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The Big History of Everything
In the first season finale, links are made between seemingly random events throughout history.

Watch Big History Season 1 Episode 17 Now

Silver Supernova
How silver has influenced human civilization throughout history.

Watch Big History Season 1 Episode 16 Now

How water has influenced human civilization throughout history.

Watch Big History Season 1 Episode 15 Now

Rise of the Carnivores
Human consumption of different meats throughout history.

Watch Big History Season 1 Episode 14 Now

The Sun
How the sun has effected civilization.

Watch Big History Season 1 Episode 13 Now

Deadly Meteors
Exploring how meteors affected Earth's formation - and how they could potentially destroy Earth.

Watch Big History Season 1 Episode 12 Now

Exploring codes, including DNA, language and binary.

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Pocket Time Machine
How does the cellphone in your pocket link to the Big Bang, the evolution of human memory, and even the Titanic disaster? Big History reveals how cosmic forces conspired to give us the tool that has revolutionized the planet.

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Mountain Machines
They form natural boundaries, dictate how we spread around the planet, create natural defenses, and control our weather.

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World of Weapons
Exploring the evolution of warfare.

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Brain Boost
Behind that cup of coffee or tea is a global story that goes back to the collision that created the Moon and the evolution of plant and animal life. The key is the molecule that gives your morning cup its kick: caffeine, the most popular drug in history.

Watch Big History Season 1 Episode 7 Now

Defeating Gravity
Big History reveals how planet Earth is the perfect planet for flight.

Watch Big History Season 1 Episode 6 Now

Why do humans have the urge to build tall, and how do mega-structures on earth echo a basic principle embedded in the very structure of the universe?

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Below Zero
Exploring the impact cold weather has had on civilization.

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Gold Fever
The impact gold has had on human history.

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Horse Power Revolution
The horse has been a revolutionary animal in unexpected ways. It has changed how we speak, what we wear, and sets the hidden limit for the size of our most massive empires.

Watch Big History Season 1 Episode 2 Now

Did you know that the salt on your table is a key to unlocking the story of our planet and the cosmos?

Watch Big History Season 1 Episode 1 Now

Big History, which aired on H2 in 2013, nose-dives into a journey of 13.8 billion year record of history. It fiddles with the unique concept of examining historical occurrences from the colossal Big Bang Theory to our seemingly infinitesimal presence in this universe. This series uses innovative methods to weave a connection between already known facts and the historical notions, triggering a curiosity to understand more about the cosmic correlations with the human life progression.

The show tries to defy the traditional norms of history narration. It goes beyond the classic, chronological storytelling of history and penetrates the science facet, too. By contextually connecting crossed wires between different disciplines, it forms a "network" of knowledge, knitting a captivating narrative which is both educational and entertaining. Through this intertwined web of information and knowledge, the show educates its viewers on a broad array of subjects, from astronomy to anthropology, geology to biology and many more.

Big History is an ambitious, intellectually stimulating series that does justice to its grand title. The show takes the viewers for an exclusive ride to understand our origin, with evidence from the long historical periods and intriguing scientific evolution. It uncovers the cosmic reasons behind the various terrestrial phenomena including human evolution, gold rush, and even the deliciousness of unique food recipes.

The aim of Big History is to bring forth the broad, interconnected nature of information and knowledge that we possess today. It doesn't confine itself to isolated topics or occurrences but painstakingly pens down the inter-linkages between separate disciplines. In many episodes, the show's narrative blends human history with cosmic, earthly, and biological history. It meticulously connects mundane occurrences such as brewing coffee or baking bread with seldom-known cosmic facts and terrestrial phenomena, offering a grand insight into our ordinary lives' hidden wonder.

The narration by Bryan Cranston adds an intriguing, entertaining layer to the show, engaging the audience into this intellectual journey. The animations and graphics used do not just add an aesthetic value but seamlessly simplify complex theories. It synergizes the historical and the scientific aspects, making them palatable even to viewers who have limited knowledge or research in these disciplines. It makes six degrees of separation an understatement as it projects a beautiful meshwork of unbelievably intertwined facts dispersed in various disciplines.

The show is based on an educational professional discipline by the same name, Big History. The show follows physicist David Christian’s scholarly work on Big History, bringing a wave of macro-history and inter-disciplinary research into mainstream knowledge. It manages to emulate the complicated yet intriguing essence of the syllabus that tries to capture everything from the Big Bang up till the present day.

Each episode of Big History takes on a different topic from history or science and sees it through the lens of universal science and historical facts. With 17 episodes, this series gives viewers an in-depth knowledge of several topics, such as gold, salt, and extreme cold. For instance, the episode about gold illustrates the cosmic creation of this prized element during hypernovas and its terrestrial importance from ancient civilizations to modern economies. The show truly captivates the viewers with foresightedness into seemingly habitual things' cosmic connections.

In conclusion, Big History is a remarkable show that will certainly elevate the viewer's understanding of history and science alike. The show unravels the mysteries of the universe and lays them out in a methodical yet straightforward manner, with each episode seamlessly connecting to other bits of information creating a holistic picture of our universe. The lure of the unknown and the unexplored makes Big History a must-watch for any curious mind. This journey from the simplicity to the complex histories seen through a myriad of perspectives primes this docu-series to create a sense of awe and marvel about the world we inhibit.

Big History is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 17 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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