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Chris Adams: The Gentleman and the Demon
'Gentleman' Chris Adams had the charm, prowess and instinct to become a wrestling sensation, but a violent relationship with alcohol led to a tragic end at the hands of a friend.

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Chris Colt: Welcome to My Nightmare
A true renegade, Chris Colt blazed an uncompromising path in pro wrestling.

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The Life and Legends of Harley Race
Harley Race achieved near mythical status for wrestling fans as the ultimate tough guy, but behind closed doors his life was haunted by violence and unimaginable personal tragedy.

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Saving Face: The Brutus Beefcake Story
Brutus Beefcake’s life and career are defined by his relationship with Hulk Hogan.

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Terry Gordy: Final Flight of the Freebird
Already a wrestling star as a teenager, Terry Gordy's time with the renowned Fabulous Freebirds made him a living legend until an accidental overdose robbed him of everything.

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Buff and The Bagwells
Marcus "Buff" Bagwell's brash persona in the ring was easily matched by his wild antics outside of it, made even wilder by the eccentric family he brought along for the ride.

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The Ballad of 'Earthquake' John Tenta
A cancer battle threatens to take ‘Earthquake’ John Tenta from his beloved family.

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Dark Side of the Ring is a fascinatingly eerie television series from Viceland that first aired in 2019. As the series title suggests, it is a deep and unflinching dive into some of the most controversial, spectacular, and tragic moments from professional wrestling history. Rather than focusing on the glam and glitter or the showbiz aspect of the sport, Dark Side of the Ring takes a comprehensive look at the frequently ignored gritty underside of the pro wrestling industry. The series is meticulously organised into smaller installments with each episode focusing on a different story or controversy from the past decades of professional wrestling. These are not the fantastical narratives that fans are served in the rings, but the stories behind the scenes, the real-life melodramas and tragedies that the professional wrestling industry has experienced over the years. Dark Side of the Ring appeals to a broad spectrum of viewers, catering equally to the hardcore and casual wrestling fans, while also engaging those completely unacquainted with the wrestling world. For the former, it presents lesser-known facts and shocking incidents about celebrated wrestling icons, offering them a completely new perspective. Meanwhile, for those unfamiliar with wrestling, the series paints an intriguing picture of a world they might not have encountered before, opening their eyes to the often-harsh reality behind an industry perceived by many as purely entertainment. A significant strength of Dark Side of the Ring lies in its storytelling and narration. The series does an impressive job at maintaining a balanced perspective, interviewing a wide array of personalities involved with each story. The interviews feature well-known wrestlers, managers, family members, and industry insiders, creating a well-rounded, full-bodied account of each topic. The diversity and variety of these perspectives ensure a multifaceted understanding of the events, lessening the risk of a skewed or biased narrative. The storytelling format diligently covers the emergence, peak, and aftermath of each incident or personality, starting from the very beginning and following through to the very end. This consistent style helps to structure the complex and often convoluted history of professional wrestling into a linear, digestible format. While the focus of the series is professional wrestling, Dark Side of the Ring relies heavily on universally relevant themes of human struggle, triumph, tragedy, passion, and downfall. It equally delves into personal narratives as well as assessing the systemic issues prevalent in the wrestling industry, connecting viewers to the personal experiences of real humans rather than far-removed celebrities. The production values of Dark Side of the Ring deserve particular mention. The series thoughtfully blends interview footage, archival clips, and dramatic re-enactments to visually relay each episode's nuanced story. The series avoids the tendency of over-glamorizing or sensationalizing its subjects - a common pitfall for documentaries about larger-than-life personalities - instead focusing on unearthing the raw, uncut truth. Despite its gritty and often melancholic content, the series never loses sight of the inherent allure surrounding the wrestling world. It touches upon the charisma of wrestling icons, the vibrancy of in-ring performances, and the addictive euphoria brought by the thunderous applause of a wrestling crowd. Dark Side of the Ring thus inherently understands and appreciates what draws fans to professional wrestling in the first place. Going beyond mere expose and fact-telling, however, the series is also poignant, sometimes serving as an elegy for those who have fallen and a testament to the persistent spirit of pro wrestling. It relays not just unfiltered reality but also the cost, both emotional and physical, of living and playing out this reality. In the end, Dark Side of the Ring prompts viewers to think critically about what lies beneath the glittering facade of the wrestling industry. It forces us to ask tough questions about the forces that drive these wrestlers, both in and outside the ring. The series functions not just as an unsettling exploration of wrestling's darkest corners but also as an unsettling mirror reflecting our own fascination with fame, success, and the price people often pay for them. In all, Dark Side of the Ring presents an utterly unique view into the world of professional wrestling, providing a comprehensive, dramatic, and highly riveting look at the real-life stories beyond the scripted drama inside the wrestling ring. It is a must-watch for fans of wrestling, as well as any viewers interested in the drama and tragedy woven into the annals of sporting history.

Dark Side of the Ring is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 58 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.7.

Viceland (US)
Dutch Mantell, Bruce Prichard, James E. Cornette
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