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Tombstone Tourist
Two nighttime explorers find a figure skulking around in an open grave; experts consider whether this person could be a tombstone tourist, the unlucky victim of a drug cartel or simply a person looking for some shelter...

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Roadside Inferno
A bus in the Italian countryside is found spewing powerful jets of fire; experts consider whether the vehicle was being used as a type of weapon, or if the blaze was the result of the fuel that the bus used or the battery it ran on...

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Naked Super Soldier in Washington D.C.
In Washington D.C., a naked man chases after a car at superhuman speed; experts consider if the man could be the product of government attempts at creating a super soldier, or the failed result of a mind-control experiment...

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Mystery Meteor Over Scotland
A stargazer in Scotland films what looks like a ship breaking off from a meteor in an area known for UFO sightings; experts consider whether this could be a high-tech NASA operation, a delicate military refueling maneuver, or something else entirely...

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Japanese Mermaid Mystery
A monk unveils what looks like the corpse of a mermaid; a note claims that the creature was caught by a fisherman in the 18th century. Experts investigate the possibility that the strange figure was actually a hominid that evolved to live in the ocean.

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Costa Rican Hunchback
A hunchbacked creature scurries out of the jungle in Costa Rica; experts consider if this could be the mythical beast known as La Mona, a person with a rare medical condition, or the result of a powerful drug known as the devil's breath...

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Haunted French Chateau
CCTV footage captures a ghostly disturbance in a French chateau; experts try to uncover a worldly explanation for this shocking mystery...

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Explosive Saudi Wedding
A man filming a wedding flees in terror as a mysterious explosion rips through the festivities; an explorer in the wild jungle of Vietnam comes across a bizarre tree whose trunk shimmers as though it is alive

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Brazilian Fireball
A truck engulfed in flames barrels down a lonely Brazilian highway

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UFO over Missouri
A gravity-defying cube spins through the skies over Missouri

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Science Channel's television series "Strange Evidence" was first launched in 2017 and is a fascinating exploration into the unknown. This unique series utilizes user submitted footage combined with the expertise of top scientific minds to examine bizarre occurrences, inexplicable aberrations, and mysterious phenomena from all around the globe captured on camera.

Each hour-long episode presents an array of shockingly strange happenings captured in surveillance or personal recording footage. From mystifying weather formations to extraordinary celestial events; prowling predatory anomalies to peculiar human and creature behaviors; and perplexing mechanical malfunctions to inexplicable scientific occurrences, "Strange Evidence" leaves no stone unturned in its investigation of the eerie and the unexplainable. The audience is drawn in as the mysteries unfold, often leading to more questions than answers, adding to the overall intriguing nature of the series.

The compelling aspect of "Strange Evidence" is in its approach. It does not simply sensationalize the odd and the eerie, instead it focuses on exploring real video evidence of these mysterious events submitted by ordinary people. To add more depth to the investigation, the series brings together an expert panel of scientists, engineers, and other specialists who use the latest technology and theories to decode, analyze and explain these mind-boggling phenomena. This gamut of experts, equipped with advanced tools and technologies, delves deep into the science behind each peculiar incident, trying to decipher the forces, physics, and principles underlying these curious cases.

The series takes the audience through a journey of revelation as it separates fact from fabrication and natural from supernatural. These experts attempt to address the questions such phenomena prompt - whether they are caused by rare physical or biological occurrences, natural phenomena, or if they are just plain hoaxes. In many instances, the show provides rational or scientific explanations for what initially seems to be inexplicable.

Amidst the intriguing investigation, the audience can expect to gain knowledge regarding scientific theories and principles that extend beyond the traditional boundaries of understanding. While some of these might challenge common beliefs, it is judgement that the show leaves entirely upon the audience.

The creative team behind "Strange Evidence" impressively combines the thrill of mystery and the appeal of science. The direction, narration, and visuals of the show are equally commendable as they successfully create a suspenseful atmosphere while making scientific exploration captivating. Considering its unique approach, the show effectively educates and entertains, adhering to Science Channel's promise of showing the exciting side of science.

In a nutshell, "Strange Evidence" is what happens when an unsolved mystery show meets a science documentary. It offers an exhilarating mix of unexplained mysteries, amazing scientific phenomena, and the pursuit to understand our complex world. The show embarks on a mission to investigate the curious, the extraordinary and the truly bizarre scenarios that are captured on camera around the world, offering both captivating entertainment and a masterclass in scientific intrigue.

Whether you're a fan of mysteries, science, or both, "Strange Evidence" promises to offer a mind-bending and curiosity-fueling journey into the unknown, one that you will thoroughly enjoy. This appealing approach ensures that the series remains unique and outstanding among a multitude of mystery and science television shows, making it a must-watch for anyone keen on unraveling the mysteries of our fascinating world.

Strange Evidence is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 8 seasons with a total of 84 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a mostly poor reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 4.7.

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