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Reverse the Gypsy Curse
Brittany plans a traditional gypsy funeral for her beloved late father, hoping to reverse a curse of bad luck that began after he was cremated. Maryann will only let her daughter Lexi marry gorger Kenny if he disowns his entire family.

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Sisters Don't Marry Each Other's Ex-Husbands
Karen is ready for her perfect gypsy wedding. The only problem? She's marrying her sister's ex-husband & both her sister and mother refuse to let the big day happen. When Selena decides to abandon gypsy tradition, her mom Hazel plans a shocking surprise.

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Gorger Parents Fight Back
As Traci and David prepare for a big gypsy wedding, Traci's disapproving gorger mother threatens to wreak havoc on their special day. Gypsy Lee Ann and her gorger husband Joe butt heads when she plans to throw their young daughter Mary a coming out party.

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After the Rain Comes the Rainbow
Gypsy Samantha can't wait to marry her gorger fiancee Bridgette, but will Samantha's sister allow her to be happy or will she ruin the big day? Lexi's chances of meeting a future husband at her Sweet 16 party may be ruined by her protective older brother.

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My Daughter's Not Marrying a Jailbird!
Jett and Bubba are in a rush to wed before his jail sentence, but Jett's mom Angie is hell bent on stopping the union. Gypsy mother Mona Lisa is throwing her daughter a coming of age party, however Mona Lisa Jr.

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Surprise! You're Getting Married
Nukkie's wedding to Jonas may be in jeopardy after an ex reenters their lives, and when the problems fall onto sister Dallas's shoulders it's a wild race to the altar. Gypsy mom Jett locks horns with her own mother over her little girls birthday party.

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Gypsy Sisters Bridal Brawl
The Stanley family is back! Nukkie has left Pookie and is now engaged to a gorger, but there will be war if Mellie and Annie crash her bridal shower party.

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The Ultimate Gypsy-Gorger-Gypsy Love Triangle
Gypsy Cearia is set to marry gorger Sam, but soon she's in a love triangle when her gypsy cousin Kyle says they belong together! Mom Angie plans a birthday party for her daughter Jewel to find a gypsy husband, but Jewel is secretly seeing a gorger.

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My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding was a reality television series that aired on TLC from 2012 until 2018. Spanning six seasons and over 50 episodes, the show offered an immersive experience into the trials, joys, and eccentricities of the largely private and secretive Gypsy community in America. The series borrowed its inspiration from the UK version, 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding', which depicted the lives of traditional Romany Gypsy populations in the UK and Ireland. The US edition provided an intimate portrayal of the American Gypsy and Romanichal communities, which are just as fascinating, vivid, and distinct in their cultural practices and values.

The central premise of 'My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding' revolves around American Romani families and their intriguing rituals as they gear up for the most sacred event in their community - the wedding. The series showcases the intricacies of their customs and conventions, introducing viewers to a host of traditions that stand out as flamboyant, colorful, and often extravagant displays of craftsmanship and lavishness, with intricate gowns, bling-filled decorations, and grandiose celebrations.

Each episode chronicles a different state and a fresh sequence of events leading up to the wedding day. We follow the prospective grooms and brides through their journey, from their initial courtship, often laden with sweeping love declarations, to the day of their grand matrimonial celebrations. Along the way, the series dips into a wealth of subplots surrounding these main events, including generational conflicts, clashes of wills, and the occasional matchmaking drama that arises from the community's strict traditions and norms.

What makes these weddings truly unique is the display of ostentatious wedding gowns that are worn by the brides. Often custom-designed, these gowns weigh anywhere between 60 to 75 pounds, teeming with yards of fabric, beads, sequins, diamonds, and other jewels. Hailed as a cornerstone of Gypsy culture, the sight of these gowns forms a recurrent highlight of the series.

Aside from the spectacular weddings, the series delves into other critical rites of passage within the community, varying from birthdays, baptisms to First Holy Communions, each demanding equally elaborate preparations and festivity. Often, these life events are celebrated with great pomp and show, filled with distinctive customs that astound and intrigue viewers.

'My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding' also illuminates the dilemmas facing young Gypsies, who are torn between adhering to their centuries-old mores and the pursuit of personal freedom in a contemporary American society. This sometimes results in strained family dynamics and conflicts, offering a raw and poignant view into the human struggles underneath the glitz and gaudy colors.

In addition to portraying tradition and rituals, the series simultaneously unveils a community that has largely chosen to live on the margins of mainstream American society. Episodes frequently tackle the themes of prejudice and exclusion, shedding light on the community's ongoing struggle to defend and maintain their cultural practices, even in the face of modernization and assimilation.

Despite criticism about reinforcing negative stereotypes or voyeuristically wallowing in exoticism, 'My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding' has undeniably given viewers a rare insight into a seldom-seen corner of American social life. Its portrayal of vibrant excess, alongside the examination of sometimes complex and conflicting cultural values, provides a compellingly paradoxical view of the American Gypsy community.

Although the series ended in 2018, it remains an intriguing, multifaceted presentation of an often marginalized and misunderstood community, with a captivating blend of tradition, spectacle, and interpersonal dynamics. As such, 'My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding' is worth a watch for those interested in diverse cultural narratives and traditions, starkly different from what most consider mainstream American culture.

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 52 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a mostly poor reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 4.0.

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