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Found wandering in a snowy field Helen Pritchard claims to have seen a man who was supposed to have been a corpse but was very much alive. This leads Steed to investigate the Happy Meadows funeral parlour and the cheery Mr.

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Two invincible foreign agents escape from the ultimate prison, a monastery run by the security services. They resume their mission, to kill one important person each.

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Miss King is abducted whilst visiting an antique shop and wakes up in a room beautifully furnished in a style from fifty years earlier. She is addressed as Pandora.

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Three men and a woman called Circe politely call on the country home of Steed's friends, married couple Bill and Laura Bassett. Unfortunately their visit turns sinister as they plan to implant explosives into the throats of the couple and send them off to destroy a nearby peace conference.

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Coming home from a costume party Miranda Loxton witnessed a killing by a member of Murder International and Steed is assigned to protect her until she gives evidence at the trial. Only Miss King knows that he has taken her to a boyhood haunt but then she is caught and wakes up in a sinister hospital where she is pumped for information about Miranda's hideaway.

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My Wildest Dream
Following a tip-off Steed and Miss King are present when a member of the Acme Precision Combine is stabbed, seemingly by a sleep-walker who has no recollection of the murder. This leads the Avengers to a clinic run by Dr.

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The vicar of a Norman church asks the Avengers' help when a team of archaeologists excavating a site underneath the church are all killed and their bodies rendered completely devoid of any energy. This is due to a little black box which sends out deadly charges of electricity.

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Homicide And Old Lace
To celebrate his birthday 'Mother' goes to visit two elderly aunts to whom he tells a story from the Avengers' case files. It involves a criminal caper to steal art treasures.

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Who Was That Man I Saw You With?
An ingenious mastermind makes Tara look like a traitor as part of a diabolical plot to start WW III.

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The Avengers must identify a modern day "Jack the Ripper," targeting members of an international disarmament conference.

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Take Me To Your Leader
Steed and Tara follow a chain of couriers passing a sophisticated briefcase that's carrying a large payoff for an unidentified traitor within the government.

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Stay Tuned
With whole weeks missing from his life and evidence of actions that he simply cannot remember, Steed finds himself in an endless series of 'deja vu' situations. In reality he is slowly being hypnotised and the aim is to mesmerise him into killing 'Mother'.

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Love All
Responsible old government bureaucrats are suddenly falling madly in love with the homely office charwoman - and they can't wait to tell her all of their secrets.

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Wish You Were Here
A holiday resort has a strict "no check out" policy for certain guests, including Tara King, in this clever parody of Patrick McGoohan's "The Prisoner.

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The Curious Case of the Countless Clues
With Miss King out of action nursing a broken ankle Steed goes it alone when Scotland Yard colleague Sir Arthur Doyle brings him in on a murder enquiry, with an abundance of clues, each one pointing to an illustrious suspect. In fact bogus cops Earle and Gardiner are operating a racket whereby they deliberately incriminate worthies as murder suspects and then blackmail them.

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The Morning After
Having been rendered unconscious by knock-out gas in his pursuit of rogue agent Jimmy Merlin, Steed awakes to find that London is deserted and under martial law, headed by Brigadier Hansing. Under cover of a supposed evacuation, the Brigadier, incensed that he is to be retired from the army, has planted an atom bomb to destroy the capital.

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A succession of British agents have been killed in different ways but each one has been carefully wrapped in polythene before being dumped in a graveyard. With Miss King on her holidays Steed is joined by Lady Diana Forbes- Blakeney to investigate a sinister factory which houses the deadly computer REMAK - Remote Electro- Matic Agent Killer, which must be destroyed.

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Invasion of the Earthmen
Following up a clue found on a dead agent Steed and Miss King pose as a married couple ,enabling them to infiltrate the Alpha Academy, where they claim they wish to enrol their 'son'. The academy is run by Brigadier Brett and is supposedly for youngsters who possess super-intelligence but it is in reality a training ground for a force who seek not global but extra-terrestrial domination.

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The Rotters
Members of the Institue of Timber Technology have been killed to prevent them from standing in the way of a dastardly plot hatched by WormDoom Ltd, a pair of assassins who have perfected a chemical which destroys all kinds of wood and which they plan to release from pillar boxes around the country... unless Steed and Miss King can stop them.

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The Interrogators
A foreign agent in the guise of a Colonel Mannering has found an ingenious method of extracting secret information from British agents.

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They Keep Killing Steed
Enemy agent Arcos has invented a form of instant plastic surgery and he uses it to imprison Steed and create a double, who is sent to throw a spanner in the works at an important peace conference at a country house. Although Steed overpowers his jailer and escapes, Miss King still has to deal with the matter of more than one doppelganger for her colleague though none seem to survive for very long.

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Have Guns- Will Haggle
The spectacular theft of 3,000 top-secret FF70 rifles from a Government establishment brings Steed and Tara. Steed meets an old 'friend' and is invited to an auction.

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Look- (stop me if you've heard this one) But There Were These Two Fellers...
The directors of the Capital Land and Development Company are being murdered and the only clues Steed and Tara have are a massive footprint and a red nose.

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Noon Doomsday
Tara visits Steed in a special hospital following an injury to his leg. This is just the backdrop needed by Gerald Kafka, ex-head of Murder International, as he plans his revenge against Steed, who sent him to prison exactly seven years ago.

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Legacy of Death
Steed and Tara King are on the trail of the world's most precious pearl with only an ornate dagger as a clue to its whereabouts.

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All Done With Mirrors
Somebody is leaking secrets from the Caradoc research institute and suspicion falls upon Steed, who has been spending some time there. He is accordingly put under rather luxurious house arrest at Mother's, whilst Miss King and her somewhat incompetent new partner Watney unmask the real traitor.

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False Witness
Witnesses and agents investigating upper class blackmailer Lord Edgefield can't seem to tell the truth.

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Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40
A Top Secret computer accusses about everybody of treason.

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Security agents are being murdered, and the clues point to notorious foreign agent Boris Kartovski. The only problem is that Steed killed Kartovski five years earlier.

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You'll Catch Your Death
Steed and Tara King investigate the death of a number of ear, throat and nose specialists.

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Super Secret Cypher Snatch
Secrets are leaking out of Cipher HQ like a sieve, but all of the employees insist that everything has been "perfectly normal." However, The Avengers find a link between the stolen information and a window cleaning service.

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Tara and Steed try to put the pieces together when people begin showing up dead in unique locations with jigsaw puzzle pieces on their person.

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The Forget-Me-Knot
Steed's colleague Sean Mortimer comes to see him in a very confused state. He knows there is a traitor in the organization but he has been drugged to put him in an amnesiac state and he can remember little else.

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The Avengers 601
Steed becomes a traitor, Emma passes the torch to Tara.

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The Avengers 602
Steed plays super sleuth, Tara is the prize.

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The Avengers 603
Steed plays what's wrong with this picture, Tara becomes a file clerk.

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The Avengers 604
Steed shops for stationery, Tara goes for a check-up

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The Avengers 605
Steed thaws out an old adversary, Tara is his next brain trust.

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The Avengers 606
Steed seeks the equation for a murder, Tara becomes an American.

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The Avengers 607
Steed isn't double-crossed by a colleague, Tara doesn't find the secret in the milk.

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The Avengers 608
Steed is under arrest, Tara is all wet.

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The Avengers 609
Steed inherits a large extended family, Tara reveals her foot fetish.

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The Avengers 610
Steed and Mother share a handicap, Tara faces Steed's nemesis.

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The Avengers 611
Steed becomes a vaudeville comic, Tara takes up silly walking.

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The Avengers 612
Steed makes a bid to buy arms, Tara comes with the package. LOOK - (stop me if you've heard this one) BUT THERE WERE.

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The Avengers 613
Steed is the spy who would not die, Tara has too many of him.

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The Avengers 614
Steed acquires a new musical taste, Tara gets grilled for a recipe.

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The Avengers 615
Steed gets a piano lesson, Tara dodges the axe.

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The Avengers 616
Steed takes Tara as his second wife, Tara takes a giant leap for mankind.

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The Avengers 619
Steed encounters an old flame, Tara is sidelined.

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The Avengers 620
Steed wonders where Tara's got to, Tara takes an endless holiday.

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The Avengers 623
Steed becomes a Gaslight Ghoul, Tara sees right through him.

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The Avengers 625
Steed becomes a sex idol, Tara falls for the enemy.

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The Avengers 626
Steed questions the loss of his friends, Tara finds the answer in a bottle.

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The Avengers 627
Steed tackles a high-tension terror, Tara plays her own theme.

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The Avengers 629
Steed hides out with a young lady, Tara learns Mother has died.

Watch The Avengers Season 6 Episode 629 Now

The Avengers 630
Steed celebrates Christmas in February, Tara tries to set him straight.

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The Avengers 631
Steed is framed by Tara, Tara breaks through his defences.

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The Avengers is a distinctive blend of crime, adventure, and science fiction. An iconic British television series, it aired on ITV from 1961 to 1969. This unique drama series is characterized by its combination of thrilling espionage narratives, eccentric characters, and witty dialogue. Each episode was a mini masterpiece, combining surreal situations with a decidedly British stiffness. The Avengers was led by an ensemble cast that included Patrick Macnee, Diana Rigg, Honor Blackman, Ian Hendry, Linda Thorson, and Patrick Newell. This remarkable group of actors lent the show an incomparable flair, providing flawless performances with a fantastic chemistry that brought their characters vividly to life. Their acting was typically peppered with endearing humor that provided an amusing contrast to the series' darker themes. The series revolved around the adventures of Dr. David Keel (Ian Hendry) and John Steed (Patrick Macnee). Ian Hendry was the initial lead actor, whose character was a medically trained man that set out to avenge his wife's murder. He was joined by the debonair and multi-talented secret agent Steed. After Hendry's departure from the show, Steed became the main character. Patrick Macnee's performance as John Steed remains one of the most defining elements of The Avengers. An enigmatic mix of refined gentleman and seasoned spy, Steed was always garbed in impeccable suits and a bowler hat. His traditional English charm and his unorthodox methods of solving crimes were captivating. This series underwent an evolution in terms of female characters, starting with modestly dressed and mild-mannered assistants, to stronger, more assertive, and fashionable female leads. Honor Blackman was the first, taking up the role of Cathy Gale, a self-reliant, intelligent woman who held her own as Steed's partner. This trend of independent and formidable female leads continued with Diana Rigg who portrayed Emma Peel, arguably the most iconic female character from The Avengers. Peel was a martial artist, genius scientist, and fashion icon. Linda Thorson, the last leading lady, played the role of Tara King, an agent-in-training under Steed's tutelage, giving the series narrative a fresh angle. The Avengers was also known for its unique villains, characterized by their unconventional crimes and over-the-top plans. They ranged from mad scientists and power-hungry tycoons, to rogue spies and eccentric artists. These villains, coupled with the ever-changing nature of the threats faced by the protagonists, kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Despite the ever-present danger and heavy themes, the show was imbibed with a peculiar whimsicality. The series unapologetically dabbled in the absurd, blending elements of the fantastical with the harsh brutality of the espionage world, creating a distinctive surrealist atmosphere. An important element that contributed to this was the series' iconic music score, which managed to set the mood perfectly, whether it was for a high-octane chase or a moment of revelation. Distinctive production values and attention to aesthetic details set The Avengers apart from other shows of its era. From stylish clothing reflecting 1960s fashion trends, to lavish set designs representing a variety of exotic locations, the series succeeded in creating an evocative visual language. This unique aesthetic gave the series a timeless appeal, which has helped it to maintain its cult status even several decades after its initial airing. Much of The Avengers' appeal also comes from its witty, subtle, and often complex dialogue. Scripts routinely played around with the English language, plumbed the depths of understatement, and exploited puns and wordplays to full effect. This linguistic playfulness added an additional layer of sophistication to the series, setting it apart from standard action-adventure fare. The Avengers carved out a unique niche in the realm of television, sitting somewhere between James Bond-style spy drama and Monty Python-esque surreal comedy. Its consistently high production values, tight teasingly nuanced scripts, star performances and a novel blend of genres ensured its longevity and enshrined its position in television's hall of fame. This dedication to quality and the series' distinct identity has ensured that The Avengers continues to captivate viewers, both old and new.

The Avengers is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 254 episodes, the show debuted on 1961. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.3.

Eric Loomis, Colleen O'Shaughnessey, Rick D. Wasserman, Wally Wingert, Fred Tatasciore, Brian Bloom, Chris Cox, James C. Mathis III, Phil LaMarr, Alex D
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