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Dying For Freedom
Frankie is on the brink of a full-scale relapse as he and Allie try to help couple John and Sara, who are trapped in the most dangerous part of Palm Beach County.

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Rehab Romance
A woman puts her own recovery in jeopardy to save her husband, Jimmy, from his crippling addiction. Addicted to meth, Shane tries to start over by leaving his old life behind.

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Mother Of All Pain
Allie helps opiate-addicted Tia confront her dark past and childhood abuse. Frankie works with veteran amputee Scotty, whose heroin addiction left him homeless.

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The Young & The Desperate
Young and homeless, Kyle becomes desperate for rehab when his habit causes serious health concerns. New user Gwen is on the verge of tricking after losing her day job.

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Till Dope Do Us Part
Heroin addicts Chris and Rachel must untangle their toxic, codependent relationship. Frankie ventures back to his hometown to face the demons of his past.

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Death Rattle
Frankie checks in on Chris, an addict who keeps lying about going to rehab. Allie undertakes a dangerous and traumatizing rescue.

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Warrior Down
A talented artist's life unravels into drug-fueled chaos after his father dies; Allie's longtime friend continues her road to recovery while battling demons from her 20-year addiction.

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Love in Vein
Frankie attempts to reach Tiffany, a heroin addict resorting to prostitution to support her habit; Allie searches for a homeless addict in need of help.

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These Are All Good Veins
Allie tries to help her friend Kelly, an addict for over 10 years, check into detox. Frankie meets Chris, a newly homeless father whose life on the streets has taken a dark turn.

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All In The Industry
Frankie helps a former recovery advocate. Allie finds a rehab for her best friend.

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Dopesick Nation is an American documentary series that premiered on Viceland in 2018. With a runtime of approximately sixty minutes per episode, the show offers a comprehensive, sympathetic, and unflinching look into the throbbing heart of America's opioid crisis. It provides a gritty and real take on addiction and the devastating effects that it has not only on the individuals who are struggling with it but also the surrounding society as a whole.

The show pivots around Frank Holmes and Allie Severino, two former addicts who have successfully beaten their addiction. With their painful past behind them, they have now dedicated themselves to helping others fight their own battles against drug addiction. They are the central figures who guide us through the chaotic world of drug abuse, navigating through tragedies, heartbreaks, and occasional success stories.

Located in Florida, specifically the southern parts of the state, the show focuses on what is ominously referred to as the 'recovery capital' of America. This particular landscape is notorious for its rampant drug culture and rogue detox centers that often take advantage of the desperate and the vulnerable. We see this cynical side of the recovery industry through the lens of our guides - Frank and Allie.

Frank is a kind-hearted man who shoots straight and wears his weary heart on his sleeve. As an outreach coordinator for a local treatment center, he acts as an unofficial liaison between the streets and the recovery industry—a dim beacon of hope for those lost in the swirling darkness of addiction.

Allie, on the other hand, brings a different perspective. As an investigative journalist for the Vice magazine, she is on a mission to expose the darker side of the recovery industry and the fraudulent operators who exploit some of the most helpless members of society. Allie's crusade offers a chilling look into the world of predatory 'body brokers' that profit from the miseries of addiction.

There is a palpable tension in Dopesick Nation between blind hope and a harsher reality, where promises of recovery are often broken, and the toll of addiction on individuals, families, and communities is devastating. Yet, amid these brutal truths, there are glimmers of hope witnessed in the dedication and tirefulness of those fighting this crisis.

The show manages to effectively humanize addiction by focusing on individual stories. Each episode usually features two addicts that Frank and Allie try to help. It provides an intimate insight into their struggles, depicting the complexity of addiction that goes beyond the usual stereotype. By emphasizing the humanity and personal stories of the addicts, the series breaks down many misconceptions about drug addiction, showing it as less of a moral failing and more as a serious health issue that needs to be addressed compassionately.

In Dopesick Nation, the addicts' stories are not merely side notes but rather the whole symphony. It is these individuals' relationships with themselves and their loved ones, their daily struggles, their moments of weakness and strength that drive the narrative forward.

Aesthetically, the show never shies away from showing the raw, unfiltered reality of opioid addiction. The camera work is voyeuristic, immersing us directly into the heart of the action, making the viewer feel like a silent observer in this haunting yet all real narrative.

Dopesick Nation is a brave show that wears its heart on its sleeve. It is a stark exploration of a nationwide crisis, and while it may not offer sweeping solutions, it serves as an urgent call to attention, an appeal for empathy and understanding, and a potent reminder that those affected by addiction are people who need help and not judgment.

Finally, this series stands apart in its genre by not simply focusing on addiction but shedding light on the underlying societal and systemic issues fueling it. Dopesick Nation is about individuals, but it also is about an entire nation grappling with a crisis that needs immediate attention. Through its meticulously crafted narrative, it awakens the viewer to the ugly truth of the opioid crisis while inspiring action and showing the possibility of redemption amidst desolation. The series serves as a grim mirror, urging society to confront its reflection and change its approach to how it deals with addiction. In doing so, Dopesick Nation becomes not just a documentary series but also a critically important conversation starter about a national epidemic that continues to claim countless lives.

Dopesick Nation is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

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