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Thailand Sea Turtles
Jeff Corwin travels to the beautiful country of Thailand to help save endangered sea turtles. Working alongside expert biologists, Jeff helps feed orphaned baby turtles, preforms critical exams on one of the rarest turtle species on earth.

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Asian Elephants
Jeff visits The Anantara Elephant Camp where many rescued elephants have found a second chance at survival. Jeff helps the vet staff treat injured elephants, participates cutting-edge elephant research, and has a baby elephant.

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The Predators of Shark River
Host Jeff Corwin travels to the largest wetland wilderness in the US, the Florida Everglades. Teaming up with expert biologists, Jeff is on a mission to help save the Everglades' ecosystem and come face to face with its most important predators: bull sharks, snook, and the American alligator.

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Family Ties
Host Jeff Corwin explores the exciting and unexpected ways different animal species care for their young. Jeff connects with a pregnant beluga whale and a pregnant dolphin, helps conservationists protect a family of peregrine falcons, and discovers the surprising behaviors of a mother octopus.

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Elephant Seals
Jeff witnesses one of the most epic animal migrations on earth, helps biologists perform critical examinations on elephant seal moms, and discovers ground-breaking new data on elephant seal biology.

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Jeff works alongside expert biologists to unlock the secrets of deep-water sixgill sharks, massive sand tiger sharks, powerful bull sharks, and so much more!

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Eye of the Tiger Shark
Jeff Corwin is on an epic adventure to the islands of Hawaii to save 14-foot tiger sharks! Working with expert biologists and the very latest technology, Jeff is on mission to protect the sharks from the tourists - and the tourists from the sharks!

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Jeff helps rescue sick and injured dolphins off the coast of Florida, connects with mighty Manatees in the Caribbean, fights to protect the fragile Tuna populations of New England, and travels to the coast of South Africa to save the endangered African Penguin.

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Plight of the Condors
Jeff Corwin travels to the coastal mountains of Big Sur, help save endangered condors. Working alongside biologists, Jeff discovers dangerous lead levels in one condor's bloodstream and races the animal to a veterinary hospital for treatment.

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Santa Catalina
Jeff dives through towering kelp forests and comes face to face with California sea lions. Later, Jeff explores the mysterious and critically endangered Catalina Island foxes.

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Best of Babies
Jeff meets a group of fur seal pups of the rocky shoreline of New Zealand and helps nurse baby bats back to health in the remote forests of Australia. Later, Jeff travels to New England to see endangered rattlesnakes.

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Care to Coexist
Jeff investigates the pollution levels in Australian bull sharks, meets a Puerto Rican parrot that almost went extinct, and learns about the challenges facing rare turtles in his home state of Massachusetts.

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Best of Southern Africa
Jeff meets the dedicated biologists fighting to save endangered African penguins, discovers a hidden lagoon of massive hippos, and comes face to face with a deadly spitting cobra!

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One for the Birds
Jeff Corwin travels to Alaska to visit a family of Puffins that use their wings to fly underwater, and helps nurse an injured bald eagle back to health. Jeff lalso earns about the heroic efforts to save a community of albatross from predators in Hawaii.

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Journey Across the Pacific
Jeff Corwin travels from the coast of California to the cliffs of Alaska, from the volcanoes of Hawaii to the coral reefs of Australia, all on an epic journey to explore the mighty Pacific Ocean.

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Snake, Rattle and Roll
Jeff Corwin explores his home state of Massachusetts on a mission to help save endangered timber rattlesnakes. Jeff captures wild snakes for research, and watches the next generation of timber rattlesnakes enter the world.

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Best of Reptiles
Jeff uncovers the hidden nests of American alligators in Florida, captures giant Nile crocodiles in the Okavango River, collects deadly venom from sea snakes in northern Queensland, finds hidden tuatara in the wilds of New Zealand.

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Aussie Animal Care
Jeff Corwin visits the Australian Zoo and Veterinary Hospital founded by the legendary Steve Irwin and his family. Jeff works alongside the veterinary staff to investigate the threats to Australian wildlife, and helps an endangered sea turtle.

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The Whales of Hawaii
Equipped with latest satellite technology, underwater microphones, and genetic testing technology, Jeff tracks massive pods of melon-headed whales, searches for the elusive pygmy whales, and even dives alongside a group of pilot whales.

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The Island of Tasmania
Jeff uncovers the ancient secrets of this exotic island, separated from mainland Australia by 150 miles of ocean. Jeff meets some of Tasmania's remarkable marsupials and investigates the threats to Tasmania's varied habitats.

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Day at the Aquarium
Jeff Corwin and his two young daughters explore world-renowned Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta! Meeting African penguins, checking on the health of bottle-nose dolphins, and feeding 3-ton whale sharks is just the beginning of this adventure.

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Ocean Mysteries from ABC that aired in 2011 is a captivating documentary series that takes viewers on an enriching journey beneath the surface of the world's vast oceans and waters, discovering a plethora of sea life scenarios. Renowned host Jeff Corwin employs his savvy as a marine biologist and his engaging storytelling technique to narrate the series, offering viewers a riveting glimpse into the life beneath the water. Each episode is brilliantly crafted and well-curated, offering viewers a deeper understanding of the various marine species, their unique behaviors, fascinating interactions, and the critical challenges they face in their habitats. The show grounds its narratives on scientific research, intriguing anecdotes, and mind-boggling facts, making it a consistent source of infotainment that caters to viewers of all ages. Jeff Corwin, with his deep passion and innate curiosity for marine life, guides the audience through the various facets of the underwater realm. His palpable enthusiasm and first-hand field experience drive the series' charm, inviting viewers to share his adventures and discoveries in the underwater world. As host and narrator, Corwin doesn't just present facts and figures; he gives marine species a 'voice,' amplifying their stories of survival, adaptation, and the sheer marvel of evolution. The depth of his narratives, coupled with high-definition camera work, creates vivid imagery and captivating tales that keep audiences hooked, making viewers feel like they are right there beside him, diving into the deep unknown. The diversity of subject matter in Ocean Mysteries is remarkable. It takes us from the tropical reefs teeming with a vast array of colorful fish to the icy sea beds inhabited by creatures found nowhere else on earth. We encounter awe-inspiring whales, elusive squids, playful dolphins, efficient sharks, and majestic turtles. The show also educates us about lesser-known species and the mysterious hidden creatures that lurk in the unfathomable depths of the oceans. The series is not just about exploration and wildlife; it also delves into critical global environmental issues impacting our oceans. Through Corwin's narrative, Ocean Mysteries emphasizes on the importance of conservation, climate change, pollution and the need for sustainable practices to preserve marine biodiversity. It highlights how any imbalance or harm inflicted on these fauna and flora can have rippling effects on earth's overall ecosystem. Apart from the marine organisms' life, the series showcases cutting-edge technology, tools, and methodologies that facilitate deeper dives and thorough explorations. It also highlights the dedication, risks, and hard work undertaken by scientists, oceanographers, and marine biologists, underscoring the vital role they play in understanding our world's oceans. Ocean Mysteries has an impeccably sharp focus on education, making complex scientific principles accessible to viewers beyond the scientific community in simplistic yet engaging ways. It offers a solid educational foundation that would inspire kids and adults alike to pursue or support marine biology in a way that books and classrooms alone might struggle to achieve. Ocean Mysteries from ABC successfully blends high-octane adventure, hard science, and a deep reverence for the ocean's untamed beauty into one enormously entertaining and eye-opening series. It reminds us that even in an age dominated by satellites and ultra-modern technology, the oceans retain an air of mystery and fascination that we have only just begun to explore. Whether you're a marine life enthusiast, an environmental activist, or just someone looking for a great show, Ocean Mysteries from 2011 is an informative and entertaining series that provides profound insights into a world so alien and yet so intricate to our own. Through its intriguing storytelling, stark reality checks, and stunning visuals, this show has something for everyone and serves as a poignant reminder of the depth, beauty, complexity, and vulnerability of life beneath the waves.

Ocean Mysteries is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 121 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.4.

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