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Lip Service
The doctors consult with a young mother in Detroit whose breasts never fully developed. While in Atlanta, they meet a woman who has a tumor that causes overgrown tissues in her mouth.

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Collapsed in & Busted Out
The doctors head to Arizona to help a woman whose nose collapsed into her own face then offer advice to a New York City college student dealing with an extremely oversized breast. Plus, reality star Tiffany Pollard catches the docs up on her life in the Big Apple.

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Boobs & Tubes
The doctors head to Vegas to meet a young mother born with Pectus Excavatum, and whose underlying breast issues are becoming problematic. In Chicago they consult with a woman born pre-maturely whose nasal complications grew with her into adulthood.

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The Chronicles of Hernia
The docs are in Virginia helping a young woman with severely deformed breasts; and later, they enlist an ex-CIA disguise specialist in their mission to aid a musician born without an ear. Also, it's discovered Dr.

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Crooked and Cracked
The doctors head to Louisiana to meet with a man whose nasal syndrome has him tired of facing the public. In California they meet with a woman who was born with a conjoined twin.

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Double Trouble & a Chest Bubble
While in Iowa, the Doctors help a young father whose infected chest implant is threatening his life. Then, they meet a pair of twins with matching cleft deformities who hope to look more identical.

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This Little Piggy Went to Surgery
The doctors travel to Texas to meet a female war veteran that was struck by lightning leaving her breasts and body disfigured. Then, Dr.

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Double Down on DS!
In the series premiere, Paul and Terry find individuals they can help who have been botched by nature. First up, they help a young woman in Las Vegas whose autoimmune disease may have triggered her deformed breasts.

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Botched by Nature is a reality television series that first aired on E! in 2016. The engrossing medical reality show is a spinoff of the popular series "Botched," and features the same expert plastic surgeons, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif. However, this show takes the doctors out of their usual Beverly Hills setting, and onto the road where they travel across the country in an effort to help individuals who have been afflicted by genetic defects, unfortunate accidents, or mysterious conditions that have left them with physical abnormalities.

The series sets itself apart by focusing not just on cosmetic surgeries born out of vanity but on transformative procedures that are truly life-changing for the patients. It showcases the emotional and inspiring stories of people who despite having been given a hard hand to deal with in life, exhibit immense courage and resilience.

The charismatic and compassionate duo of Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif is central to the show’s charm. They bring a unique blend of professional skill, empathy, and personal charm as they conduct in-home visits, empathize with the patients' predicaments, and consequently, strategize the most effective medical solutions for them. Their camaraderie and their humorous banter add a light-hearted touch to the show, adding relief to the generally emotional and intense narrative around the patients' stories.

Each episode takes viewers on an emotional journey, as we are introduced to individuals who have been concealing or struggling with their physical anomalies for years. Their stories are genuinely moving, as they face their fears and anxieties in the hope of a better future. What makes this show even more engrossing is the educational aspect - besides learning about the patients' individual stories, viewers also gain insights into the medical causes behind their malformations and the possible surgical interventions that can help address them.

As the name suggests, the show particularly focuses on cases where people have been "botched by nature" - meaning, their physical issues were neither self-inflicted nor the result of a previous surgical procedure gone wrong, but rather were due to unfortunate genetic manifestations, accidents, or rare medical conditions. This provides a fresh and humane perspective as opposed to the classic cosmetic surgery shows, and adds a layer of depth and compassion that proud fans of the show appreciate.

The series boldly illustrates the miraculous potential of plastic surgery when used for reconstructive purposes. It delves into how the professional expertise of the renowned doctors, paired with cutting-edge technology, can succeed in altering the lives of patients who have lost hope due to their physical impairments. Not only does it aim at restoring their appearance, but more importantly their self-esteem, dignity, and quality of life.

Amid the consultations, surgeries, and stunning transformations, Botched by Nature highly praises the strength of the human spirit. It magnifies the power of acceptance, the desire for change, and the willpower of individuals longing to feel normal or beautiful. It becomes more than just a reality TV show as it reconstructs lives, both literally and figuratively.

Botched by Nature successfully manages to maintain a delicate balance between the often sobering reality of the patients' situations, and the uplifting hope provided through the transformative power of modern medicine. It provides viewers with a mix of emotions – hope, joy, curiosity, and at times, even suspense as the outcome of each surgery is awaited.

All in all, Botched by Nature is a captivating blend of medical drama, human interest stories, and reality television, driven by two of the most reputable surgeons in the field. Its distinct focus on helping those who have been botched by natural circumstances adds an element of pathos and depth, making it a compelling watch for those interested in the transformative power of cosmetic surgery, as well as those who love rooting for the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Botched by Nature is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

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