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Unsolved Mysteries of the Solar System
Even though spacecraft have been sent to every planet in our solar system, many mysteries remain. Host Emily Calandrelli searches for answers to celestial mysteries that stump even our brightest scientists.

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The Search for Life
The search for life in the universe remains one of the most ambitious quests of humankind. Host Emily Calandrelli explores the possibility that life exists in our own celestial backyard.

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Space Access
Space exploration helps extend the reach of the human race to beyond our planet. But is everyone welcome on that journey?

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Favorite Moments
Xploration Outer Space has over 75 episodes, and host Emily Calandrelli has been there every step of way.

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Big Impact
Space tourism is becoming a common occurrence, thanks to the efforts of Blue Origin. Host Emily Calandrelli takes a look at some moments with a 'big impact' in the space industry today.

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Future of the Space Industry
With private companies becoming involved in space exploration, the space industry is booming. Host Emily Calandrelli meets with two space journalists who talk about space tourism, the thriving business of satellites, and how much activity there will soon be in low-earth orbit.

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Indigenous Astronomy
Native cultures have been studying the sky for centuries, yet their teachings have been mostly overlooked. Host Emily Calandrelli visits a sacred indigenous 'sky party' and meets the first NASA astronaut of Native American descent.

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UFOs: What's Really Out There?
Is there proof that aliens are visiting our planet? What is behind these UFO sightings? Host Emily Calandrelli searches for the truth by interviewing experts and visiting Roswell, New Mexico, the site where some believe aliens once landed.

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Xploration Outer Space is part of the educational television block, Xploration Station, which first commenced in 2014. The show is targeted at younger audiences with a fascination for the cosmic universe, seeking to inspire and cultivate a love and curiosity for all things space-related. It was conceived to ignite the spark of interest and curiosity in young minds interested in exploring the vast universe and its limitless possibilities and mysteries.

Produced by Steve Rotfeld Productions, Xploration Outer Space offers a dynamic blend of scientific fact and imagination, as it explores the infinite world of space, covering an array of fascinating topics from space exploration missions, futuristic space technology, astrophysics, and the cosmos, to its impact on popular culture and potential career opportunities for future space enthusiasts. The show goes beyond just exploring the mysteries of space, it intertwines it with a very real career-driven path leading to the cosmos, planting the seed for the current generation to reach out toward new scientific horizons.

The show is hosted by the vibrant Emmy-nominated host Emily Calandrelli. Being an MIT-engineer and a Harvard scholar who has dedicated her career to advocating for the scientific community, Emily brings her technical prowess into the show's narrative. Her passion, energy, and knowledge play a significant role in connecting with the audience and making complex scientific principles accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Throughout each episode, Calandrelli dives head-first into a wide range of topics. Whether it's understanding the science and technology enabling humans to travel and survive in space, learning about our solar system, knowing the latest development in space exploration, visiting NASA facilities or interviewing some of the brightest minds in the field, Xploration Outer Space takes viewers on an engaging and educational journey.

Xploration Outer Space couples its content with high-quality visuals, which helps in imparting the right understanding and appreciation for the vast expanse of the cosmos. The stunning cosmic imagery, factual graphics, explanatory animation, and footage shot in various space facilities provide the viewers with an immersive space experience.

The show's commitment to quality educational programming does not end with engaging content and stunning visuals though; it also emphasizes the importance of diversity in STEM fields. The show regularly features interviews and profiles of women and people of color working in space-related careers, addressing the significance of diverse voices and perspectives in the field of science and technology.

Fundamentally, Xploration Outer Space is a doorway for the younger generation, leading them into the universe's unimaginable vastness and inspiring within them a sense of awe, wonder, and respect for the cosmic world. The show beautifully shares the human journey, revealing the hard work, dedication, and intelligence our species has poured into unraveling the mystery of space, building a desire in the viewers to partake in this incredible endeavor.

Overall, Xploration Outer Space from Xploration Station is a remarkable platform that stimulates the imagination, provokes questions, and encourages learning. Whether you're a budding astronaut, an amateur astronomer, or just someone interested in learning about the cosmos, the show provides a captivating and comprehensive lens through which to learn about the space industry, our universe, and potentially our place within it. The show continues to offer audiences unique insights, entertaining its audiences while inspiring the next generation of space explorers.

Xploration Outer Space is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 7 seasons with a total of 82 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

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How can I watch Xploration Outer Space online? Xploration Outer Space is available on Xploration Station with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Xploration Outer Space on demand at Amazon Prime, Apple TV Channels online.

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