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Body Slamming Homophobia in Mexico
Exoticos, male wrestlers who embrace the feminine and dress in drag inside the ring, have been defying the macho side of Lucha Libre for decades.

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Voodoo Wrestling
In war-torn Congo, a cultural collision has made one of wrestling's strangest subgenres: voodoo wrestling, in which suplexes and powerbombs mix with hexes and deadly black magic.

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Wrestling on Canada's Reserves
Damian heads to northern Quebec to join a crew of wrestlers who brave weather and isolation to bring professional wrestling to remote and disadvantaged First Nations communities.

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The Craziest Wrestling in Japan
Invisible wrestlers, blow-up dolls, and waterpark matches: welcome to the weird and wild world of Japan's DDT, the world's strangest wrestling promotion.

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The Next Wave of Mexican Luchadores
As Mexico copes with an ever-present drug war and Trump's Wall, Lucha Libre is more popular than ever, and some wrestlers see Lucha as their ticket to America.

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Powerful Women of Wrestling
Damian travels to Florida and Bolivia to learn how women wrestlers around the world are using professional wrestling to battle inequality, misogyny, and domestic abuse.

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Death Match
On the fringe of wrestling is Deathmatch, where wrestlers battling with barbed wire, razor blades and broken glass, challenge the idea that wrestling is fake.

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Japan's Finest Wrestlers
Japan boasts the finest women's wrestling in the world. Damian visits Tokyo to learn what makes these women so good and meet the upcoming generation of female wrestlers.

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The Changing Face of Wrestling
One generation of wrestler hands the reins to the upcoming stars.

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The Best New Talent in America
Damian finds out what it takes to become a professional wrestler in America today.

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The Wrestlers is an engaging sports documentary series that aired on VICELAND from 2018 to 2019. The series dives into the intriguing and sometimes controversial world of professional wrestling, unmasking not just the sports-entertainment side of it, but what goes beyond the spotlight in this high-impact spectacle.

The series spans a total of 10 episodes and is hosted by Damian Abraham, who is better known as the lead singer of the band "Fucked Up." Abraham, a devout fan of wrestling since childhood, uses his passionate fandom to drive the narrative of the series, inviting viewers into all corners of the wrestling world. His enthusiasm and respect for the craft beautifully complement the authentic, unfiltered, and empathetic lens with which the series examines its subjects.

Throughout the series, the host travels around the world, venturing into a host of countries including Mexico, Japan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and beyond. In every location he visits, he seeks to understand the unique characteristics of each local wrestling culture and the social climates that shape them. Abraham not simply narrates these stories but becomes deeply involved, contributing his personal perspectives, forming authentic connections, and showcasing genuine curiosity and respect for the people he engages with.

The Wrestlers doesn't shy away from revealing the hard-hitting facts about the wrestling industry. It shows the diverse range and depth of the profession, capturing both the glamour and the grit lying beneath. It neither glorifies nor demonizes but remains balanced in its narrative, documenting both trials and triumphs. It dexterously unravels the reasons why individuals have the determination to endure rigorous training, harsh judgment, and physical pain for the sheer love of the sport.

The aspect that separates The Wrestlers from conventional sports series is its dedication to representing the real-life issues that affect the sport and its players. Alongside the glitz of the wrestling world, it also steps into serious territory, tackling complex subjects such as gender, privilege, political unrest, and cultural identity. It does a commendable job in illuminating issues such as how wrestling presents an escape for some from societal pressures and helps others attain social mobility.

In some episodes, it highlights the struggles of female wrestlers and their fight for recognition in a male-dominated arena. In others, it carries viewers into more traditional wrestling cultures where the sport is more of a spiritual ritual than an entertainment show. In everything, the series opens up discussion and raises awareness about how sociopolitical context affects the community and vice versa, allowing for a deeper and more comprehensive exploration of the sport.

The Wrestlers truly showcases wrestling's varied spectrum, from the brightly-lit arenas of US pro wrestling to the indigenous wrestling traditions in Congo, the famed Lucha libre of Mexico or the revered strong-style wrestling in Japan. The series invades the wrestling ring, the fighters' training grounds, and their personal lives, letting viewers peek behind the curtain, breaking preconceived notions, and creating a more grounded understanding of the professional wrestling world.

While The Wrestlers is undoubtedly a must-watch for professional wrestling fans, it is also the kind of series that will appeal to a broad range of viewers. It goes much deeper than wrestling, offering insights into the cultures, trends, and narratives shaping diverse societies worldwide.

In its entirety, this series serves as a testament to the passion and resilience of people, revealing how wrestling, often considered just a sideshow of simulated combats, is a powerful platform where societal issues are grappled, personal dreams are chased, and untold stories get a chance to shine. With its unflinching look at the underbelly of wrestling, The Wrestlers preserves the magic of the spectacle while humanizing its participants in a way that few films or series have managed to do. Regardless of your opinion on professional wrestling, this show has the power to alter your perspective and leave you with a profound respect for the complexity of the sport.

The Wrestlers is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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