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Although she openly professes her love for Barney, Jena's greed for the fortune in jewels leads her to send him off to what she thinks will be his certain death.

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The Western
With Casey distracting Cleve during a few romantic interludes and Phelps posing as a government geologist with gambling debts and access to some top secret government information, all seems to be going well until Cleve's ex-partner attempts to kill him right under the nose of his bodyguard played by Michael Ansara.

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The Pendulum
To gain access to Pendulum, the IMF convinces Malstrom that it is running an international terrorist organization more powerful than his own and makes him a convincing offer to join forces.

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To infiltrate Hibbing's organization, Casey impersonates his drug-taking daughter Margaret, played by guest Jenny Sullivan, daughter of actor Barry Sullivan; and as part of his plan he sets off the motorcycle chase.

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The Fighter
To get to Mitchell, Casey poses as a magazine writer who involves herself with a young fighter who also happens to be the boyfriend of Mitchell's rebellious daughter.

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The Fountain
With Barney as his pilot, Bachman is crash-landed near an isolated hacienda in Mexico where Phelps and Casey are posing as the leaders of a mysterious cult whose members never age.

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The Question
The IMF's plan is further complicated by the belief that an unknown government agent involved in the capture of Varsi may also be working for the enemy.

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Phelps gains Eve's confidence when he poses as a gunman hired by the syndicate to kill her who decides to join forces with the lady.

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While Barney poses as a local voodoo priest, Casey entangles Hannah's son Thomas, played by Robert Hogan, in a romantic web to turn him against his sinister mother.

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The Puppet
Phelps and Casey attempt to infiltrate Ostro's operation when they pose as associates of his brother and lure Ostro with a multi-million dollar operation of their own.

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Utilizing hypnosis, a series of fake homicides and the charms of a beautiful agent played by Miss Mason, Phelps attempts to convince Peter Cordel that he is rapidly going insane.

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e implementing the plan to secure the letter, the IMF also attempts to free Phelps who is being held in an escape-proof bomb shelter.

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The IMF's assignment in the case is to both locate and disarm the bomb before Cooper can realize his demands to replace key members of the government with persons sharing his extremist views.

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With Dexter behind bars for tax evasion, the IMF initiates a plan to isolate Dexter from all of his underworld connections to prove the murder and locate Dexter's mysterious boss known only as "The General.

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The plan nearly explodes when a bomb goes off on the stage where Barney is posing as a European movie director in charge of the film which "stars" Mimi in the role of the murder victim.

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To withstand the brainwashing, Phelps undergoes a form of radio controlled hypnosis, but faces grave dangers when the IMF loses track of him.

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Barbara Anderson, guest starring as Mimi, an alluring IMF agent, leads Conrad into the trap by posing as a dance hall waitress with a criminal past who convinces him that she's on the rebound from a broken romance with Jim Phelps.

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Plans to get IMF member Mimi, played by guest Barbara Anderson, into the Alpha Group headquarters as Holt's girlfriend are endangered when she's wounded in an ambush meant for Bolt.

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The plan calls for the IMF to convince Epic that his late wife once had an affair with one of his rivals. The IMF's plan eventually puts Phelps, Barney and Willy in the hot seat as the key witnesses in a kangaroo court designed to set the syndicate families against each other.

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The Deal
To prevent the takeover, Phelps and Barney pose as Camaguan military officials and imprison Rogan and his gang at an abandoned naval base. Guest star Barbara Anderson, as an IMF agent, gains the confidence of Rogan's girl Marcy, the one weak link in the syndicate organization in an attempt to find the location of the five million dollars.

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Two Thousand
Through a delicate aging process, Collins is convinced that he is a 65 year-old man living in a world that has been ravaged by war for 28 years.

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Miss Anderson, who co-starred in the "Ironside" series, makes the first of six guest appearances, as Mimi Davis, a parolee who teams with the IMF to seek retribution from Dutch Krebs (Betz) and her former love Press Allen (Conrad) with whom she was once aligned in the gambling ring.

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Mission Impossible is an iconic American television series that was broadcast on CBS between 1966 to 1973, created by Bruce Geller. Revolving around the exciting world of espionage and under-the-radar government operations, it features a rotating ensemble cast, which includes celebrated actors like Steven Hill, Barbara Bain, Barbara Anderson, Greg Morris, Peter Lupus, Peter Graves, Martin Landau, Leonard Nimoy, Lesley Ann Warren, Sam Elliott, and Lynda Day George.

Set against a Cold War backdrop, Mission Impossible follows the thrilling exploits of the Impossible Missions Force (IMF), a small team of secret agents working for the government. The team is tasked with carrying out perilous covert missions, primarily aimed at combating evils such as international organized crime, rogue nations, despotic rulers, and wealthy industrialists. These missions are often politically sensitive, requiring covert actions unavailable to traditional government operatives.

The strength of the show is the missions' cleverly designed complexity, requiring intricate planning, stunning disguises, hi-tech equipment, and reliance on deceit and subterfuge rather than brute force. The IMF team members are portrayed as highly skilled and specialized individuals, each bringing unique skills, including electronics, disguise, language fluency and physical prowess. Extreme detail to planning, teamwork, and precise execution make each episode a gripping narrative as the team works to successfully complete their mission while avoiding detection.

Central to the show's concept is the iconic self-destructing audio message relayed to the team leader at the start of every episode setting the stage with the words, "Your mission, should you choose to accept it…". Each mission starts with the team leader examining a dossier of photographs to select a specialized team extending the intrigue and mystery of the show.

Throughout the show's seven seasons, the team leader role was initially played by Steven Hill as Dan Briggs in the first season, before being taken over by Peter Graves, who starred as Jim Phelps till the final season. Barbara Bain played Cinnamon Carter, a top fashion model and IMF agent, whose charisma and beauty were key elements in many of the team's operations. The versatile actor Martin Landau filled the role of Rollin Hand, a master of disguise and talented impersonator. Greg Morris played the tech-savvy Barney Collier, responsible for all the gadgetry and ingenious devices used during the missions. The addition of Leonard Nimoy as Paris, a magician and make-up artist, Lesley Ann Warren as Dana Lambert, a spy and secretary, and Peter Lupus as Willie Armitage, the muscle of the group among others, added new dimensions to the team and diversified the storylines.

Another notable feature of Mission Impossible is its unforgettable theme music composed by Lalo Schifrin, the pulsating rhythm of which echoes the high-stakes tension and drama of the show. The opening credit's visual montage of quick clips, showing snippets of the upcoming episode accompanied by this iconic theme, further heightened the intrigue and anticipation of the series.

While primarily action-based, the show also explored themes such as loyalty, courage, and moral ambiguity. Over the course of its run, the programme consistently showcased the psychology and chess-like strategy of espionage, rather than simplifying it into a battle of good versus evil.

What positioned Mission Impossible as a standout amongst its contemporaries was its innovative storytelling, its multi-faceted characters, varied, intelligent espionage plots and most importantly, its unpredictability. Each new mission presented a unique challenge, ensuring that audiences were left on the edge of their seats week after week.

Thus, Mission Impossible was a pioneering addition to the genre of spy fiction on television, leaving a lasting legacy. Its success led to later adaptations, both on television and in cinema, revisiting its timeless concept for newer generations. Its mix of tension, action and intelligent storytelling continue to captivate audiences even today.

Mission Impossible is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 7 seasons with a total of 171 episodes, the show debuted on 1966. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

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