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Gangbusters and Gun Battles
A building in Colorado is still marked with bullet holes from a Wild West shootout between union members and state militia; the ruins of the old mining town tell the heated story of a labor dispute that ended in sabotage and murder.

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Gunslingers and Gangsters
Notorious gunslinger John Dillinger once pulled off a daring escape from this unassuming jail; today, the story of his clash with Indiana's first female sheriff and his dramatic getaway continues to fascinate the public...

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Korea's Joan of Arc
A teenage girl in Korea is martyred in prison and becomes a national hero; the facility where she was held stands in remembrance of her bravery and the Korean struggle for independence...

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The Ruins of Archaeopolis
This decaying fortress once stood between the Ancient Roman and Persian Empires; though the stronghold's location attracted great wealth, it also attracted attention from unfriendly neighbors...

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Hell Island
On a picturesque island off the coast of Brazil, this penal colony was once the site of a dramatic prisoner uprising; among the ruins lies the story of the violent rebellion and the recapturing of the island by military forces...

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The Ruins of Troy
In modern-day Turkey, on the coast of the Aegean Sea, archaeologists discovered hilltop ruins that are believed to be the site of one of the world's most enduring stories -- the legend of Troy and the Trojan Horse...

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The Montauk Conspiracy
Conspiracies swirl around an abandoned military base in Long Island, where it's alleged that covert government experiments took place underground. Experts discuss the critical role that the base played in defending America's coastline by both air and sea.

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Turkish Wonderland
In the Turkish capital of Ankara, an ambitious new theme park is plagued by budget problems, mechanical issues and political conflicts before ultimately being shuttered. Decaying rides and old dinosaurs stand as symbols of excess on the city skyline.

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Fake News Fortress
Graffiti scratched into the walls of a military base on the British coast sheds light on a secret raid against the Nazis; the story left behind by the soldiers does not match the rosy picture that was painted by the media...

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Blues Prison
Formerly known as one of the toughest prisons in America, this massive complex was once home to medical experiments and a chaotic hostage situation; it's better remembered as the setting for the iconic opening scene of "The Blues Brothers.

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The True Cross
In a California desert, a once glittering Hollywood hotspot gets converted into a top-secret interrogation center for POWs; before being shuttered, this high-tech facility gathered reams of valuable wartime intelligence...

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K-Pop Dreamland
This Seoul amusement park is full of rusted-out rides and unfinished renovations. Forced to close due to financial problems, the park has found a second life after being used as the setting of K-pop album covers and music videos.

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Rock 'N' Roll Island
This Caribbean mecca for rock legends was envisioned by famous Beatles producer George Martin; although many legendary records were made there, the studio had to close after a series of natural disasters rocked the small island.

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Castle Kingdom
Half-built castles stand as a whimsical reminder of a neighborhood that was supposed to feature thermal baths and panoramic views; the ambitious project came to an abrupt halt when the construction company began to face financial difficulties.

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Penthouse Palace
A porn baron establishes a hedonistic paradise to avert nuclear catastrophe - attracting rich and infamous clients in the process.

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Mysteries of the Abandoned is a compelling and intriguing documentary series that first premiered in 2017 on the Science Channel. This mesmerizing television show captures the attention of viewers as it delves into the enigmatic world of derelict structures that once had significant importance, but now lie deserted and untouched by society. The program's relentless exploration of these abandoned places seeks to bring to life their enigmatic histories and chronicle their transformations from bustling sites to ghostly reminders of their vibrant past.

The show takes its audiences on an exploratory journey around the world, visiting a broad array of abandoned sites, ranging from disused industrial complexes and deserted cities, to forgotten military facilities and empty architectural wonders. Each episode aims to investigate and extract the untold stories hidden within these derelict sites, shedding light on their all-encompassing mysteries. The episodes gradually reveal the reasons why such structures were initially constructed and why they have been subsequently abandoned, dating from various periods in time.

One of the fascinating features of Mysteries of the Abandoned is its use of cutting-edge CGI to recreate these derelict sites in their heyday. This innovative visual technique allows the viewers to vividly picture how the sites were once fully operational, buzzing with activity. The striking contrast between the sites' present-day eerie decay and their reconstructed past adds an extra layer of richness and depth to the narrative.

The show does not only provide a visual experience, but it is also a treasure trove of captivating tales and interesting anecdotes. Mysteries of the Abandoned delves deep into each site's history, utilizing expert analysis, eyewitness accounts, and archival records. These details effectively conjure up the voices of people who once lived or worked within these places. Through extensive research and excavation of the sites’ history, the show unearth hidden stories that provide the context and the backdrop against which these sites came to be abandoned.

Mysteries of the Abandoned offers a diverse range of stories and takes a close look at how humankind's progress, natural disasters, or sudden socio-political changes have caused the desertion of infrastructures around the globe. Whether it's a grand castle left to deteriorate in Europe, an amusement park designed to thrill now lying deserted, a mysterious pyramid hidden in the heart of a jungle, or an eerie Chernobyl cityscape, Mysteries of the Abandoned investigates them all, leaving no stone unturned.

Furthermore, a major emphasis lies on how nature reclaims these deserted spaces over time, effectively becoming the only inhabitant and guardian of these places. The show beautifully depicts these natural processes and showcases the power and resilience of nature in the face of human-made infrastructures.

Driven by a sense of mystery and exploration and packaged with striking visuals and engaging narratives, Mysteries of the Abandoned is an appealing blend of architecture, history, archeology and storytelling. It appeals to anyone with an interest in exploring the pacing footprints of our past and answering the pressing question: why were these awe-inspiring structures abandoned?

The show serves as a chilling reminder of human ambition, progress, and inevitable downfall, and it's a place where curiosity meets history and stirs the imagination. Every episode takes its viewers on a journey through time and prompts them to reflect on humanity's transient existence and the eternal march of time that waits for no man.

If you're drawn to enigmatic narratives, love to unearth hidden histories, or are just simply captivated by the mysterious charm of abandoned sites, Mysteries of the Abandoned is a must-watch. Its powerful presentations of decayed artifacts of the past are bound to keep viewers hooked, episode after episode, season after season. With its complex weaving of history, stories and visual effects, this thought-provoking show serves as a poignant illustration of the cycle of creation, abandonment and eventual decay and stands as a testament to the relentless passage of time.

Mysteries of the Abandoned is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 11 seasons with a total of 132 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

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