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Armageddon on the Nile
Cataclysmic changes in ancient Egypt might have been caused by an extraordinary set of international phenomena, and the latest tech helps identify the supernatural culprit. What experts discover reveals a truth stranger than fiction.

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Did Aliens Nuke Mars?
A strange discovery by NASA's Mars Curiosity rover suggests the Red Planet was home to an alien nuclear war 300 million years ago, and experts investigate if an extraterrestrial Armageddon transformed an earth-like world into the wasteland we know today.

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Planet of the Metal Aliens
Experts investigate if a nearby exoplanet could be the home to a alien civilization of strange, metallic monsters, after a new discovery confirms that life can thrive on such a strange world.

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Secrets of the Alien Signals
When NASA begins a strange experiment to communicate with dolphins, experts investigate if it's a prelude to making alien contact. But some fear that such a discovery could have apocalyptic consequences.

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Aliens in the Amazon
After Neil Armstrong's moonwalk, he led an expedition to the Amazon to find a legendary library that holds all knowledge of an advanced alien civilization. Experts ask if a close encounter on the moon's surface inspired Armstrong's mysterious quest.

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Pluto's Evil Twin
After NASA's New Horizons spacecraft flies by Pluto, it encounters a strange alien world that shuts down the probe's computers, and experts investigate if this mysterious object is an alien spacecraft hiding at the edge of our solar system.

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The Black Hole Next Door
When astronomers discover a rogue black hole speeding through the Milky Way, they investigate how much danger this cosmic monster poses to Earth, and what would happen if it ever entered our solar system.

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Aliens vs. Stalin at Area 51
When a former Area 51 insider alleges that the Roswell UFO incident was a nefarious Soviet conspiracy masterminded by Stalin, experts investigate if it was indeed an enemy plot against America -- or if the confession is just another cover-up.

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Saturn's Moon Monsters
When NASA discovers something strange on Saturn's biggest moon, experts investigate if aliens feeding on the electric atmosphere could be the culprit. The disturbing evidence points to a grisly apocalypse if these monsters ever make it to Earth.

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NASA's Unexplained Files is an intriguing television series that aired on the Science Channel in 2012. The show takes viewers on a thrilling journey into the mysterious and unexplored territory of the universe, as interpreted through the lens of some of NASA's most puzzling and often unexplained files.

The series opens its doors to the abundance of space mysteries that have been detected, studied, and sometimes unprocessed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Each episode of NASA's Unexplained Files digs deep into those strange happenings, phenomena, and anomalies that defy logical explanation, yet have been recorded by world-renowned astronauts and scientists during their explorations of the universe.

The shows' unique way of presentation seamlessly merges immersive storytelling with hard scientific facts. Each episode begins with an intriguing case mystery and then proceeds to unpack the details through expert analysis and commentary. The experts on the show range from former astronauts who have had first-hand space experience, top-ranked engineers on the field, internationally recognized astrophysicists, and other NASA insiders, who can articulate the technicalities and context behind the anomalies.

NASA's Unexplained Files does a commendable job of retaining an element of suspense while explaining otherwise complex infrastructure of planetary science, astrophysics, and other scientific facts. The episodes are well-structured, blending dramatic recreations, actual NASA footage, and talking-head interviews to reconstruct each puzzling file that NASA has encountered in its space exploration journey.

The show covers an impressive range of intriguing topics, from the well-documented phenomenon of "Fire in the Sky" observed by numerous astronauts, to inexplicably high radiation levels encountered by NASA's spacecraft. Further, it delves into some of the most bizarre phenomena, like disappearing spacecraft, peculiar rotating objects in space, and inexplicable sound waves captured beyond our earthly atmosphere. The diversity of topics discussed allows every episode to feel unique and even more engaging than the last.

Among the many outstanding features of NASA's Unexplained Files is its balanced approach to explanation. While the show admirably attempts to unravel the unexplainable, it does not shy away from accepting the mysteries that remain unexplained even after rigorous investigations. In this sense, the show captures the heart of scientific exploration – the relentless pursuit of truth, coupled with the humbling acceptance of the unknown.

Despite grappling iron-clad scientific enquiries, the show remains highly accessible to a non-specialist audience. It successfully explains intricate matters of space with a perfect balance of jargon-free language and layman terms, making it easy for individuals with little to no scientific background to grasp the complexities of space exploration. Hence, the viewers can embark on this enigmatic journey through the scientific process, from hypothesis to testing, conclusions, and sometimes, back to the hypothesis again.

Moreover, the wonderful visual editing adds to the credibility of the show. The creative use of actual NASA footage imparts a greater sense of authenticity and aids in the viewer’s immersion into the content of the show. The content is thought-provoking and sometimes chilling, invoking an aura of cosmic mystery that's incredibly captivating.

The presentation is bolstered by an inviting narrative style that enhances the overall appeal of the series for the viewers. The narration feeds the intrigue surrounding these mysteries while fueling the viewers' enthusiasm to engage with the complexities of space exploration.

In summary, NASA's Unexplained Files is an engaging television series that invites viewers into the inner workings of NASA as it grapples with unexplained phenomena in outer space. This show is a treasure trove for space enthusiasts and general viewers alike, offering a unique blend of storytelling, scientific exploration, and a deep dive into some of the most profound mysteries of the universe. It is not merely a bland review of NASA's files, but a thrilling encounter with the unexplained, a direct glimpse into the wild cosmos through the eyes of our greatest explorers. Through its captivating presentation and analysis of the perplexing space anomalies, NASA's Unexplained Files can make even the most skeptical viewers reassess their perspectives about known scientific facts and ignite in them, a curiosity to learn more about the vast, unexplored universe.

NASA's Unexplained Files is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 7 seasons with a total of 67 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.5.

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