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About Your Father
(Series finale.) In the aftermath of the battle of Actium, Mark Antony returns to Alexandria, settling into a world of numbing debauchery with Cleopatra.

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No God Can Stop a Hungry Man
The people of Rome are starving. There have been many grain shortages over the past few months, but things have gotten particularly bad.

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A Necessary Fiction
Octavian's campaign for a more virtuous society hits hardest in his inner circle; Vorenus's efforts to solve a gold robbery leave a bitter taste of betrayal; Pullo turns his grief about a personal loss into anger at a new enemy; Timon leaves Rome with his family for Jerusalem.

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Death Mask
Servilia's incessant cries for justice drive Atia to distraction, and result in an unfortunate public denouement. Meanwhile, Octavian, Mark Antony and Lepidus agree to divvy up Rome's territories, sharing a common treasury.

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Vorenus is ordered to prune the ranks of Rome's elite; Brutus and Cassius prepare to face the recently allied Octavian and Antony in the Battle of Philippi; Levi and Timon create mayhem at a synagogue; Pullo thwarts Cicero's attempt to warn Brutus.

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Heroes of the Republic
After his adventures with Antony and Pullo, Vorenus comes back to face the merchants of the Aventine Collegium; a pair of former foes reconcile their differences.

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Testudo Et Lepus (The Tortoise And the Hare)
Pullo races to find Vorenus with news of the fate of his children; Servilia pays a price for trying to eliminate a rival; a victorious Octavian sends word he's returning to Rome with his army, which comes as a surprise to Cicero; Timon grows weary of doing his mistress's bidding.

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These Being The Words of Marcus Tullius Cicero
Pullo tries in vain to persuade Vorenus to prevent a war among Aventine gangs; Antony's designs on Gaul elicit a shocking proclamation from Cicero to the Senate; Servilia enlists the opportunistic Duro to end an old feud; Brutus wrestles with his demons while seeking support in Bithynia.

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Son Of Hades
As gangs fight for control on the streets of Rome, Vorenus is called upon to undo some of the damage that he's done. Cleopatra pays a visit, bringing with her her son and Octavian becomes increasingly impatient with Mark Antony over the money he's owed.

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The second season begins shortly after Caesar's murder. Octavian devises a plan to keep his family from fleeing the city, news that Antony happily delivers to a nervous Brutus.

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Rome is a historical drama television series developed by HBO and produced in collaboration with the BBC and Italy's RAI network. It aired from 2005 to 2007 for a successful two-season run, totaling 22 episodes. The show's narrative centered around the time of Ancient Rome, with an engaging focus on a time of significant political, social, and cultural change. The series was conceived by John Milius, William J. MacDonald, and Bruno Heller who aimed to bring the nuanced dynamic of Ancient Rome to life. The storytelling of the series is an enticing blend of historical facts, real-life figures, and fictionalized narratives, delivering a detailed and riveting exploration of Rome's transition from a Republic to an Empire. The show revolves around the lives of two soldiers, Lucius Vorenus (Kevin McKidd) and Titus Pullo (Ray Stevenson), who serve in Julius Caesar's 13th Legion. Although both characters are based on historical figures in Caesar's Gallic War commentaries, the series uses them as a device to explore the nuances of Roman life on both ends of the societal spectrum, from the political machinations of the Senate to the struggle of everyday civilians. Rome is especially notable for its high production values. The series' creative team went to great lengths to build a full-scale replica of parts of Ancient Rome at the historic Cinecittà Studios in Rome, Italy. This meticulous attention to detail and realism, combined with the vibrant costumes, was unarguably one of the indulgences that set this series apart, creating an unprecedented level of authenticity and immersion for the viewers. Besides McKidd and Stevenson, the show also boasts an impressive roster of an international cast reflecting the diversity of the Roman empire. Polly Walker delivers a powerful performance as Atia of the Julii, a ruthlessly ambitious woman maneuvering the political landscape for her advantage. Max Pirkis stands out as young Octavian, who is initially underestimated but grows steadily into a formidable force. Actors James Purefoy and Ciarán Hinds also deliver memorable roles as Mark Antony and Julius Caesar respectively, adding intense and dynamic performances that fuel the show's dramatic tension. The storyline is a fusion of individual narratives that ultimately coalesce into a grand depiction of Rome. The complexities of Roman politics, intriguing power plays, personal loyalties, and larger-than-life historical events are all masterfully presented, giving audiences a unique blend of soap opera-style drama, juxtaposed with historical context. The scripts are nuanced and filled with subtext, echoing the covertly subtle yet politically charged conversations of the time. Rome is not just a series about the epic scale of the Roman empire, but also about its inhabitants' nuanced experiences influenced by their assigned roles in society. Women's roles, particularly, are not relegated to the background; they are shown as vital actors in the sociopolitical sphere, with their own ambitions and canny political maneuvering. The exploration of Roman culture and society takes center stage despite the towering political narratives. The series delves into the cultural practices, religious beliefs, and social dynamics of the Romans. The viewer gets an intimate look at the matter-of-fact brutality, sexuality, and corruption that were part of daily Roman life. Despite the historical backdrop, there's a universality to the themes Rome explores: loyalty, duty, ambition, love, deceit, and redemption. This is the series' strength, making it easy for even the modern viewer to not only consume but also relate to the show at an emotional level. Rome is not for those looking for a purely fact-based, historical documentary series. It is instead a lavish, dramatic canvas that offers a vivid glimpse into a long-gone era. Its dramatized sequences might stretch historical accuracy but they emphasize the human narrative, fencing the spectators with the colourful lives of its characters and the course of time in Rome. The show presents a certain version of Rome, one that is engaging, immersive, and remains memorable long after its epic conclusion.

Rome is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 22 episodes, the show debuted on 2005. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.7.

Kevin McKidd, Ray Stevenson, James Purefoy, Polly Walker, Tobias Menzies, Lindsay Duncan, Nicholas Woodeson, Kerry Condon, Indira Varma, David Bamber, Max Pirkis, Chiara Mastalli, Lee Boardman, Ian McNeice, Manfredi Aliquo, Alex Wyndham, Allen Leech, Zuleikha Robinson, Simon Woods, Kenneth Cranham, Lyndsey Marshal, Karl Johnson, Rick Warden, Simon Woods
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