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Season 8 Reunion: Part 2
In part two of the season 8 reunion, Orion and Kendra are revealed to everyone and tensions boil over when Jacob goes head to head with the other participants. Sheriff Dance and Chief Capehart reveal what lies ahead for PCDC.

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Season 8 Reunion: Part 1
In part one of the season 8 reunion, sparks fly and tempers flare as host Mona Scott-Young grills the original six participants, who reunite with Sheriff Dance and Chief Capehart for the first time since leaving the 60 Days In program.

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After the 60 Days: Part Two
The participants have left the program, cameras remain to document changes being implemented throughout Pitt County Detention Center, and the raid expands to the men's unit which takes the inmates by surprise.

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After the 60 Days: Part One
After the remaining participant leaves the program, the Sheriff and her staff process how to implement the feedback as the inmates continue serving their time.

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To the Bitter End
As each participant nears the end of the program, Jamil tries a new tactic; Brittany reconciles with her roomie; Orion's old cellmate gets into a brutal fight; officers raid one cell, which pleases Kendra but puts Sara in the crosshairs.

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One Pill Too Many
Orion moves to a new pod and is forced to make a tough choice, Jamil faces an old foe, Brittany loses her patience with Candace, and a vicious fight breaks out between two inmates which affects Kendra and Brittany.

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Pill Trades, Drug Raids
The remaining participants encounter obstacles while trying to fulfill their missions as drugs run rampant throughout PCDC, resulting in a full shakedown.

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Mama Didn't Raise No Punk Bitch
The last new participant Kendra embeds, while Orion loses his cool with a CO. Meanwhile, accusations of stealing lead to chaos within the women's pod and one participant seemingly gives up on the mission.

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New Clown, Same Circus
Sheriff Dance meets the two new volunteers before Orion enters the program. Jamil and Drip go head-to-head while constant aggression in the women's pod force.

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Sheriff... We Have A Problem
Chaos reigns in both the Men's and Women's pods, leaving Sheriff Dance apprehensive about the program's future.

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You Can Die in a Place Like This
Suspicions mount and pressure builds as the participants try to focus on their missions and keep their cover.

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Welcome to Gen Pop
As a new volunteer arrives at the Pitt County Detention Center, Jamil and Steven are transferred to thegeneral population, and another participant challenges their decision to stay in the program.

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Ready, Set, Nope!
As two more participants enter Pitt County Detention Center, some may already be wavering on their commitment to make it through quarantine.

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Welcome to Pitt County
The first three participants enter Pitt County Detention Center in North Carolina to begin their 60 days inside the jail.

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Before the 60 Days
One month before participants enter Pitt County Detention Center to help identify problems inside, the inmates and staff tell an unflinching story of what life is like inside the jail.

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60 Days In is a reality television series that first aired on A&E in March 2016, not in 2007. Since there is no data for the show existing in 2007, there is a discrepancy in your request. However, I can provide a thorough non-spoiler description of the show as it first began airing in 2016.

60 Days In offers an unprecedented look at life behind bars at Indiana's Clark County Jail as seven innocent volunteers are sent to live among its general population for 60 days without fellow inmates or staff knowing their secret. The concept of the show was created with the aim of exposing corruption, examining the complex dynamics of incarceration, and exploring the challenges faced by those who serve and are served by the penal system.

The series is part of the genre known colloquially as "docuseries," where real-life events are documented in a serial format. Unique in its approach, 60 Days In presents a gritty, unfiltered look at the American criminal justice system. The cameras capture every moment of the participants' experience, giving viewers an inside look at the stresses and dangers of prison life as new inmates—though, of course, the participants are always being supervised to ensure their safety is maximal given the circumstances.

Each participant enters the program with their own reasons for joining, ranging from wanting to make a difference, to personal quests for understanding, to aspirations of pursuing a career in law enforcement. They are given false identities, cover stories and are prepared as typical inmates would be, including being given an authentic criminal backstory which they must memorize and use to navigate their interactions with actual inmates.

The show presents a multifaceted view by also including law enforcement perspectives. The Sheriff and his team undertake this special operation with the hope that the information gathered by participants will help improve jail conditions, pinpoint contraband smuggling routes, expose corrupt practices, and provide a deeper understanding of the system's inherent challenges.

The authenticity captured by 60 Days In is attributed to the commitment to run the experiment without interference. The camera crew operates discreetly, utilizing a range of fixed cameras and some portable cameras similar to other prison documentaries in style, yet with the unique twist of following non-criminal, voluntary inmates.

Through the series, viewers witness how each of the participants deals with the harsh reality of daily life in jail. From the threat of violence to the alliances they form for their safety, to maintaining their covers under intense suspicion from other inmates, the participants endure significant psychological and emotional stress. It is an environment where the smallest misstep can blow their cover, and where the daunting task of blending in is a constant test of their resolve and improvisational skills.

Each season is set in a new location and introduces new participants with their own objectives and backstories. The diverse group of volunteers comes from various backgrounds and walks of life, ensuring a wide array of perspectives and experiences are represented. The different seasons have taken viewers to various jails across the United States, and with each new setting, the participants encounter unique local cultures and jailhouse hierarchies.

The social experiment aspect of 60 Days In does more than entertain; it raises important questions about the justice system, the nature of incarceration, and the human psyche. The interplay of participants’ external motivations and their internal transformations throughout the process is a compelling narrative explored throughout the series. It is a tension-filled, human drama that not only informs but reflects society's most complex issues.

Above all, 60 Days In delivers a fascinating insight into the conditions that inmates face and provides a stark examination of the participant's preconceptions about prison life versus the reality they encounter. The show has received praise for its innovative concept and critical acclaim for shedding light on the struggles and inefficiencies within the correctional system, adding a meaningful dialogue to the discourse on criminal justice reform.

In conclusion, 60 Days In offers a rare and immersive experience into life inside a county jail, bridging the gap between the perceived notions of incarceration and the challenging truth that lies behind bars. Its ground-breaking approach to social experimentation in a reality TV format has made it a standout series in its genre, providing both a captivating viewing experience and an enlightening perspective on the American penal system.

60 Days In is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 8 seasons with a total of 128 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

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