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The White Elephant
The world's eyes are on the Great Exhibition, and the Royal couple. Does triumph or failure beckon?

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A Public Inconvenience
Albert and Palmerston put their reputations on the line, and Victoria must fight against her better judgement to decide where to place her allegiance.

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A Coburg Quartet
A Georgian ball at the Palace could not come at a worse time as private pictures of the Royal family are made public.

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A Show of Unity
After an assassination attempt, the Royal household visit Ireland. Intrigue, conflict and romance all blossom during a stay at the Palmerston estate.

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Foreign Bodies
When Albert leaves the Palace for Cambridge, Victoria faces the traumatic impact of a cholera epidemic on the streets of London.

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Et in Arcadia
At Osborne House, Albert relishes the opportunity to spend time with the family away from London, but Victoria is desperate to get back to the Palace and the business of politics.

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London Bridge is Falling Down
Victoria must decide whether to fight the Chartists with force or allow them to present their petition.

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Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears the Crown
Revolution sweeps across Europe and pressure builds on Victoria with new arrivals at the Palace.

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Victoria Season Recap
Catch up on the acclaimed drama starring Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who) as Queen Victoria, a nineteenth-century heroine for our times.

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Victoria Season 3 Trailer
Take a sneak peek at the third season of this landmark drama starring Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes. As revolution breaks out across Europe, Britain's monarch Queen Victoria faces a crisis that threatens to end her reign.

Watch Victoria Season 3 Episode 102 Now

Bonus: Rosalind Ebbutt: Costume Designer
Costume designer Rosalind Ebbutt shares the fine details of four dresses from Season Three, as she and her dressmakers create the wardrobe for a maturing, maternal Victoria.

Watch Victoria Season 3 Episode 103 Now

Bonus: Feodora: A New Dynamic in the Palace
Kate Fleetwood, Jenna Coleman and Daisy Goodwin reflect on what the arrival of Victoria's half-sister, Feodora, means to the royal household.

Watch Victoria Season 3 Episode 104 Now

Bonus: Louisa and Laurie
Louisa Bay and Laurie Shepherd, who portray Princess Vicky and Prince Bertie, give their impressions of friendship, life on set, and most importantly, who is taller.

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Bonus: Daisy Goodwin: Writer and Creator
Daisy Goodwin, writer and creator, explains the historical context of 1848 (the beginning of Season Three), the marriage of Victoria and Albert, Osborne House, Albert's popularity, Lord Wellington, and much more.

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ITV's Victoria is a captivating historical television drama series which aired from 2016 to 2019. This beautifully produced drama, written by acclaimed novelist Daisy Goodwin, serves up an insightful look into the early reign of one of Britain's longest-serving monarchs, Queen Victoria. The series is a potent mix of personal intrigue, political dramas, and British history, and it vibrantly brings to life one of the most influential period in British history.

Victoria is a dramatic biography that spans from 1837, when Victoria first ascends to the throne at the tender age of 18, through to the Queen’s courtship and lively marriage to Prince Albert, elegantly capturing the couple’s intimate relationship. The narrative continues to traverse many key events both from Victoria's reign and her personal life, providing viewers with a keen sense of the trials and tribulations of being a young queen in a time of enormous change.

The series triumphantly takes viewers on a tour of history while being punctuated by intricate romantic narratives and political rivalries. The young queen's intense friendship with her first prime minister, Lord Melbourne, is delicately explored, providing a nuanced look at the relationship that helped shape Victoria's early reign. The gradual but deepening romantic relationship she develops with her cousin Prince Albert is also a highlight of the series, unfolding amidst the backdrop of a kingdom, full of political strife and intrigue.

Victoria boasts an ensemble cast led by Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria. Coleman’s portrayal of the young queen is the anchor that holds the series together. She flawlessly captures Victoria’s transformation from a sheltered young girl, naive but determined, into a queen who is finding her way in a world where she has suddenly become the most powerful woman.

Tom Hughes co-stars as Prince Albert, offering an exceptional portrayal of Victoria's consort who is wrestling with his place alongside a queen - a role that would come to redefine the expectations of men in similar positions. Rufus Sewell, as Lord Melbourne, also provides a commanding performance. The interactions between Coleman, Hughes, and Sewell is a joy to watch, as they each deliver standout performances that add a layer of depth to the historical events retold.

The series also includes an outstanding supporting cast that brings vibrancy and depth to Victoria's court. These include her trusted advisers, some scheming aristocrats, the loyal palace staff and, most notably, the colourful Duchess of Buccleuch, played by the wonderful Dame Diana Rigg.

Visuals are an essential element of Victoria. The production design is indeed a highlight with arousing British countryside scenes, splendid royal palaces and meticulously designed period costumes, all creatively crafted to transport viewers back to the Victorian age. The series successfully recreates the opulence and grandeur of the Victorian era, giving each episode a cinematic feel.

Moreover, the show doesn’t shy away from tackling sensitive social and political issues of the time like poverty, revolution and the monarch’s controversial relationship with her people, thereby adding a layer of genuine historical richness to the narrative.

Victoria also boasts a lush musical score by Martin Phipps and Ruth Barrett that serves as a beautiful undercurrent to the dramatic narrative. The evocative score perfectly captures the varying emotions and moments that punctuate Victoria's life.

Though it's firmly grounded in historical events, Victoria avoids the trap of becoming a dry history lesson. Its writing strikingly balances the queen's public and personal life, often drawing an intriguing dichotomy between the monarch and the woman behind it. It has a large heart and isn't afraid to add an element of soap opera to the proceedings, lending the show a unique approachability. Each episode also includes enough political and social context to add an educational element to the personal drama unfolding onscreen.

In conclusion, Victoria is a gem of historical drama that captures an essential era of British history with wit, lavish production values, and superb performances. It draws a multi-faceted portrait of a queen who was forced to balance her personal desires with her royal responsibilities, thus offering the audience a memorable exploration of Victoria's early years as queen. It's an engaging, elegant and beautifully crafted series that should appeal to any fan of historical dramas.

Victoria is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 35 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.2.

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