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Tumor Tragedy
Dr. Nassif is challenged by a woman from Mexico with a massive tumor on the side of her face; Dr. Dubrow helps a man with a snakelike keloid scar on his chest; the doctors agree to a friendly game of pickleball with some not-so-friendly consequences.

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Donut Give Up
A father of 10 children has a nose that started growing an inch a year and wants the doctors to give him his old nose back. An ICU nurse needs her doughnut boob fixed so she can return to saving lives.

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Lip Loss
A woman from Liberia had a tragic accident as a baby where she was fed acid,

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You're So Vein
A content creator who gets 'paid to exist' wants the doctors to double her breast size.

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Med Spa Drama
A young social media influencer seeks B12 injections at a med spa and is left with hundreds of scars all over her body; a woman born with a cleft lip and palette ends up with an indented nose; Baby Ken is ready to say goodbye to his bicep implants.

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Hear Me Out
An inspirational young woman born with multiple rare diseases was left with an incomplete surgically constructed ear that she can't hear out of and needs to shave. Dr.

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Lip Killer Filler
A patient hopes the doctors can finally help him get the masculine chest he's always wanted. Mother and daughter from across the pond want the doctors to inflate their bums.

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Big Booty Queen
A woman from Hawaii with gnarly stomach scars needs Dr. Dubrow's help to finally love her reflection in the mirror; a social media star wants larger breasts to match her even larger booty; a hairdresser obsesses over her caricature-looking nose.

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The doctors have the most important consultation of their careers with a woman who wants to continue her plastic surgery journey to look like a Calabasas MILF despite having a serious heart condition. A college student hopes to fix her bulbous nose.

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Eye of the Tiger
A 21-year-old risks losing her left eye due to 42 botched surgery attempts to repair her face following a tragic car accident when she was a teenager. A woman who got a breast augmentation after massive weight loss is left with mismatched breasts.

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Doctor Nose Best
Left feeling like something out of a horror movie, a woman has a huge hole in her nose from cancer and facial reconstruction and hides it with a prosthetic; Dr. Nassif must undergo skin cancer treatments of his own.

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Baby Got Front Butt
A woman is left with a front butt on her stomach after a mommy-makeover; a familiar face from "Botched By Nature" returns with a collapsed nose; an influencer who believes her body is a surgically sculpted work of art hates the scars on her breasts.

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Sep-EAR-ation Anxiety
A woman who is tired of hiding her recurring keloid needs Dr. Nassif to rid her ear of the enormous growth; a super fan wants to emulate a famous celebrity's trademark figure but can't seem to get the booty big enough; a victim of domestic abuse.

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London's Nose Is Falling Down
A woman whose nose collapses after years of cocaine abuse seeks Dr. Nassif's help. A man hopes Dr. Dubrow will fix his soup bowl- looking chest. An influencer is eager to become her online personae and get the biggest boobs in the world.

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Swine Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest
The self-proclaimed "Lips of Los Angeles" wants to be pumped, plumped and frozen; a woman needs Dr. Nassif to fix her nose after it was eaten away by an autoimmune disease; a young woman wants Dr.

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Mishaps in Mexico
Dr. Dubrow helps a wife who feels betrayed after a disastrous mommy makeover in Mexico where her husband secretly told the surgeon to give her implants.

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A Scar is Born
A woman who was born with her intestines on the outside of her body now has a stomach full of scars; a celebrity impersonator who's spent more than $1 million in plastic surgery hopes to remove baby oil from inside her breasts.

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Hot Lava Booty
A woman who sought a more voluptuous booty is left with scars and a missing butt cheek, challenging Dr. Dubrow to perform a surgery he doesn't usually condone; Dr.

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Dog Days Are Over
A single mother is desperate for Dr. Nassif's help after a dog bite took the tip of her nose and turned her into a recluse.

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Wheel of Misfortune
A widow who almost died three times while healing from her tummy tuck seeks Dr. Dubrow’s expertise in getting rid of what she calls Vagina Island; a woman bullied because of her “pig nose” hopes Dr.

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Botched, which first aired on E! in 2014, has quickly garnered a dedicated audience due to its unique blend of medical precision, plastic surgery, and heartbreaking human stories. The show capitalizes on the increasing worldwide interest in cosmetic surgery and is a flagship program for an era obsessed with personal aesthetic.

This reality television series is a venerable showcase on the risky world of plastic surgery where patients have often been victims of bad procedures, unlucky outcomes, or inexperienced practitioners. Every episode takes viewers on a journey where despair and hope meet at the surgeon’s table; where lives are changed, self-esteems are salvaged, and the individuals behind the patient charts are revealed.

The show's protagonists are the highly renowned plastic surgeons, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif. Dr. Dubrow, a specialist in general and plastic surgery, is known for his appearances on The Swan and his work on celebrities. Dermatological surgeon Dr. Nassif, famed for his meticulous hand in revision plastic surgery, starred in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and both experts offer their talents to help the sufferers of poorly performed surgeries.

Each episode presents a unique set of patients who, after a disastrous trip to the cosmetic surgeon's office, are seeking the help of these celebrated professionals. These are no ordinary touch-ups; they often reveal tragic stories of patients marked by procedural mishaps that are both physical and emotional.

The patients featured range from the ordinary everyday folks to aspiring celebrities, drag queens, and even those who wish to replicate a celebrity's exact look. No judgment is passed on their motives for the first or subsequent surgical interventions, rather it stands as a testament to the diversity of the human experience and desire for bodily autonomy.

Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow approach each case with professionalism, sensitivity, and utmost care – attributes often missing in their patients’ previous surgery attempts. They candidly describe each patient's scenario, explaining in layman terms the complexity and risk each surgery entails. Admirably, they are not shy in declaring when a procedure is too risky and a chance for a positive outcome too slim. This honesty and realism, paired with their warm bedside manners, make them relatable and trustworthy figures in the eyes of the audience.

Besides seemingly impossible surgeries, Botched provides insight into the doctors' private lives. This slice-of-life approach makes the intense reality series more relatable. Whether it’s revealing playful banter between the two surgeons, Dr. Nassif's Greek family background, or Dr. Dubrow's happily crowded home, the show presents a rounded picture of the two esteemed surgeons.

The show not only increases viewers' literacy on the topic of plastic surgery and underscores the consequences of improperly performed procedures, but it also sensitively handles the human aspect. The narrative focuses on the stories of the patients, their reasons for seeking plastic surgery in the first place, and the effect it has had on their lives.

Botched is not for the faint-hearted. It takes viewers through the graphic and often shocking world of plastic surgery gone wrong. At the same time, with the doctors' expert intervention, it illuminates the transformative potential of plastic surgery done right. It can be a happy ending, a second chance if you will, that many patients describe as crucial for reclaiming their lives and self-esteem.

Therefore, it's no wonder that it has been critically acclaimed for its respectful and understanding treatment of a topic often heavily stigmatized or reduced to tabloid gossip. The show's success has led to spin-off series such as Botched by Nature and Botched: Post Op, further testament to the niche it has carved out in reality TV.

While Botched will appeal to those with a medical fascination or interest in cosmetic surgery, it is also a deeply human show, resonating with anyone who enjoys stories about overcoming adversity, transformation, and the pursuit of happiness in one’s own skin. It is both a warning and an affirmation of the potential changes that cosmetic surgery can bring, ensuring that viewers come away more knowledgeable and compassionate.

Botched is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 8 seasons with a total of 167 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

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