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Judgment Day
Grant, Monique and Elaine find out if they each turned their $100 into $1 million businesses in just 90 days. Monique and Elaine face the fallout when they reveal their identities and all the entrepreneurs reward those who helped them along the way.

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Camel, Meet Straw
As the 90-day challenge ends, Grant makes a final push for clients and reveals his true identity to the team. Elaine's grand opening is jeopardized when her contractor threatens to walk.

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T-Minus 7 Days
Pressures intensify when Elaine's soft open is derailed by an unexpected disaster and a lack of funds. Monique races to create her first official Rooted truck for her debut.

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The Manifesto
Elaine secures a big partnership but miscommunications within the team could derail her soft open. Grant issues a manifesto to set his company on a new path and start producing.

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Wake Up Call
With less than a month to hit the $1-million mark, Monique gambles on a new revenue stream. Grant hunts for a Wake Up Pueblo HQ and faces the team about their suspicions.

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Dumpster Fire
Grant builds his marketing team, but after a series of failed pitches threatens to quit the challenge. Monique's Rooted opens to the public and starts making money.

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Cocktail of Chaos
Grant seeks redemption when a $10-million deal implodes. Just as Elaine gains momentum transforming the inn, the ceiling caves in.

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Turning Points
Monique's rent money rides on rebranding a local business. Grant faceplants in front of a room full of potential investors.

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Be Afraid, But Do It Anyway
Elaine is stopped dead in her tracks when an investor pulls out. Monique lands a side hustle at an iconic Tacoma business that could score her a big payday.

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The Closers
Monique doubles down when her fundraising deadline passes. Grant launches two $1 million business ideas.

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Fist or Finesse
Grant receives a shocking call that could mean game over. Monique's plans go up in flames just before her big investors pitch.

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Pressure Tests
After a catastrophic setback, Grant struggles to regain his footing. Monique goes all in on her $1 million idea.

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Hustle Up
Grant hustles for a big score to kickstart his business and get out of the RV, Monique needs work and pressure tests her concept, and with her back against the wall, Elaine lands on a million-dollar idea.

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Three Million Dollar Bet
With just $100 in their pockets, three business titans are dropped in unfamiliar cities, stripped of their names, money, and contacts and given a simple challenge: build a $1-million business in just 90 days.

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Return to Erie
Billionaire Glenn Stearns returns to Erie, PA, to take stock of Underdog BBQ and make a big announcement. Over a year after going undercover, Glenn catches up with the team and reveals new insight on what it takes to build a $1 million business.

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Undercover Billionaire is an intriguing reality TV show broadcasted by Discovery in the US since 2019. The show revolves around the fascinating concept of a self-made billionaire trying to create a million-dollar company from scratch, undercover, within a stipulated time of just 90 days and with a mere budget of only $100.

In the first season, the show features Glenn Stearns, a renowned business tycoon, and self-made billionaire. With a compelling life story that is deeply rooted in overcoming adversities, self-reliance, and determination, Stearns is an inspiring figure who rose from humble beginnings to build an empire in the mortgage industry. He presents the perfect candidate to demonstrate the American dream of building a successful business from the ground up.

Possessing no more than an old pickup truck, a mobile phone with no contact list, and a hundred-dollar bill, Stearns is dropped into the city of Erie, Pennsylvania, where he must get down to the grass-root level and lay the groundwork for entrepreneurial success. He assumes a pseudo-name, declining to reveal his true identity or financial capability, and working undercover to achieve his objective.

Over the course of 90 days, viewers follow Stearns as he navigates a plethora of challenges that test his resilience, business acumen, and innovative thinking. His ingenious ways to make contact, raise capital, conceptualize a business plan, and eventually set up a venture vividly capture the spirit of entrepreneurship. Making the best of limited resources, gathering a team, persuading potential investors, and putting into practice his years of business experience, his trials and tribulations are nothing short of engaging and instructive.

Another significant aspect of Undercover Billionaire is the socio-economic backdrop against which his journey is set. Erie, Pennsylvania, serves as a quintessential story-teller of America’s rust-belt, a city battling economic decline. For the business to flourish, Stearns doesn’t merely have to come up with a thriving business idea, but he also needs to foster community engagement and get the city's denizens on board.

Inevitably, the show delves into the adventure of developing and executing a business plan, the uncertainties and roadblocks encountered along the way, the logistical hassles, the frantic time rush, and the invigorating victories that elicit satisfaction and a sense of achievement. Also, it explores the humanity behind the individuals involved, their dreams, motivations, struggles, and the drive to succeed – a narrative that resonates with every hopeful entrepreneur and anyone with a dream.

Undercover Billionaire is more than just a reality show. It bridges the gap between television entertainment and real business experiences by providing invaluable insights into the process of starting up, surviving, and thriving in the world of business. The journey taken by Stearns illustrates the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, in essence, revealing that it's not the resources, but resourcefulness, that truly sets a successful entrepreneur apart. It’s a mix of drama, suspense, inspiration, and above all, the human spirit that makes the show compelling and relatable.

While those interested in business and entrepreneurship will derive considerable value from this television program, it also appeals to a broader audience because of its real-life storytelling, engaging challenges, and the incredible central storyline of an undercover billionaire. This innovative show celebrates the undying spirit of enterprise while offering viewers an unprecedented look into what it takes to build a prosperous business from scratch, and ultimately, live the American dream.

By encapsulating the essence of entrepreneurship up close and personal, Undercover Billionaire highlights everything that makes the heart of business beat. It's not just a show; it's a testament to dogged tenacity, audacious creativity, and the spirit of endurance that underscores every successful entrepreneurial journey.

Undercover Billionaire is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 24 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

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