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What You Leave Behind, Part II
In part two of the series finale the Caradassian Rebellion reaches Dominion headquarters leaving Weyoun and the Female Changeling to realize that the end of their reign of terror may be near. The Federation Alliance wins their final battle against the Dominion and Breen with some heartbreaking consequences.

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What You Leave Behind, Part I
In the first part of the final episode of the series we find the Alpha Quadrant Alliance working together to prepare a final invasion of Cardassia. With their limited resources they work together to find a possible way to defeat the Dominion and the Breen.

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The Dogs of War
<b>Stardate 52889.3:</b> The Federation has started to catch up with the new Dominion-Breen weaponry. Arriving from the Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards is the <i>U.S.S. Sao Paulo</i>, a <i>Defiant</i>-class warship with the most up-to-date specs on Breen weaponry. With the arrival of the <i>Sao Paulo</i>, the Federation is once again back in the game. On Cardassia Prime, Colonel Kira, Garak, and Legate Damar attempt to bring more of the Cardassian military into their force, only to be caught in a trap. The three transport to the surface in an out-of-the-way place, but they see that they are in trouble. Their Jem'Hadar vessel is destroyed high above them, they are left stranded deep in enemy territory.

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Extreme Measures
<b>Stardate 52645.7:</b> With Odo knocking at death's door, scant time remains to find a cure. In an effort to lure Section 31 out of hiding to obtain the vaccine, Doctor Bashir and Chief O'Brien have gone behind Captain Sisko's back. Now, telling him about their plan, Doctor Bashir informs Sisko that Section 31 is the only hope that Odo has left.

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Tacking into the Wind
While Colonel Kira lectures the Cardassians on their tactics, Odo returns from a successful mission agains the Dominion. Taking a break, he rests his now weakened body.

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When It Rains...
The Battle of Chin'toka has decimated the Federation. Of all starships assigned to the campaign, only one survived the Breen onslaught.

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The Changing Face of Evil
Helped by Legate Damar escape from the Dominion, Ezri and Worf have returned to Deep Space Nine. Unfortunately, they have little to report to Sisko about the new Dominion-Breen alliance.

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Strange Bedfellows
A generous offer has been made by the Dominion to the Breen Confederacy. With a new alliance about to be created, the Dominion's leaders, the Founders, are confident that the new treaty between the two great empires will bring an end to the Federation once and for all.

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'Til Death Do Us Part
Sisko has been told by his mother that he must walk in the path that the prophets have laid out for him, which may mean not marrying Kasidy. Kai Winn visits Benjamin and he tells her a bit about his vision.

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Stardate 52576.2: On a visit to Bajor, Captain Sisko is taken for a trip to Kendra Provice, where he eyes some land that is so beautiful to him, he purchases it, bringing himself one step closer to living on Bajor.

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Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges
The continuing war with the Dominion begins to strain relations between the Klingons and the Romulans. Meanwhile, the Federation is more than happy to accomodate their new Romulan friends.

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Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang
Visiting Vic before they enter their Alamo holosuite program, Doctor Bashir and Chief O'Brien are entertained by the hologram to put them in the mood before they make their last stand at the mission. However, before Vic can finish his song, his holosuite setting is changed to a mafia-type casino run by one of the local bosses, who has just purchased Vic's old place of business.

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Returning from a conference, Chief O'Brien and Constable Odo are paid a visit by a Changeling. However, the Changeling calls himself a Metamorph.

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Field of Fire
After a night of celebrating his successful mission aboard the Defiant, a Lieutenant Junior Grade is killed with a shot through the heart. Later, another Starfleet officer is found murdered.

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The Emperor's New Cloak
While Quark prays to the Grand Exchequer to allow him prosperous business and to see his dream of being with Ezri come to fruition, he receives a visit from a very different Ezri. Unfortunately for Quark, this isn't Ezri Dax, and she isn't here on a social call.

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Prodigal Daughter
When Ezri returns home to investigate O'Brien's disappearance, she uncovers disturbing family secrets.

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It's Only a Paper Moon
Traumatized by the loss of his leg, Nog retreats to the holographic world of 1960's lounge singer Vic Fontaine.

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Major Kira receives a former teacher of hers, now a Vedek, who had been on sabbatical from the University of Bajor. Always travelling and seeking answers, the Vedek brought the Major something that she may find interesting.

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The Siege of AR-558
The Defiant heads to AR-558, a former Dominion communications array now under Federation control. The array, however, isn't giving ups its secrets too easily and all attempts to link up with the array have proven fruitless.

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Once More Unto the Breach
Planning a sweeping attack with five Klingon vessels against a Dominion installation, General Martok readies his troops for battle. Much to his chagrin, he learns that Worf wishes to have the old Klingon Kor, who the Empire no longer has a place for, join the fleet in a command post.

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Treachery, Faith and the Great River
Needing a stabilizer on the Defiant, Captain Sisko orders Chief O'Brien to have part in place on the ship when he returns in three days. Unfortunately, O'Brien won't be able to procure the item for three weeks.

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Doctor Bashir's four genetically-altered colleagues - Jack, Sarina, Patrick, and Lauren - return to Deep Space Nine so that Bashir can help Sarina regain her ability to process information around her, allowing her to communicate with others. While the doctor does not have the entire procedure ready for use, his three friends are more than willing to help Sarina in any way they can.

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Take Me Out to the Holosuite
The Federation starship T'Kumbra, staffed with an all Vulcan crew, has docked at Deep Space Nine for repairs. Its Captain is Solok, who has an intense rivalry with the Captain of DS9.

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Although it has only been a few days she stepped foot on the station, Ezri Dax has many memories of Deep Space Nine, both good and bad. The problem, however, is that she reminds almost everyone of Jadzia.

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Shadows and Symbols
Stardate 52152.6: Accompanied by Doctor Bashir, Chief O'Brien, and Quark, Worf sets off on General Martok's Bird of Prey on a glorious mission to attack a Dominion shipyard.

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Image in the Sand
Recently promoted to Colonel, Kira continues to oversee Deep Space Nine while Captain Sisko is away on Earth. The Dominion War continues to go badly for the Federation and a Romulan delegation is invited to the station to coordinate efforts.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is a pioneering American sci-fi series that graced the television industry from 1993 to 1999. Known to fans as DS9, Deep Space Nine stands as the third installment in the colossal "Star Trek" franchise, following the original series and "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Produced by Rick Berman and Michael Piller, it marked a slight shift from the traditional cosmic exploration focus of its predecessors, centering instead on a space station that not only witnesses but is often the nucleus of interstellar conflict, political machinations, and societal dynamics.

The series features a protagonist with all the grit and magnetism it needs, Captain Benjamin Sisko — brilliantly and vigorously portrayed by Avery Brooks. Sisko is assigned to the space station Deep Space Nine which orbits the planet Bajor. Bajor has just been freed from oppressive Cardassian occupation, leaving its people in a shattered and vulnerable state. While initially reluctant about his appointment, Sisko’s arc throughout the series illustrates his evolution as he embraces his new home and his role as both Starfleet commander and spiritual figure for the Bajoran faith.

The strength of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine lies in its essential core - an assortment of characters each signaling an unforgettable presence. Every regular character, many of them non-human, allows the viewer to explore a particular facet of the vast "Star Trek" universe. René Auberjonois as the shape-shifting security chief Odo, Nana Visitor as Bajoran liaison officer Kira Nerys, Terry Farrell as the Trill scientist Jadzia Dax, and Alexander Siddig as the young prodigious Dr. Julian Bashir lend a distinct persona to the intricately woven narrative. Not to forget Armin Shimerman, portraying Ferengi bartender Quark and Michael Dorn as Klingon warrior Worf, who breathe life into their unique alien characters.

Deep Space Nine draws a different stroke in the "Star Trek" canvas by adding more persistent narrative threads and layered character development, alluring newbies and veterans alike. The show does remarkably well in juggling its episodic conflicts with overarching storylines that accumulate over several seasons. The series introduces the Dominion, a powerful and obscure interstellar government from the Gamma Quadrant which plays a significant role in establishing the grittier, war-centered narratives in the later seasons.

Darker and more complex than its forerunners, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine pitches a grittier universe - sounds of laughter echoing from the bustling Promenade at one moment, and hushed shadows whispering in its corners the next. The space station serves as a crossroads for diplomats, traders, and travelers of all species and motivations, creating intriguing complexities and moral gray areas rarely encountered in the more clear-cut universe of the preceding Star Trek series.

Seamlessly blending action, adventure, drama, and a light dusting of comedy, DS9 peels back layers to each of its characters. It explores numerous societal subjects like war, faith, prejudice, authority, and loss through the lens of its diverse array of inhabitants. The narrative frequently navigates and deconstructs the Federation's utopian ideals by placing them in juxtaposition with the messy realities and harsh dilemmas encountered in the final frontier of space.

In the broad expanse of the Star Trek universe, Deep Space Nine sets itself apart as a necessary pitstop, a pivotal junction that probes deeper and ventures further into the sci-fi cosmos’s seldom delved corridors. Transcending behemoth spacecrafts and sprawling star maps, DS9 teaches us about differing cultures, ideologies, human interactions, and the repercussions of war and peace.

Therefore, fans seeking wholesome character development, dynamic story arcs which intertwine with the broader Star Wars universe, and keen societal commentary will find themselves ensnared in Deep Space Nine's narrative. As a stand-alone series or as part of the Star Trek journey, the implications and revelations stay with you, lingering on like the twinkling stars of a galaxy far, far away. With Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the Final Frontier is not merely a tangible expanse but dwells within each sentient being, challenging the norm, the familiar - boldly going where no series has gone before.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 7 seasons with a total of 179 episodes, the show debuted on 1993. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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