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Fair Winds and Following Seas
Cresswell informs Harm that he is being relocated to London, Mac is being sent to San Diego, and they each get to bring one person from the office with them. With their respective moving dates rapidly approaching, Harm and Mac must figure out their personal lives, as well as their feelings for one another.

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Dream Team
Harm and Vukovic are teamed up to defend a sailor accused of manslaughter. Bud is assigned to prosecute what soon becomes dubbed "the dream team.

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Unknown Soldier
Gen. Cresswell's brother believes that remains found of a Vietnamese soldier are those of a helicopter pilot who saved his life during the war.

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Two Towns
Mac goes to Iraq to investigate a bombing that killed a group of Marine reservists, while Harm and Bud go to Oklahoma to assist their families, but end up prosecuting the sole survivor, who is accused of starting a fire that destroyed the Marine Reserve Center.

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Death at the Mosque
A marine Private kills a seemingly unarmed civilian in a raid on a Mosque in Karbala, Iraq. Lt. Vukovic goes to Iraq in order to defend the marine -- a hard task as the whole incident was filmed by a ZNN reporter. Meanwhile, Cresswell asks Mac to talk his daughter out of her plans to abandon a military career, and Harm maintains his vigil at Mattie's bedside.

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JAG: San Diego
Part of the JAG team goes to San Diego. Harm stays back as acting JAG. While he is there, a huge snowstorm strikes and Mattie is injured in an accident. Meanwhile, Mac and Vukovic find themselves working close to each other on a case at Camp Pendleton.

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Straits of Malacca
Mac and Lt. Vukovic go to Indonesia to negotiate with a modern-day pirate for the release of Naval hostages.

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Bridging the Gulf
When Harm is forced to shoot down a civilian plane flying in a "no-fly" zone in the Persian Gulf, Harm once again finds himself on the wrong side of the court-room.

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Fit for Duty
A Navy psychiatrist in Afghanistan is accused of malpractice and a age discrimination suit are the cases assigned to Harm, Mac & Bud.

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Heart of Darkness
A Marine is charged with theft (stealing a car from an Iraqi), MG. Cresswell meets up with his old friend from Iraq but soon finds out that his friend is the father of the son that the Marine stole the car off of.

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The Sixth Juror
Harm and Mac are assigned to a case in south Florida involving the shooting death of a local car dealers son outside a popular bar. The Gen.

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Automatic for the People
Harm looks into the crash of a F-14 Tomcat.

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The Four Percent Solution
It's Christmas Eve. Col. MacKenzie crashes her car on the way home, and while unconscious through a series of episode flashbacks and discussions with a base therapist deals with many of her issues including infertility, insomnia, loneliness, Webb, and Harm.

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The Man on the Bridge
The car belonging to a Navy Commander assigned to a Bio-Weapons Defense Laboratory is found abandoned on a bridge across the Potomac River. Harm & Mac work with FBI agents in the investigation.

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There Goes the Neighborhood
Coates gets an unexpected visit when a friend from her criminal past shows up looking for a place to stay. A Naval aviator is in trouble for giving flying lessons to her father, a civilian who just bought an F-18.

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Camp Delta
Guards at Guantanamo Bay are ordered to remove a detainee from his cell for interrogation. He resists, so the guards try to subdue him and end up putting him in a coma.

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One Big Boat
A Naval Academy sailing team (that includes Bud's younger brother Mikey) is fighting a squall during practice when a female sailor is swept overboard and drowned. The JAG staff investigate whether the Commander was negligent when he ordered his team to sail through the squall.

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This Just In from Baghdad
When a US Senator is killed in Baghdad, fingers point to the squad that was sent to protect him prompting Mac and Harm to find out what actually happened.

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Whole New Ball Game
A Marine Colonel is on the President's short list to become the new Judge Advocate General sparking controversy while Harm & Mac investigate a Navy Ensign accused of shooting a Canadian fisherman.

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Harm is asked to re-open a 20yr old case of a seaman accused of murdering a prostitute. He doesn't deny stabbing her but he didn't murder her.

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Corporate Raiders
When a Marine is killed in Iraq as the result of "friendly fire", Harm & Mac investigation results in possible involvment by a private military contractor.

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Hail and Farewell, Part II (2)
Mac is unable to accept the news that Clayton Webb really is dead and ends up in possible danger looking into Webb's "death". With the retirement of Rear Admiral A.

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JAG, which stands for Judge Advocate General, is an American legal drama television show that aired on CBS from 1995 to 2005. Created by Donald P. Bellisario, the series is a blend of courtroom drama and military-themed action, providing viewers with a unique twist on the standard legal drama format. The central characters are United States Navy officers serving in the Department of the Navy's Office of the Judge Advocate General, which primarily conducts criminal investigations, prosecutions, and defenses under the purview of military law. The series features a talented cast, including David James Elliott, Catherine Bell, Patrick Labyorteaux, and John M. Jackson, along with a host of other talented actors in supporting roles over the show's impressively long run. The issues tackled in JAG include war crimes, terrorism, murder, and other high-stakes criminal activities. In addition, the series expounds on the intricacies of military life, focusing on military operations, protocol, and decorum. The series was well received for its careful blend of dramatic storytelling with authentic military procedures and protocols. At the heart of JAG is Harmon 'Harm' Rabb Jr. (David James Elliott), a former ace pilot turned lawyer who leads the office's legal investigations and prosecutions. Harm is not only a man of law but a man of action. His uncanny problem-solving skills and cool demeanor enabled him to address a wide range of cases effectively. Partnered with him is Marine lieutenant colonel Sarah 'Mac' Mackenzie (Catherine Bell). Mac is a formidable courtroom adversary with a sharp mind, strong will, and compassionate heart. The characters' dynamic partnership and the romantic tension between them kept viewers hooked throughout the series' ten seasons. Patrick Labyorteaux plays the role of Lieutenant Bud Roberts, a kind-hearted young lawyer whose unwavering loyalty and idealism often serve as a foil to the more cynical characters. Additionally, John M. Jackson stars as Admiral Albert Jethro 'A.J.' Chegwidden, the strict but fair commander of JAG corps. Later seasons incorporated fresh faces like Zoe McLellan, who plays Petty Officer Jennifer Coates, a young woman whose troubled past gives her a unique perspective on the cases she supports. Scott Lawrence plays Commander Sturgis Turner, a by-the-book Navy commander who often serves as a counterpoint to Harm's more informal method of legal practice. JAG handled high-stakes cases with a high level of thought and sophistication, which was one of its strengths. The episodes feature detailed and often complex legal narratives that drew viewers into the world of military justice and offered an eye-opening look at the challenges and ethical dilemmas faced by those who uphold the law in the armed services. Another strength of JAG is its handling of character development. The series goes to great lengths to flesh out its main characters, allowing them to grow and change over time. Side characters are also given their own arcs and development, contributing to the series' rich storytelling tapestry. Furthermore, JAG had an exceptional run in television and maintained its quality throughout. The show's combination of resolved and ongoing storylines, intense courtroom drama, military action, romantic tension, and periodic doses of humor kept viewers engaged and ensured its longevity on the air. By taking viewers into the rarely-seen legal side of the Navy and focusing on the personal and professional challenges of those who serve, JAG set itself apart from other military or legal dramas. It successfully showcased not only the complexity of military law but also presented a detailed portrait of life in the armed forces. As a result, JAG remains a standout in terms of quality and originality in the landscape of American television. It is a must-watch for fans of courtroom drama and military action alike.

JAG is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 10 seasons with a total of 227 episodes, the show debuted on 1995. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.7.

Patrick Labyorteaux, David James Elliott, Karri Turner, Catherine Bell, John M. Jackson, Chuck Carrington, David Andrews, Steven Culp, Nanci Chambers, Tracey Needham, Randy Vasquez, Zoe McLellan, Trevor Goddard
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