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David Cassidy: The Last Session
This two-hour biography explores the life of David Cassidy during his final days.

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Rise of the Superbombs
This two-hour special takes viewers inside the new world of futuristic conventional warfare. It's an explosive, escalating journey through the modern development of the U.

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RFK: The Kennedy Family Remembers
This searing, intimate portrait of Robert F. Kennedy features rare archival footage and exclusive new, emotional interviews with his children.

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America's Greatest Threat: Vladimir Putin
A gripping look at Putin's rise from humble beginnings to brutal dictatorship, and his emergence as one of the gravest threats to America's security.

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The History Specials on A&E is a comprehensive collection of documentaries that traverses an expansive chronological and geographical landscape to bring audiences some of the most definitive moments, captivating personalities, and significant developments that have shaped the course of humankind. Premiered in 2010, this anthology series lacks the narrative continuity of a seasonal show by design. Instead, each of its episodic offerings is a stand-alone cinematic piece that dives into various facets of past and present with pristine precision and delivers riveting exposés using evocative storytelling, no matter the subject in focus.

The show exhibits a kaleidoscope of historical narratives, capturing a visceral understanding of humankind in its totality. History Specials features high-profile figures from politics, arts, science, and every other sphere possible. From dissecting the political genius of leaders like Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill to exploring the inventiveness of artists like Pablo Picasso and geniuses like Nikola Tesla, each episode offers a deep dive into personalities who have made their indelible marks in history.

In the way it covers historical events, History Specials abstains from presenting these moments as mere breadcrumbs leading up to today’s world but, instead, showcases them as comprehensive scenarios where the past, present, and future collide. The series meticulously goes through multiple time periods, ranging from the dark ages to World War II to the space age, painting a picture of our evolution through the ages. The series covers various themes — from wars, politics, and revolutions to the fashion, economics, and technological breakthroughs, emphasizing the interconnectedness of these elements in the grand tapestry of human experience.

Though history is its primary terrain, the show sometimes veers into the realm of contemporary affairs as well. Episodes could also address dire situations plaguing our planet right now, like climate change, nuclear threats, global terrorism, or the technological revolution. By correlating these existing concerns with historical precedents, History Specials attempts to shed light on potential future avenues and brings into question our collective response to such issues.

Each episode of this series benefits from the expertise of numerous historians, scholars, authors, and industry experts who give their insights and perspectives, providing a multi-dimensional view of the topic at hand. Coupled with wonderful storytelling and high-quality production akin to other A&E presentations, vintage footages, reenactments, archival images, period pieces, dramatizations, and other cinematic techniques are used to bring history to life. Moreover, the series often features interviews with these experts and witnesses who have firsthand accounts or in-depth knowledge about the events, thus adding credibility and authenticity to each story being told.

Notably, History Specials doesn’t shy away from addressing controversial subjects. The show strives to uncover truths that have been buried in the annals of history, connecting the dots to paint a broader picture. It uncovers historical cover-ups, questions popular narratives, explores cultural clashes, and also highlights inspiring tales of the human spirit triumphing against all odds. This fearless commitment to upholding truth and presenting subjects without bias makes the series a significant contributor to historical and sociological discourse.

In its essence, History Specials is more than just a recounting of historical facts or biographical sketches. It offers viewers a multi-faceted exploration of humanity's shared past. Its episodic installments serve as solid reference points for enthusiasts to dive deeper into the fascinating world of historical studies. Simultaneously, it appeals to the casual viewer as well, introducing them to thought-provoking narratives seamlessly woven with accessibility and intrigue.

The elasticity and depth of content offered by the 2010 A&E's History Specials makes it a transcendent experience. Each episodic documentary from this series, be it an hour or two in duration, resonates with viewers, taking them on a journey through the profound intricacies of our past, insists on contemplating the present and also engaging in open dialogues about the future.

History Specials is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 174 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.1.

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