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Can Mother Nature Heal Us?
Tachyon explores the potential of Mother Nature to clean up and change our world.

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Does Ancient Medicine Work?
With ancient healing practices back on the rise, Tachyon tests the efficacy of plant-based substances and treatments that focus on energy flow.

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Does Orgone Energy Exist?
Tachyon explores the concept of orgone energy, a phenomenon that claims can heal the body and change water. He uses orgonite and an orgone accumulator to test these ideas.

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Can Our Minds Cross Time and Space?
Tachyon asks if humans have the power to connect through time and space.

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Is Mind Control Real?
Tachyon investigates if we can control objects or people with thoughts alone.

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Can Sound Heal?
Tachyon explores the idea that sound can heal our bodies and minds.

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Is Everything in the Universe Connected?
Can humans be networked? Tachyon learns more about how to enhance our innate capabilities, delving into technology, the animal kingdom, and the intricacies of the human brain.

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Do Humans Have a 6th Sense?
Tachyon wonders if humans possess the ability to develop senses beyond the sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell. Can technology help us achieve this?

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Mister Tachyon is an intriguing and thought-provoking series that aired on Viceland in 2018. The show breaks the conventional format of science and adventure series, balancing on the thin line between scientific possibility and sheer fantasy, and infused with eccentricity and intrigue.

The protagonist of the story is Mister Tachyon, a mysterious individual shrouded in anonymity, always seen in a hood and covering his entire face throughout the series. His father, a physicist, invented a device that allowed objects to move faster than light and disappeared in an experiment gone awry, leaving his son invisible from birth. Motivated by the peculiar circumstances of his existence and the world's unknown realms, Mister Tachyon embarks on a journey that delves into the fringes of science to seek tangible solutions to his predicament and find his father.

Mister Tachyon is not your typical science TV show host. His invisibility arouses curiosity not just because it's a departure from the norm, but because it perfectly parallels the show's exploratory nature. In essence, the show examines the unseen, the ignored, and the forgotten in science. Unseen, like Mister Tachyon himself.

The narrative of the show is presented through a fictional backdrop with a cinematography style reminiscent of the comic book noir genre. The stylish black and white frames, intense pacing, and the mysterious character of Tachyon all lend a certain cinematic flair to the series. Despite the flowing storyline and unique visual storytelling, the show does not lose sight of its primary goal – to explore the fringes and unknown territories of scientific knowledge.

The innovative structure of Mister Tachyon is one where scientific theory meets reality TV. Each episode takes viewers on a journey into a world exploring unassociated scientific theories and postulations that challenge mainstream views. Subjects range from the therapeutic properties of hallucinogenic substances, to the existence of supernatural abilities, to unseen magnetic fields affecting health, and the potential healing powers of negative ions.

As a character, Mister Tachyon serves as an enthusiastic and relentless investigator, researcher, and experimenter. He interviews scientists, subculture explorers and fringe science believers, revealing a myriad of perspectives on each issue. The show is designed to blur the lines between scientific facts, theories, and pseudoscience. Tachyon's invisible presence adds a layer of mystery, suspense and vivid imagination, allowing for an engaging viewing experience.

While Mister Tachyon explores unconventional properties and speculations, the show remains committed to presenting its investigations in a balanced and informed manner. It does not flippantly dismiss skeptics or blindly accept believers. The show maintains an open-minded perspective, exploring the outer boundaries of scientific understanding without totally disregarding the foundations of established scientific methods.

In each episode, Mister Tachyon conducts experiments, subjects himself to various procedures, and dives headlong into the heart of each argument. The audience is led on a journey through the hazy grey area between what is understood and commonly accepted and what is considered heretical by consistent scientific rigor. By providing access to this candid exploration, the show encourages viewers to challenge their preconceived notions about the world and invoke their curiosity on a higher level.

Mister Tachyon is DC's Invisible Man meets the Discovery Channel, a series that blends adventure, science, and mystery - embodied in the form of its intrepid, invisible host. With a mix of hard science, daring exploration, and unique narrative techniques, the show presents a fascinating alternative to typical scientific programming.

In conclusion, Mister Tachyon was a groundbreaking series in 2018 that brought something new and engaging to the screen, spinning the world of television science on its axis. The series remains a brave and imaginative project that deftly navigates the vast terrain between mainstream science and its antithesis, probing into areas that often get overlooked. It does well in inspiring a sense of curiosity and the spirit of questioning among its audiences, making it a worthy addition to Viceland's innovative programming roster.

Mister Tachyon is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a mostly poor reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 4.6.

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