
The body of an unidentified woman is found outside the perimeter of a Royal Australian Air Force base, and an airman is missing. Is there a connection?

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Death Defying Feats
A sabotaged guillotine leaves a magician's assistant dead onstage and the magician confessing to murder-not of his assistant, but of his wife 10 years earlier. Phryne enters a world of deception and illusion and decides that to solve the crime, she needs to get in on the act.

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Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is an Australian period drama series that ran for three successful seasons on ABC Television from 2012 to 2015. The series is based on author Kerry Greenwood's original Phryne Fisher Murder Mystery novels. It's set in the late 1920s and follows the exploits of the audacious and progressive female detective, Phryne Fisher, portrayed convincingly and with aplomb by renowned television and theatre actress Essie Davis.

The story is set in Melbourne, Australia, and the beautifully recreated 1920s setting forms a vital part of the charm and authenticity of the show. The jazz age decor, vintage cars, and especially Miss Fisher's fabulous flapper wardrobe, add an exuberant verve to the series. The setting is not merely an aesthetic delight but also serves to highlight the social changes and the progressive ideals of the era, which are often contrasting aspects in the narrative.

In this series, the stylishly alluring and enigmatic private detective Phryne Fisher brings a breath of fresh air to the thrills and spills of crime-solving. Miss Fisher, as she insists on being called, isn't your stereotypical gumshoe detective. She brands elegance and sharp wit as her signature style, she is a strong, independent and libertine woman who is well-versed in martial arts and armed combat, and can also smoothly operate an Hispano Suiza, a luxury car of the times.

Essie Davis's portrayal of the character of Miss Fisher is indeed praiseworthy. Her expert handling of nuanced expressions, sexual charisma, and the depiction of a fiercely independent woman in a time of great societal change, adds depth to the intriguing character of Miss Fisher. Equally interesting are the character dynamics between her and Inspector Jack Robinson, played by Nathan Page. The palpable chemistry and sexual tension between the two protagonists add an interesting subplot to the main crime narrative.

The series employs a clever mixture of lighthearted humor, suspenseful mystery, and slow-burning romance, resulting in a tantalizing viewing experience. Each episode constitutes a standalone mystery, but the evolving relationship between Miss Fisher and Inspector Robinson helps weave continuity throughout the series. The dialogue is witty and sharp, the scripts are well-written, and the show is sprinkled with an array of fascinating supporting characters, each contributing their unique flavors to the narrative.

Besides the murder mysteries, the series frequently explores topics like women's rights, class barrier, and sexuality, which were highly topical for the period. Miss Fisher becoming the voice and strength for women and the underprivileged in society is a central focus of the series, making it not just a mere detective show but also a social commentary.

The production quality of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is top-notch. The cinematography and the set designs are meticulously handled, immersing viewers completely into the late 1920s. The costumes, particularly Miss Fisher's fashion-forward outfits, deserve a special mention. They confidently portray her vibrant personality and ahead-of-the-times attitudes.

One of the standout aspects of the series is its original music. Sweeping orchestral pieces, energetic jazz numbers, sultry blues – the score reflects the changing moods and tones of the story, while also serving to authentically recreate the era’s soundscape.

In conclusion, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is much more than just a detective show. It carefully crafts intriguing murder mysteries while also painting an accurate portrait of the social landscape of 1920s Australia. The combination of a captivating heroine, well-drawn supporting characters, exciting mysteries, and high production values has earned the series a dedicated fan base worldwide. For those who appreciate period dramas with a dash of mystery and charms of a strong female lead, this Australian gem is a must-watch.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 34 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.2.

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