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The Remorseful Day
Morse faces his final challenge when Yvonne Harrison is murdered and suspicions are focused on three men connected to the Harrison family. But when Morse is suddenly taken ill, it is left to Lewis to wrap up the case.

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The Wench Is Dead
Morse investigates a murder that takes him away from the familiar setting of twentieth century Oxford to solving a canal murder in Oxford in 1859.

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Death Is Now My Neighbour
Murder strikes in an Oxfordshire village and exactly 24 hours later another murder takes place using the same gun. Investigations begin to unearth links between the two but the murders also take Morse and Lewis into the hothouse atmosphere of the election for the Master of Lonsdale College, over which the malicious retiring master presides.

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The Daughters of Cain
Murder strikes at the heart of Oxford's academic world when a retired university fellow is cold-bloodedly stabbed to death. A complicated investigation uncovers undergraduate suicide, drugs in the college and the subsequent dismissal of a loyal college scout.

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The Way Through The Woods
Morse and Lewis investigate a murder case believed closed after the accused's death as there is still a body to be accounted for.

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Inspector Morse is a British detective drama series that aired on ITV from 1987 to 2000. This classic crime drama is based on the novels by Colin Dexter and offers a distinct portrayal of a detective navigating the world of crime in the seemingly tranquil and charming city of Oxford, England. The series unfolds around the sharp, often irascible character of Endeavour Morse, memorably brought to life by John Thaw.

Globally praised for its intricate plotting and moral complexity, Inspector Morse tantalizes its audience with a layered narrative. Although primarily a mystery crime drama, it also delves into the personal struggles and the life of its titular character, providing a judicious blend of personal and professional drama that makes for compelling viewing.

John Thaw gives a standout performance as Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse. An astute detective with a penchant for classical music, real ale, and cryptic crosswords, Morse is renowned for his erudite nature, sharp intellect, and meticulous attention to detail. Morse’s persona is one of gruff exteriority masking a complex and sensitive individual who is deeply introspective and somewhat melancholic. These traits, along with his unconventional approaches to solving crime, lend an extra layer of depth to the series that sets it apart from a conventional detective drama.

Alongside John Thaw, Kevin Whately stars as Detective Sergeant Lewis, Morse's trusty sidekick and foil, whose down-to-earth demeanour and pragmatism often serve as a perfect counterbalance to Morse's cerebral nature. Whately's Lewis provides viewers with a character who is relatable and grounded, offering a striking contrast to Morse’s complex personality. Despite their differences, the on-screen chemistry between Morse and Lewis is an engaging element of the series, with Lewis often lightening the mood and providing a more human perspective within the narrative.

Another recurring character in the series is Chief Superintendent Strange, played by James Grout. Strange serves as the formal superior to Morse and often finds himself trying to mediate between the abrasive Morse and the politics of the law enforcement system.

The city of Oxford is effectively a character in its own right within Inspector Morse. The historically rich and picturesque cityscape is used to great effect, adding a unique atmosphere to the series. Its culture, university life, and local quirks are frequently woven into the plot, offering intriguing insights into Morse's professional and personal life.

One of the standouts of Inspector Morse is the quality of its writing. Each episode unravels a standalone mystery, often involving murder, committed in the serene backdrop of Oxford. The conventional notion of a detective drama is skillfully subverted, presenting stories that are meticulously planned and intelligently written with plenty of plot twists to keep viewers guessing till the end.

The series is also notable for its strong emphasis on music. Its iconic theme tune, which incorporates Morse code, and the detailed orchestral scores differ significantly from the synth-driven scores common in the other dramas of its era. Adding to its appeal, Morse's deep love for opera and classical music often shapes the narrative of the episodes, providing viewers with an enriching and unique television experience.

In conclusion, Inspector Morse stands out amongst British crime dramas for its sophisticated character development, thought-provoking plots, and the incredible performances of its lead actors. It takes its audience on a journey through the mind of a complex and unconventional detective, who, with his infallible intuition and relentless search for truth, uncovers the darkness lurking beneath the idyllic surface of Oxford. Enriched with an intellectual depth, compelling characters, and beautiful cinematography, Inspector Morse is an innovative and timeless series that continues to be celebrated for its distinct contribution to television crime drama.

Inspector Morse is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 8 seasons with a total of 33 episodes, the show debuted on 1987. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.2.

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