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North America
Not many can intimidate North America's top predator, T. rex, whose size and bite are a deadly combo—except for a giant winged foe.

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Deep beneath the water's surface, the world's largest predator—the Mosasaurus—lies in wait to ambush unsuspecting prey.

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In a drought-stricken basin where much has perished, an old Pachycephalosaurus bull defends his leadership against a young challenger.

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Trudging through a scorching desert, two young Tarchia find relief at an oasis and encounter an adult twice their size, ready to lay claim.

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On a small island, a monumental display takes place as the giant Hatzegopteryx reveals his gentler side to woo a mate.

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Travel back 66 million years and experience the wonder of the Cretaceous period with Prehistoric Planet, a breathtaking natural history documentary series from Apple TV+. Produced by the BBC Studios Natural History Unit and narrated by renowned naturalist David Attenborough, this revolutionary look at dinosaur life uses state-of-the-art technology to transport viewers to an immersive ancient world. Across 5 episodes, Prehistoric Planet explores the habitats and behaviors of the most fascinating dinosaurs that ever lived. Each episode focuses on a different biome, from the shores and islands of Cretaceous seas, to teeming freshwater swamps, vast deserts, and even the South Pole. Expert paleontologists and wildlife filmmakers came together to recreate extinct ecosystems with unprecedented realism and scientific accuracy. Combining the latest paleontology learnings withleading-edge digital effects, the series brings lumbering sauropods, armored ankylosaurs, cunning velociraptors, and more extinct giants to life as never before. Their appearances, movements, and sounds reflect cutting edge discoveries about how these dinosaurs truly looked and acted. Sweeping helicopter shots carry viewers over expansive habitats while intimate shots reveal details like scales, feathers, and Behavior. Moments of predation, courtship, birth and more make these animals feel alive. Narrator David Attenborough lends his trademark storytelling to epic dino dramas like the 45-foot long Tyrannosaurus Rex defending its territory, packs of feathered raptors on the hunt, and an infant Mussasaurus hatching from its egg. State-of-the-art computer animation is blended with live action landscapes for a hyper-realistic window into prehistory. Locations like New Zealand, California, and the Canary Islands become living primordial worlds. Beyond just dinosaurs,Prehistoric Planet showcases the full diversity of Cretaceous life including pterosaurs, early mammals, water creatures like mosasaurs, and ancient plants. Special behind the scenes segments reveal how this ambitious production was achieved through asset builds, animation, visual effects, and scientific supervision. It took a massive team of talented artists years to build this ancient world. For natural history fans of all ages, Prehistoric Planet offers an experience that seems more like time travel than a documentary. It recreates an era when mighty dinosaurs ruled the Earth, immersing viewers in everything from courtship displays to epic battles. This is an eye-opening look at the wild and wonderful Cretaceous period like never before. Let your imagination run wild 66 million years ago as Apple TV+ takes you back to the land of dinosaurs with Prehistoric Planet.

Prehistoric Planet is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2022. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

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