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The World Beater
Car rally racing means dangerous bends ahead for the Saint - with a beautiful blonde involved in mysterious happenings.Simon Templar, the Saint (ROGER MOORE), is never happier than when behind the wheel of a powerful car - and he is certainly happy when trying out the rally car designed by George Hapgood (JAMES KERRY) for his engineer- mechanic father (EDDIE BYRNE).

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Portrait Of Brenda
The Saint spins a record no disc jockey would play - a record that beats out a rhythm of murder and mystery, with pop singing and meditation as the instruments.An artist named Alan Williams asks Simon Templar, the Saint (ROGER MOORE), to visit him, hinting that he has discovered a large-scale swindle.

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The Man Who Gambled With Life
Icy immortality faces the Saint when he is chosen as the subject for an eerie experiment by being frozen to death and then brought back to life.Keith Longman (CLIFFORD EVANS), head of a leading engineering firm, has a strange obsession about death - particularly his own.

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The Ex-King Of Diamonds
When an ex-king cheats at cards, it's not merely for greed. The Saint runs into drama on the Riviera.

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Vendetta For The Saint, Part 2
The Saint is put under pressure when he starts a vendetta against syndicate bosses.

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Where The Money Is
A film producer's daughter disappears. An unusual form of ransom note arrives. But has she really been kidnapped?Ben Kersh (KENNETH J. WARREN) is an American movie tycoon who, somewhere along the line of his many marriages, has become the father of a daughter, Jenny (JUDEE MORTON), now a highly attractive if wayward young lady with a mind of her own and a special place in Ben Kersh's affections.His reactions are predictable when Jenny is kidnapped: he's worried out of his life, but canny enough to realise that the ransom demand may not necessarily mean the return of his daughter when the money is handed over. That's why he appeals to Simon Templar, the Saint (ROGER MOORE), for help.The ransom note takes an unusual form. It's a short film showing Jenny being held prisoner and pleading for her father to pay over the ransom money.The film has arrived with the "rushes" of film shot on location in Nice, and though all members of the unit deny any knowledge of it, the Saint can't help feeling that someone from the studios must be implicated.The kidnappers' instructions are followed, with the Saint as the go-between who goes to the Nice hotel with the ransom money. Once there, he receives further instructions to go to a deserted airfield at a fixed time. The Saint takes his own precautions, among them a skilfully-designed wristwatch gadget provided by the film's special effects expert, Frank Lomax (JOHN SAVIDENT), which is in fact a miniature camera.He foils an attempt to hi-jack the money on his way to the airfield and arrives there to find two men waiting for him. One is a young man named Jean Latour (S,4NDOR ELES); the other, a tough German (DEREK NEWARK). Their demand for the money is met with the Saint's insistence that he should first be taken to Jenny. The two men reluctantly agree. The Saint is blind?folded and taken to a remote farmhouse, where Jenny is being guarded by a tough named Largo (TONY WRIGHT).

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The People Importers
The Saint investigates a racket in which illegal immigrants are smuggled into Britain.A fishing expedition produces an unusual haul for Simon Templar, the Saint (ROGER MOORE), when his boat is almost run down in thick fog and he hears a shot, abody being thrown overboard, and drags a murder victim out of the water.

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Where the Money Is
Armed with a miniature-camera wristwatch, Templar pursues kidnappers who sent a film as a ransom note for a movie producer's daughter.

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The Scales Of Justice
Four directors of a big business combine die from apparent heart attacks. A coincidence or fiendishly clever murders?

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The House On Dragon's Rock
In Wales, an eerie research experiment terrifies local villagers---and intrigues the Saint. Roger Moore.

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The Master Plan
The Saint volunteers to help a girl find her missing brother - and plunges into a fantastic dope-smuggling drama.Tony Lane (PAUL GREENHALGH) has disappeared, and its because of his friendship with Tony's sister Jean (LYN ASHLEY) that Simon Templar, the Saint (ROGER MOORE), volunteers to help her in her search for him.

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The Time To Die
A would-be killer plays a cat-and-mouse game with the Saint. But who is the mysterious avenger?The world is undoubtedly full of ungodly ones who have found, to their cost, that the Saint, Simon Templar (ROGER MOORE), will not hesitate to bring them to justice. There is, therefore, a large field of possible avengers on which to draw when trying to guess who might be responsible for the death threats he is now receiving.The first warning comes in a box which he finds in his car when accompanied by the glamorous American journalist Mary Ellen Brent (SUZANNE LLOYD), who is writing a feature on the Saint. The box contains a snake - harmless in itself, but accompanied by a note: "This is just the beginning... I have more surprises for you and the final one -the best of all - will be the death of the famous Simon Templar." Needless to says, it is unsigned. Any suggestion that it is a hoax is soon dismissed when the Saint has a narrow escape from being run down by a car, and then a mysterious telephone call from a man who says: "I want to come to your funeral, Mr. Templar. I want you dead...."This is followed by an attempt to give the Saint an electric shock, but the man tampering with a lamp in his apartment is caught in the act when Simon returns unexpectedly and recognises him as a small'time muscle-man named Charlie Mason (TERENCE RIGBY). Charlie says he has been given a hundred pounds to do the job, but doesn't know who by. He promises Simon that he will let him know if he hears anything more and keeps his word when he telephones Simon to give him an address. Simon goes to the address -and finds Charlie Mason dead. He has paid for his double-cross on both the Saint and the mystery man - but has helped Simon in an unexpected way because his girl-friend Laura Carlton (LINDA MARLOWE) comes up with some information. But she, too, pays the penalty and is shot dead. The Saint is now not so concerned with the threats against himself but with trac

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The Double Take
Which man is which? This is the problem facing The Saint when a business tycoon claims that he is being impersonated by a perfect double who is trying to ruin him.

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The Organisation Man
The Saint is trained as a mercenary - but what is the real function of this private army which uses a health farm as a facade?It is, to all intents and purposes, a perfectly innocent and very exclusive health farm.

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The Desperate Diplomat
Why should a trusted diplomat steal a fortune from the country he loves? The Saint is an old friend of both the diplomat and his daughter...

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Legacy For The Saint
The Saint plays his part in a gangster's astute plot to trick his four greatest enemies into carrying out a gold robbery for him.Ed Brown (REGINALD MARSH) is a man with a sense of humour - a retired big-time gangster who has discovered how to enjoy life until his Rolls goes up in a bomb explosion.

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Invitation To Danger
A beautiful blonde (Shirley Eaton) picks Simon up at a casino---then makes him her prisoner. Roger Moore.

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The Best Laid Schemes
"The Best-Laid Schemes" often go afoul, as the Saint finds when he probes the case of a sea captain who may or may not have drowned. Templar: Roger Moore.

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The Gadic Collection
Simon is a chief suspect when a collection of antiques disappears from a museum in Istanbul. Roger Moore.

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Originally airing on ITV between 1962 to 1969, 'The Saint' is a British spy thriller series that captures the spirit of the 60s with its style and charm. It stars Roger Moore as the suave and sophisticated Simon Templar, a wealthy adventurer known as The Saint due to his initials being 'S.T.' and for his generally righteous and good-hearted modus operandi. Alongside Moore, Ivor Dean plays the recurring role of the perpetually exasperated Inspector Teal from Scotland Yard.

'The Saint' was the epitome of 1960s British swagger and reflects elements of the popular James Bond series during the same era – indeed, Roger Moore would later go on to portray James Bond. In its storytelling and characterisation, however, the series is a well-crafted mix of action, adventure, and crime-solving that remains unlinked to the Bond franchise.

Every episode of 'The Saint' opens with an animation of a stick figure with a halo, symbolising ‘The Saint’. When the image fades, we meet our hero, Simon Templar, usually in the midst of an exotic location, about to carry out an act of vigilante justice despite his rogue, playboy lifestyle. Templar is a complex character - charismatic, wise-cracking yet principled, compassionate, and valiant.

Roger Moore, with his piercing blue eyes, impeccable grooming, and tailored suits, embodies Simon Templar’s persona perfectly, adding his own flavor of humor and sophistication to the character. He is liberal with his charm, quick with his wit, and always seems to be several steps ahead of both the villains and the law enforcement who view him with a mixture of exasperation and reluctant admiration.

Ivor Dean's portrayal of imperishable Inspector Teal is just as memorable. His tireless pursuit of Simon Templar creates a dynamic and ongoing cat-and-mouse chase, replete with humor and tension. Despite his pursuit, he has grudging respect for Templar's uncanny ability to solve crimes and his knack for escaping tight situations.

'The Saint' overflows with style, luxury cars, beautiful women, and comic book villainy. Templar globetrots in almost every episode, though it is clear that much of the filming took place within the UK. Nevertheless, the series' ingenuity in recreating different locations is fascinating to witness.

One of the most striking qualities of 'The Saint' is how it effortlessly combined the familiar levels of espionages and conspiracies, with the unexpected elements of sci-fi and supernatural. The storytelling is marked by suspense, humour, and action, and underpinned by Templar’s moral compass and distinctive wit. The series excels in its innovative storytelling, interspersing thrilling chase sequences with ingenious problem-solving situations and lighthearted humor.

However, it’s not always all action and adventure; there is also aplenty of heart to the stories. Templar, in many episodes, goes to great lengths to help the underdog and address injustice, giving the series a moral undertone that resonates consistently throughout its run.

The production values of the series were high for its time, featuring an array of vintage cars, lavish sets, and an inimitable kitschy 1960s style. It also boasted a talented roster of guest stars, who played criminals, victims, and bystanders who crossed paths with The Saint.

The show's score also played an integral part in its iconic standing. The catchy theme tune brilliantly captured the mood of adventure and excitement that typified each episode.

Just as much an espionage thriller as it is a detective show, 'The Saint' is essentially about a roguish but good-hearted adventurer who takes on villains around the world. Its blend of tongue-in-cheek humor, interesting storylines, and memorable characters, make it a worthwhile watch even today for anyone interested in classic TV. While 'The Saint' may be very much of its time, its best aspects, particularly its charismatic lead's performance, still hold up wonderfully.

The Saint is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 161 episodes, the show debuted on 1962. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

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