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The Case of the Final Fade-Out
Barry Conrad, a nasty individual whose personality has richly endowed him with enemies, finally meets his end. Mason manages to see Jackson Sidemark acquitted - and then Sidemark dies.

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The Case of the Crafty Kidnapper
Danny Shine ruins lives for a living. As a gossip columnist, that's his job, or so he thinks. The person who puts a bullet in him evidently holds a different opinion. The police like Greg Stanley, Shine's assistant, for this murder. Stanley might have an alibi, but it's a man with a secret that will close his lips, even on the witness stand.

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The Case of the Positive Negative
In a corrupt town, Roger Brandon intends change: he will accept a position at the head of an anti-crime commission to shut down the rackets. Racketeer George Emory has other ideas.

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The Case of the Misguided Model
Model Sharon Carmody very much wants to be the "White Snow Queen" who will pitch the product. Alas, she is not as pure as white snow, and someone knows it.

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The Case of the Dead Ringer
Perry loses a civil case when the opposing counsel successfully suggests that Perry paid off a witness! But who?

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The Case of the Unwelcome Well
When someone murders Jerome Klee, there's no shortage of suspects, because Klee had a knack for making enemies. But the police settle on Allen Winford, his foreman, with whom he'd recently argued.

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The Case of the Fanciful Frail
Bruce Strickland leaves Ethel Andrews at the altar and arranges for her to take the fall for a $50,000 securities theft. She flees town and runs into - almost literally - Peggy Sutton who is in trouble herself.

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The Case of the Tsarina's Tiara
Gerald van Ness is shocked when a tiara worth three quarters of a million dollars, and thought lost, surfaces in his possession. But his surprises are just beginning: someone delivers a truck to Perry and Della, and it contains the body of Nils Dorow, top tier jewel thief.

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The Case of the Avenging Angel
Clete Hawley brings Sandy Chester over from England with an eye towards making another British megastar. Trouble is, Sandy's just not that talented.

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The Case of the Twice-Told Twist
Thieves strip Perry's car to the frame. It seems that a modern day Fagin runs a gang of teenagers who strip cars.

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The Case of the Scarlet Scandal
Musician Donald Hobert enjoys the largess of Elaine Baylor, wife of Richard Bayler. A blackmailer wants $10,000 or he'll tell the work Elaine's doing more than just supporting the arts financially.

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The Case of the Sausalito Sunrise
Francis Clune can't catch a break. Forgers replace the art pieces en route to his gallery. His girlfriend Bobbi is kidnapped and then struck by a car. And THEN the police arrest them both on a pair of murder charges. It will take the skills of Perry and Paul Drake both to unknot this one, and even these seasoned pros will come up against the unexpected.

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The Case of the Golfer's Gambit
Chick Farley, local golf pro, mixes his days between giving lessons and living off his rich wife's past glories. For variety, he mixes in a little blackmail.

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The Case of the Vanishing Victim
Dr. Stacey Fielding must travel to Salt Lake City on business. He flies himself, but the plane crashes and tests of the body confirm barbiturate poisoning. The police arrest Miriam Fielding, since the last thing her husband drank was whiskey from a flask she provided. But Perry earns an acquittal. And then authorities learn the body recovered from the wreckage is actually that of Al Dolby, the plane's mechanic, raising the question of what, exactly, happened to the doctor...

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The Case of the Midnight Howler
Barney Austin burns up the airwaves. One night, he gets a message to call his boss Kevin Steele. While they speak on the air, the audience hears Kevin argue with someone, and then hears two gunshots! Someone has murdered Steele on live radio, and the prosecution believes it is Holly Andrews, and plans to prove it with Perry's help!

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The Case of the Bogus Buccaneer
Tony Polk lands a television job on the "Bad Buccaneer" show despite his criminal past. Part of that job involves taking gifts to the homes of viewers.

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The Case of the Golden Girls
Victor Montalvo owns the Golden Bear Club. One night, he gives a young woman named Debbie Conrad a ride, only to be surprised to later see her working as one his sexy waitresses!

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The Case of the Baffling Bug
Tryon Laboratories' hires Paul Drake to protect its discoveries, but an industrial spy still manages to pierce their security. So Drake is very relieved when Tryon employee Horace Leigh calls claiming to know the identity of the spy.

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The Case of the Fugitive Fraulein
Soviet agents contact physicist Hans Ritter and offer him his six-year-old granddaughter, currently living in an East German orphanage. If Ritter comes to work for him, the Soviets will release little Elke to Ritter's wife Emma.

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The Case of the Silent Six
Sergeant Dave Wolfe warned Joe Oliver to steer clear of his sister. Someone beats up Susan and shoots Joe - and it looks like Dave Wolfe is that man.

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The Case of the Runaway Racer
Pappy Ryan builds race cars. When test driver Pete Griston wrecks one of Ryan's cars, Ryan works himself into a towering rage and accuses Griston and Harvey Rettig of causing the crash on purpose.

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The Case of the Wrathful Wraith
Perry manages to earn an acquittal for Louise Selff for the murder of her husband, because the body disappeared! Then Louise begins to see her dead husband - at a seance, on the telephone...

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The Case of the 12th Wildcat
Burt Payne owns ten percent of the Wildcats, a professional football team. To raise cash, he tries to sell his share, but the majority owner, his wife Ellen, opposes the deal.

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The Case of the Hasty Honeymooner
After a computer dating service matches Lucas Tolliver with Millie Barton, Lucas comes to California as a penniless hick. But rich Millie agrees to marry him anyway.

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The Case of the Carefree Coronary
Safeline Insurance, noting an increase in heart attacks among its insured, hired Perry to look into the matter. Perry sends Paul Drake in undercover.

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The Case of the Impetuous Imp
Perry rescues the beautiful Diana Carter from a watery grave, so who does she turn to when first charged with grand larceny, and then with murdering Addison Powell? Perry and Paul both have their work cut out for them, for Davy Jones holds the key to this one.

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The Case of the Cheating Chancellor
In the midst of a celebration, Van Fowler murders Stuart Logan, a professor at Perry's alma mater. Perry doesn't think the case is as cut-and-dried as the police do, and defends Fowler.

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The Case of the Candy Queen
Claire Armstrong has a booming candy business but life is not sweet. Her boyfriend Mark has stolen her candy recipe and the sinister Harry Arnold is blackmailing her!

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The Case of the Fatal Fortune
On a lark, businesswoman Pat Kean goes to see a psychic, and amazingly, the psychic's predictions come to pass. Ignoring the seer's cryptic assertion that she would "wear white and then black" Pat marries her boss Max Armstead.

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The Case of the Laughing Lady
Life has been unkind to Carla Chaney, in part because of her own poor choices. So when she's charged with murder, it surprises no one.

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Perry Mason is an engrossing and suspenseful legal drama series that aired on CBS from 1957 to 1966. The show is an adaptation of detective novels written by Erle Stanley Gardner, featuring the main character Perry Mason. The show's title role is masterfully portrayed by actor Raymond Burr. Other notable main cast members include Barbara Hale as Della Street, Mason’s dependable and sharp-witted secretary; William Hopper as the steadfast private investigator, Paul Drake; William Talman as the firm but fair district attorney, Hamilton Burger; and Ray Collins as the persistent and investigative Lieutenant Tragg. Additionally, Wesley Lau, Richard Anderson, and John Dall also contributed with their specific roles in this long-running series. The integral premise of the show revolves around Perry Mason, a virtuous and dauntless defense attorney based in Los Angeles. Famed for his thoughtful scrutiny and impressive rhetoric, Perry Mason is relentless in his pursuit of truth and justice. Each episode of the series follows a consistent pattern, with a murder occurrence, followed by a seemingly guilty client seeking Mason's assistance, and concluded with a dramatic courtroom scene where Mason, in many cases, is able to disclose the real guilty party. Raymond Burr’s portrayal of the stoic and unwavering Perry Mason is instrumental to the show's appeal. He is incredibly convincing as a seasoned attorney who is never bested and is always driven to seek justice. Burr’s exceptional performance imparts a sense of trust and reliability that resonates with viewers and keeps them hooked to the nail-biting legal proceedings. Adding to the main cast, there's Barbara Hale, who plays Della Street, Perry Mason's secretary. With her intelligence, wit, and efficiency, she sets the bar high for on-screen secretaries. William Hopper performs the role of Paul Drake, a professional investigator, with ease and charisma, while William Talman, who portrays Hamilton Burger, serves as the perfect foil to Mason, injecting tension into the court proceedings that make the series so engaging. The Perry Mason TV series is catapulted further by its pioneering mix of mystery and law within a television series. The intelligent and clever use of legal provisions adds to the intrigue in each episode. Moreover, the format of presenting a different case in each episode while retaining the singular driving characters ensures a fresh storyline whilst maintaining familiar faces that viewers grow attached to over time. The series also has an excellent set of supporting actors; among them are Wesley Lau who plays Assistant DA Anderson, a loyal yet trustworthy character; Richard Anderson, who brilliantly enacts Lieutenant Steve, a character often seen supporting Mason when investigations go awry; and John Dall who appears in selected episodes as a character with such depth and intrigue that contributes greatly to the compelling narratives of the series. An integral part of Perry Mason's charm lies in its retro allure. The black and white film era, vintage cars, and fashion statements from the late 50s to mid-60s offers a glimpse into a bygone era. The show carries the viewer to Los Angeles of the mid-twentieth century, with the studio's backlots and the quintessential courtroom settings reflecting the aesthetics of the period. The score of Perry Mason, composed by Fred Steiner, is another major highlight. Known as the "Perry Mason Theme," it manages to encapsively capture the suspense, thrill, and mystery that is ever-present in every episode of the show. Its compelling tune has become an integral part of the series' identity, one that heightens the show's charm. In summary, Perry Mason presents a distinctive mix of suspense, courtroom drama, and murder mystery. It provides a perfect platform for actor Raymond Burr, who with his impeccable performance, captures the essence of the upright yet shrewd Perry Mason. His relationship with the other central characters and the evolving narratives within each episode keeps the viewer engrossed. All these factors combined have seen the show's enduring popularity over the years, with Perry Mason's character becoming synonymous with the ideal defense lawyer, not just in television, but in popular culture. The series stands as a blueprint for subsequent legal dramas and remains a treasured classic in television history.

Perry Mason is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 12 seasons with a total of 301 episodes, the show debuted on 1957. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.3.

Barbara Hale, William Hopper, William Talman, Raymond Burr, Ray Collins, Richard Anderson, Wesley Lau, Christine White
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