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Episode 10
Death of a Monarchy. King Henry learns that his friends King Francis and Charles Brandon are dying. Confronted with mortality, the ghosts of his former wives pay him a visit and Hans Holbein paints a last portrait of Henry.

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Episode 9
Henry's health worsens after his military campaign against France and he suffers constant pain from his ulcerous leg. Meanwhile, Bishop Gardiner accuses Henry's wife Catherine Parr of being a heretic.

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Episode 8
The defeat of the French in Boulogne comes with a high prize and costs the lives of thousands of Henry's men and the king decides to return home in triumph.

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Episode 7
Catherine Parr becomes Henry's final wife and is able to stabilize Henry's household.

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Episode 6
Henry decides to put his daughters back in his line of succession and surprises with an unexpected political alliance.

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Episode 5
Bottom of the Pot. Henry is devastated to learn of Catherine's infidelities and banishes her from court.

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Episode 4
After the king's pardon, the North surprises Henry with a warm welcome. Back at Henry's court, Queen Katherine is being blackmailed by a former lover.

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Episode 3
A more benevolent Henry 8 forgives the citizens of the North for their rebellion against him, while the youthful wife he dotes upon begins a passionate affair with Culpepper.

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Episode 2
Due to his age, Henry is forced to leave the Christmas celebrations. In the meantime, the Seymore clan becomes the target of Lord Surrey.

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Episode 1
King Henry VIII finds his new wife in a teenager named Katherine Howard, but the young queen soon causes jealousy among the king's court.

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The Tudors, a historical drama that aired from 2007 to 2010 on Showtime, is a vivid reimagining of the tumultuous reign of King Henry VIII of England. It stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the iconic role, flanked by an impressive ensemble cast that includes Sam Neill, Natalie Dormer, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Henry Czerny, Jeremy Northam, Annabelle Wallis, and Peter O'Toole, among many others.

The Tudors delves deep into the intrigues, romances, politics, and religious upheavals of the 16th-century English court. At the heart of it all is the alluring and unpredictable King Henry VIII, portrayed with unique aplomb by Jonathan Rhys Meyers. While Henry's decisions shape the politics of England and Europe, his flamboyant personal life also remains a focal point of the show. His multiple marriages, which include the notorious annulment from Catherine of Aragon to marry Anne Boleyn, are effectively showcased through an intersection of power, love, and faith.

Sam Neill plays the role of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, the King's chief advisor whose fall from grace heralds a time of unprecedented upheaval in English history. Natalie Dormer shines as the ill-fated yet strong-willed Anne Boleyn, whereas Maria Doyle Kennedy beautifully embodies the pious yet dignified Catherine of Aragon. Later seasons introduce other significant historical characters like Henry's other wives, Anne of Cleves (Joss Stone), Catherine Howard (Tamzin Merchant), and Catherine Parr (Joely Richardson) whose lives would become entangled with monarch's tempestuous reign.

The Tudors is also notable for its detailed portrayal of the Protestant Reformation, as initiated by King Henry VIII's clash with the Catholic Church. This theme is greatly personified by Peter O'Toole's performance as Pope Paul III and Max von Sydow as Cardinal Von Walburg. The show further encapsulates key political and social changes during this time, from the dissolution of monasteries to the establishment of the Church of England, thereby providing a comprehensive view of this riveting era.

While it often embellishes historical fact for dramatic effect, The Tudors remains dedicated to embodying the spirit of the era it depicts. The series is famed for its elaborate costuming and mesmerizing set designs that transport viewers back to the ostentatious and splendid courts of the Tudor dynasty. Its gritty authenticity, well-crafted dialogue, and engaging plotlines make it an engrossing watch and a noteworthy contribution to the genre of historical drama.

Another remarkable aspect of The Tudors is its character development. Henry's court is filled with a dynamic cast of lords, ladies, bishops, and courtiers whose lives intertwine with the monarch's rule. You'll find yourself gripped by the personal and political trajectories of figures like Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, played by Henry Cavill, and Sir Thomas More, played by Jeremy Northam, among others. These nuanced portrayals add depth to the prominent historical figures, illuminating their motivations, flaws, and passions.

The Tudors skillfully balances the grandeur and spectacle of royal life with the human stories at its center, delivering an engrossing exploration of a pivotal time in English history. Through its compelling narratives, the show reveals the human side of the legend, depicting King Henry VIII not simply as the tyrant of popular imagination, but a complex, charismatic, and deeply human figure navigating the demands of kingship, love, and faith. This, paired with the show's superb production value and stellar performances, makes The Tudors a compelling journey into the heart of the Tudor rule.

The Tudors is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 38 episodes, the show debuted on 2007. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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